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March Madness Betting Odds

March Madness odds on are some of the most-flexible in the gambling industry. The tournament turns on a dime as the games are played, and anyone who enjoys college basketball will enjoy betting on the games. This article explains how helps gamblers place their bets, and they will find the full schedule for the tournament on the site. Every gambler who wishes to make money on March will find all the resources they need when they visit

#1: What Does Offer? offers a full schedule for the tournament, and they will add to the schedule when new games are announced. The games must be scheduled as the previous finishes, and anyone who is betting on the tournament will see the games appear. They may place bets on the games as they like, and they will see every one of the March Madness odds available.

#2: Which Bets Are Available?

The bets on the site are various, and each game has its own odds that reflect the nature of the game. Odds on each March Madness game are released for the spread, the over/under and a number of other lines that are set in Vegas. The Vegas casinos are setting lines for everything from props to parlays and everything in between. They are releasing odds that make gambling more fun, and will offer every line they have found.

#3: How Do Players Place Their Bets?

Players on the site may place their bets under the game on the schedule they see. The bets are recorded on their account, and they will find it quite simple to check on the bets as the games are played. Gamblers may watch the games and the site at the same time, and they will earn quite a lot of money as they see new props and parlays appear.

#4: How Do Players Cash Out?

Players on may cash out at any time to the account they used to place their bet, and they will have the money in-hand in moments. The gamblers who are playing for a profit will have the money coming back to them quickly, and they will not wait or pay fees at

The advantage at is the betting style and schedule. Everyone may read the schedule on the site, and they may place the bets in seconds after they have made their choice.

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USHEALTH Group Appoints New Board Members

The USHEALTH Group recently announced that they would be introducing two new members to the board of directors. According to a report from the company, Grover Thomas and Patrick O’Neill will be the new members. The two members have an extensive and diverse background, having worked in the health insurance industry for a long time.

Grover Thomas has been working in the financial services sector for more than four decades. The last three decades have been spent in several executives and leadership posts in different companies. Thomas has been working in the insurance industry for the last twenty-five years, and this means that he is versed with all the expertise needed in USHEALTH Group. Thomas is also currently the chairman of an institution known as Trustmark Mutual Holding Company. He also works as the chairman of American Health Insurance Plan, Medical Information Bureau Group, and several other organizations. Thomas is a trustee of the Actuarial Foundation too.

Patrick O’Neill is also very knowledgeable in several industries. O’Neill has been working in the legal department for more than three decades. Patrick has also been acknowledged in several professional publications as one of the most prominent lawyers in the country. The successful law expert has done very well in his career, especially in Insurance law. Patrick has been serving USHEALTH Group for nine years now as a member of Policy, State Government Relations Committees of America Health Insurance Plans and Federal Government Relations.

Speaking about the new members of the board of directors, Ben Cutler, the chairman and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group said that he was more than pleased that the two professionals would be working with his company. According to Ben, the two individuals are outstanding, and they have unique and exceptional insurance experience. Cutler says that the two members will help the insurance company to achieve its goals.

The USHEALTH Group is a respected insurance company that is based in Fort Worth. The company serves its clients through its two subsidies. Since it was founded more than three decades ago, the USHEALTH Group focuses on becoming the best and most trusted insurance cover provider in the United States. The institution has several insurance agencies in the country, and it works hard to ensure that its fifteen million clients in the country get the best insurance covers that are tailored to fit their needs.

Meeting the ever-changing requirements of the customers in the modern times is not a walk in the park. USHEALTH Group and its leaders have developed a comprehensive and perfect portfolio of coverage that makes sure that the choice of the customer is taken care of. The services and products from the insurance company have won the hearts of many individuals. This is because they are reliable, flexible and very affordable. Persons with a low income can access the services from USHEALTH Group without any problems.





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Three Popular EOS Lip Balms That Nourish And Protect

Soft, supple lips are something we all expect, and yet, the weather can cause a lot of problems. When it gets really cold and the air is dry, our lips become easily dehydrated and start to chap.

Lip balms are one of life’s daily beauty staples. The best kind feature tons of moisture with effective ingredients like shea butter, natural conditioning oils and vitamins like C and E.

The perfect lip balms come infused with incredible scents and flavors. Not every lip balm delivers, but EOS is one of the leaders. Not only are their lip balms made of the best ingredients on the planet and packaged adorably in their signature round spheres, but the choices are amazing.

