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Sam Tabar is on the Right Career Path

Sam Tabar is a New York-based attorney and also a prominent hedge fund manager. He studied at Oxford University where he attained his law degree and then advanced to Columbia school of law for his master’s degree. After school, Sam became the associate attorney for Roth, Schulte & Zabel LLC. While working here, Sam was also the Head of Asia Pacific Capital at Merrill Lynch Company. This formed his career basics that he has developed over the years to be the New York renown hedge fund manager and an investor.

After many years of self-involvement as the financial adviser to various Asia companies, Sam Tabar took the hedge fund manager position at PMA Investment Advisers LTD, a financial and investment consultancy firm based in Hong Kong. While working in the company, Sam lead a group of Asset Raising Team in coming up with effective strategies that would see the company grow its assets. The well-planned strategies saw the company increase in asset bases and his plans worked.

Mr. Sam Tabar is currently plying in the world of trade where he has decided to make his presence felt. From his many year’s experiences, Tabar is confident to take the world of business to the next level, improving the lives of various individuals around the globe. Sam Tabar has made a substantial investment at THINX, a start-up company that believes in empowering women from Asia and Africa. Sam Tabar is confident that the startup will have high revenue sometime in future.

Having visited and worked in more than seven countries, Sam has learned different languages and can frequently communicate in French, Japanese in addition to his native English language. Sam believes in developing a project from zero to being a respectable empire. With his legal experience and financial knowledge, Sam is determined to take the financial world to another level.