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Bruno Jorge Fagali: Advocate For Corporate Integrity

Corruption in the advertising industry in Brazil is not uncommon. In fact, the three largest corruption scandals investigated in the country have been from advertising agencies. Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the pioneers to implement and enforce compliance laws for corporations, particularly in the advertising industry. A graduate of Law from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo with a specialty in Administrative Law, Fagali is helping to change the face of ethical compliance practices in Brazil.

Fagali’s professional background and commitment to the ethical practices of corporations has made him well qualified to address the problem of corruption in the advertising industry. Currently working toward a Masters in State Law at the University of São Paulo, Fagali is the owner of Fagali Law and the Corporate Integrity Manager for the new/sb, an advertising agency which specializes in communication. He is also an associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics (IBDEE) and a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).

Since Brazil’s anti-corruption law of 2013, Brazilian advertising businesses have incorporated anti-corruption compliance programs. The new/sb is at the forefront of compliance programming with Fagali taking the lead. As of today, the new/sb is the only 100% Brazilian agency invited to compete with other agencies on an international level, and its founding partner, Bob Vieira da Costa, is committed to working with Fagali to uphold the standards of ethical responsibility.

Bruno Jorge Fagali continues to work to ensure companies don’t just talk about compliance but comply. Bruno Fagali identified five “red flags” that can indicate corruption within an advertising agency. He advocates for risk analysis: identifying the current and potential problems, but understands the process is a challenging one. Fagali recognizes that to change the culture and habits of an organization, it takes time, attention and commitment.