Three Popular EOS Lip Balms:

EOS Sweet Mint is a clear favorite by the masses. There is nothing over-powering but a lovely spearmint scent and flavor. It is yummy and ideal for keeping lips smooth and soft. Fans call it super refreshing.

We found EOS Sweet Mint at Target and Walmart department stores.

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry is another huge winner and found in many beauty bags. The wonderful fruitiness of this double berry lip balm is addictive. Britney Spears is also obsessed with Pomegranate Raspberry and won’t leave home without it.

We found EOS Pomegranate Raspberry at Well and Walgreens drugstores.

EOS lip balm Lemon Drop is wowing citrus lovers everywhere, and some addicted folks say it smells just like lemon meringue pie. Not only is the favor delicious, this lemon lip balm has been made with an SPF 15, offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This will heal cracked, dry lips.

We located EOS Lemon Drop at ULTA beauty stores.

EOS has designed the perfect, flawless lip balm in the colorful, little pot. Find them at your favorite stores.


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The Life of an Investment Expert

Timothy Armour is the current Chairman at Capital Group where he also serves as the Principal Executive Officer and Director. Timothy is an equity portfolio manager and acts as the chairman of the Capital Group Companies. Timothy has been in the investment industry for many years. Timothy Armour has acquired extensive experience and skills. He acquired all this at Capital Group. Timothy joined Capital Group Companies, Inc. in 1983 when he participated in the Associate’s program. He formerly held the position of an equity investment analyst at the Capital Group whereby he worked with US service companies and telecommunications.

Timothy Armour owns a Bachelor’s degree in Economics which he got from Middlebury College. He has worked at Capital Group for more than 32 years and has been termed as a veteran of the company. Timothy Armour was elected by the firm’s Board of Directors to become the Chairman of the enterprise after the death of James Rothenberg. James is the former chairman of the company. Capital Group oversees over $1.25 trillion or clients. The majority is in Equity mutual funds. Timothy said that his priority would be to get the company’s clients better returns after assuming the new position of Capital Group’s Chairman.

Timothy Armour has been able to defend Capital Group’s track record of stock pickers. He is termed as a champion of active management and is a firm believer in teamwork. Timothy is one of the 8-member management committee at Capital Group that is involved with creating a leadership structure for the company. Timothy’s success as an investment expert has earned him a reputation. He is recognized all over the world. Timothy Armour gives his advice to investors about the proper investments. He advises investors on what they should do to ensure they get better returns.

Timothy Armour says that investors should not allow benchmark returns since there are much better alternatives out there. He says that active managers can outperform the market in the long run provided they keep low fees and do not stir up their portfolios. Timothy Armour encourages potential investors to study the companies they wish to invest in before investing. Timothy adds that it is important to have a qualified and reliable investment expert to walk you through the entire process. Timothy Armour is also known as Tim. He is committed to continuing the legacy left behind by the former chairman of Capital Group.

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Passion Driven; Jason Hope

There is one thing that stands out about Jason Hope; the proverbial hat of many colors. He is a man with a great vision to ensure that we have the future here and now. It is very difficult to give Jason Hope a definite label because he wants to stand out prominently in so many endeavors; people give up while trying to give him a label. Jason Hope the futurist and philanthropist has no limitations to his achievement and the direction where he is headed is clear.

Jason Hope was brought up in Tempe, he attended the Arizona State University where he was awarded a degree in finance. Later, Jason Hope went on to pursue an MBA in the W.P Carey School business that is based in the Arizona State University.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope runs businesses in helping investors as well as businesses in implementing strategies and raising capital. Hope assists investors in exploiting their full technological opportunities though coming up with solid business plans.

Jason Hope has a passion for the Internet of Thing (IoT). IoT is defined as the connection of the electronic devices through the use of generic software that can allow the items to communicate with each other. He has written a lot of information regarding the IoT. Hope gets this information as a result of doing studies, researching and making deep analysis in order to discern the future prospects of the IoT. He believes that the IoT will be of much value compared to the current situation. Hope notes that with technological evolution of the devices, the futures IoT will enable the world to have such things as smart homes, smart grids, smart cities as well as intelligent vehicles. This technological marvel will enable devices to be connected to remotely across the available network resources thus improving the quality of life.

Apart from his daily work, Hope supports charitable initiatives such as the SENS Foundation. The Foundation studies and researches futuristic medicine for curing, treating and preventing various terminal illness. These illness are age related. Jason Hope is committed to improving all aspects of human life from technology to medicine.

