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Jason Hope Gives SENS Foundation $500,000, Predicts How The IoT Will Change The World in 2018 and Beyond

For a long time, Jason Hope, the Arizona philanthropist and futurist has been concerned about the kind of life human beings live. He argues that man has the ability to live a much longer life if some of the prevailing factors are removed. According to Jason Hope, it is possible for man to live longer than 100 or so years if current and ongoing research on anti-ageing agents and age-related complications are looked at. For this reason, Jason has been in the forefront of ensuring that different individuals and research startups get the necessary funding to boost their quest for better lives. For more information read about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope is aware that now than any other time in history; man is plagued by several health problems that make life unbearable thus making living longer life completely undesirable. He seeks to help as many people as possible to live a longer life thanks to his donations. His notable donation is the $500,000 that he gave to SENS Foundation in 2010. Hope gave the donation during a Breakthrough Philanthropy that took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

SENS Foundation was started in 2009 to help startups and individuals run successful programs and launch biotechnology products that focus on combating ageing as well as age-related diseases. In the biotechnology segment, researchers take several months and years to study how living cells inside the human body. The aim is to try to see how to stop or delay the living cells from wearing out. Jason Hope has not only given his donation to SENS Foundation. He has in the past given his support to various individuals and startups that embrace the use of biotechnology to lengthen life as much as possible. Other areas where the study of biotechnology is involved are healthier food production, improvement of agricultural methods, and an enhanced understanding of various elements of how proper medication can combat age-related diseases and at the same time improve individuals’ quality of life.

Before giving SENS Foundation, Jason Hope looked at its mission statement. It is likely that the message in the mission statement impressed him to give a donation. The MBA W.P. Carey School of Business in Arizona alumni loved this message, “Transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.”

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Johanan Rand: Offering Aging Patients Effective Pain-Relief And Long-Term Care

Johanan Rand is known for the innovative therapies and compassionate care he provides for older patients. He has developed groundbreaking medical solutions to eliminate the needless suffering they are forced to endure because of the common effects of aging. For over 15 years he has been bringing relief to older people suffering with anxiety, depression, insomnia, menopause, erectile dysfunction, libido problems, weight gain, mood disorders and countless other problems. His therapeutic methods are fast, painless, minimally invasive and very effective.


To help patients forge their personal path to wellness and optimal health, Johanan Rand employs a combination of advanced procedures that include physical therapy, hormone therapy and dietary adjustments, along with an innovative, easy to follow, weight loss program. The unique therapeutic model he employs has its foundation in both traditional and alternative medical approaches. In addition to the training he received while earning his medical degree at Howard University College of Medicine, doing an internship at St. Barnabas Medical Center and his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Rand has advanced training in the most effective alternative medicine practices.


In addition to being trained and qualified to use cortisol injections, nerve blocks and steroid injections, Johanan Rand is also a certified medical acupuncture practitioner. The treatments he employs are designed not only to provide instant relief from the symptoms related to the health issues aging people face, but also to address the problem’s root cause. Patient education also plays an integral role in Dr. Rand’s treatment modality. Dr. Rand knows patients who understand the therapeutic process are better able to fully participate in their own healing and this leads to faster, better, long-lasting results.


Johanan Rand is able to offer patients the high-quality instant and long-term care they need. His extensive training and years of experience enable him to provide each patient with the type of care that best suits the specific conditions with which they suffer. Patients rave about the effectiveness of the pain relief protocols, dietary programs and hormone replacement therapies they receive at Johanan Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Centers.


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Johanan Rand Helps Patients Achieve Optimal Quality of Life