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Handy Rises to the Top

Startups seem to be a bit worried. Pundits and analysts suggest there may be a bubble emerging in the startup world. This is why venture capital funding has decreased by about a third during the course of 2016. Handy is a company that is a relatively new startup and one that relied on venture capital funding. Handy received tens of millions of dollars in venture capital money., however, does not seem like it is going to be the victim of any bursting bubbles. Handy has long since proven it has the legs to stand tall in a competitive market. Handy allows customers to book home cleaning freelancers and other services professionals via smartphone or computer. Handy had a tough time coming up with the perfect onboarding program to hire freelancers, but it looks like the system currently in place is a brilliant one. The new screening procedure makes it easier to higher skilled freelancers who are going to be a benefit to the customers. Pleased customers mean more money into the coffers of Handy. Based on unofficial reports, Handy is making a lot of money through an incredible number of bookings.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua met at Harvard Business School and would work at fleshing out the concept of Handy. The two found themselves with a fantastic idea for a business, but they did have to work on smoothing out various rough patches. No business is going to be an easy ride for any founders regardless of how talented and visionary they may be. Hanrahan and Dua were able to figure out how to overcome stumbling blocks regarding financing and hiring and ended up solidifying Handy’s position in the home cleaning industry. Visit for more information.