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The RealReal Store Makes Consignment Fun

Shopping for clothing is a full experience for most shoppers. They want quality and a fun experience. They also want to save money and have all of that. Say goodbye to thrift shops forever. There is a new player in town. It’s called The RealReal.

It brings consignment of second-hand clothing and accessories online. They recently opened a place in SoHo as well. This location offers a wonderful option for New York. The store has some of the best designer brands for sale. Consider it like a fun day rummaging through your girlfriend’s closet.

It’s not the only one available these days. This idea of trendy second-hand clothing is becoming a huge trend for shoppers. The best part of the whole experience is the designer feel of the store. You get all that a thrift store offers without the florescent glaring lights and ugly design of the store.

New arrivals happen all day long as well, so it’s a place you and your friends will want to check out on the daily when you have time. You can get some amazing deals for very little. It’s immediate gratification for that shopping bug so many people love.

The RealReal began with the dream of Julie Wainwright back in 2011 after working as the CEO of for a while. She began in the tech industry before creating an online store. Her merchandising experience has helped to make her an amazing entrepreneur that employs over 800 people today. That’s just the people that work for The RealReal. There are countless others who gain income from the consignment process. think of it as recycling clothing.

The original physical store was the brainchild of Courtney Applebaum. The design of the store is amazing. There is a luxurious couch to relax on while items are appraised. The store is also set up with a coffee bar for guests to enjoy as they wait. Sometimes special events are held there.

One of the things that customers love about the store is the authenticity of the items. they carefully check everything for fakes. Nothing will pass the test if it is not authentic.

The store is set up with sizes arranged by the real size. One item might have a size number that sounds widely varied from the others. Guests can rest assured that the items are all the same size. the store arranges them with regard to how the various designers set their vanity sizing.