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Igor Cornelsen – Brazil’s Most Prominent and Respected Stock Investor

Igor Cornelsen knows about investing. He spent the better part his life honing the skills of the trade. He also shares his opinion that investment management is an extremely competitive field. He offers similar advice to both corporate clients and regular individuals with a penchant for investing. Ibor Cornelsen made his mark around the world, and commands a great deal of respect in his home country of Brazil. He happens to be one of the country’s most successful investment managers.

He honed his skills in some of his country’s top banks. His desire to help the average individual invest is an additional trait that sets him apart from others close to his skill level. He is able to help people develop investment strategies that align with their own investment goals and finances.

Education matters as well. Cornelsen started out in college studying to become an engineer. He was excellent at math, and this opened doors into the banking world because he understood how to calculate compound interest. He later shifted his studies to economics.

Igor Cornelsen has always possessed excellent entrepreneurial drive. After retiring, he formed Bainbridge Consulting Inc. This company offers investment advice for stock purchases. Companies in the middle market can benefit tremendously from his timely advice. One of his greatest services to the Brazilian government is that he stresses the importance of investing in the Brazilian economy to investors around the world.

Investing in Brazil is a good way to diversify investments. However, Cornelsen does inform that investing in stocks can be tricky if a person chooses to invest without doing proper research. Igor Cornelsen encourages people to look at stocks that show a measure of damage. These represent companies that may be experiencing challenging times, but that are capable of repair and growth. These stocks may also trade at lower prices during short periods.