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Eli Gershkovitch, the man behind rising of Craft beer in Canada

In Canada, beer is the best companion. Not every beer that comes your way, no. Only Canadian Craft Beer. This type of beer has been there for Canadians since the 17th century when it was introduced by European settlers.


Quebec city hosted the first ever extensive craft beer brewer in the year 1668, and from then the business boomed until when the government prohibited it.


But recent years through globalization and masterminds likes of Eli Gershkovitch revived the ‘lost of Canadians.’ And I can bet how much they received, because of how they adore it now.


Research by BMO Nesbitt Burns indicated that the overall sales of beer in Canada had seen no growth since 1995, but craft beer has been growing almost in double since 2009. This has made companies like Steamworks owned by Eli Gershkovitch to expand like every day.


So what is this ‘beer thing’ tickling the Canadians so much? Carry your glassware and don’t forget the bottle opener and let’s tour;


Red Racer Pale Ale – brewed by Central City Brewing. The beer tastes a little bit bitter as compared to the regular pale beers; this is due to extra hops added to preserve its freshness (RogueWetBar). Even the Eli Gershkovitch owned Steamworks produces this craft beer.


Nutcracker Porter – brewed by Black Oak Brewery based in Ontario. The beer is sweet and contains fewer hops making it little dark like the stouts. The beer is cinnamon-spiced makes it perfect for the holiday.


Fighting Irish Red – this beer is thick in shape and red in color and notes of burned toast but more of strawberry. Brewed by Yellow Belly


McAuslan Brewery Red Ale – brewed by Quebec. This beer contains a fruity taste you will love it.


Imperial I.P.A – traces its origin to England and has copper color and fruity taste. The beer is considered the ‘hoppiest’ beer in Canada. But that depends on what the word ‘hop’ makes you feel.


Who is Eli Gershkovitch

Mr. Eli is the CEO of Steamworks Group of companies, the pioneer of Craft Beer in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch’s experience of over two decades in Crafting beer has helped him steer the company to where it is now.


He started just as a pub but later transitioned to producing and marketing his product where he grows the company little by little.

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