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Statement of Squaw Valley Regarding Water Contamination

News reports reveal that E. coli and coliform bacteria have been detected in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. The release of a potential health issue was initially reported on November 8, 2016, to the local Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Squaw Valley has issued a statement regarding this situation.


After the initial report the affected water has been treated. The condition of the water is improving.


As of this time, three out of four wells that serve the Squaw Valley upper mountain are show low levels of coliform. There is no longer any evidence of E. coli, according to both Squaw Valley and Wesley Nicks. Nicks is the director of the Placer County Environmental Health Department.


Until further notice, the restaurants that are located at the Squaw Valley upper mountain remain closed. In addition, although skiers can access the area, that are prohibited from drinking the water.


Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released a full statement about the situation from the resort’s perspective. The statement explained that the contamination initially occurred as the result of heavy rain in October, 2016. Rain caused the infusion of contaminated underground water into the system.


The statement from Squaw Valley emphasized that the safety of patrons is always the number one concern of the resort. Once the situation is completely rectified, the highly popular High Camp and Gold Coast areas at the upper mountain will be fully operational once again.


At the present time, no date certain is available as to when everything will return to normal operations at the resort. Squaw Valley, through its public relations director, will continue to keep the public updated until the situation is fully resolved at the resort. As soon as experts notify that the water contamination has cleared, the public will be duly advised.

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Brad Reifler Changing The Thinking Process Of Some Investment Companies

The business world tends to be very traditional. Change that occurs in the business world usually happens slowly. One of the areas of the business world where this is very evident is the financial industry. In an industry where numbers determine what is done regarding most situations, the financial industry is based on tradition. What has happened in the past usually impacts what will happen in the future. The main reason for this is that the decisions are made based in part on what happened in the past.

One of the aspects of the financial industry where the past affects the present is investors. The financial industry uses numbers to determine almost everything related to investors. These numbers usually do not change very often so the chance of changes taken place regarding investors is not likely. One of the aspects of investors that has remained the same for generations is the way that the financial industry defines investors. The defining of investors is based on the financial situation concerning investors.

In the financial world, investors are called either accredited or non-accredited investors. The difference between the two investors is that accredited investors have a net worth over one million dollars, and the investors earn over $200,000 per year. For non-accredited investors, the financial situation is opposite of accredited investors. Non- accredited investors have a net worth of less than one million dollars, and the investors earn less than $200,000 per year.

The financial industry has always looked at accredited investors as the ideal investor type. The majority of the investments are typically structured to make the best investments available for accredited investors. However, there has been a change in recent years regarding the way some investment companies in the financial industry are looking at the accredited and non-accredited situation with investors. Companies such as Forefront Capital are starting to offer more investments to non-accredited investors.

The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. As the CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler is known for making decisions that are not the same as many investment companies. Brad Reifler has a proven track record of making very good business decisions. The decision to provide more investment opportunities for non-accredited investors is working out well for Brad Reifler.

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Chris Burch Looks To Technology As A Guiding Light For Fashion

Fashion and technology have a uniquely synergistic feeling that few people have really fully explored. One person who is changing that is Chris Burch. His recent article took a look at the past, present, and future of this connection between fashion and technology.


His interesting article is particularly illuminating for those who are involved in the fashion industry and who want to predict future trends. Burch’s insightful approach makes his tips and advice worth investing in and investigating.



Who Is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of a company known as Burch Creative Capital. With this company, he helps investors make intelligent and high-quality investment decisions that increase their portfolio.


However, Burch is also a big name in the fashion industry, co-founded the company Tory Burch. This group focuses on promoting a variety of luxury fashion brand options for a variety of different groups.


Burch’s unique insight into both fashion and investment makes him a skilled commentator on both industries. This is especially true due to his uniquely heavy focus on branding for apparel, hospitality, various consumer products, and technology. His skill in these branches of business makes his look at fashion and technology intriguing and fascinating.



A Look At Burch’s Concepts

Burch starts his article talking about the past and present of technology and fashion, focusing heavily on the way that boom boxes brought portable music to the masses. This technological advance led to a large number of people walking through the streets, holding their boom box up to their ear. anyone who has seen a movie from the 80s is familiar with this iconic image.


Moving forward with his music-based metaphor, Burch discusses the way that movies in the 90s featured CD players and iPods in those from the 2000s. This change of technology not only influenced movie fashion, but brought people new fashion concepts.


This simple design is just the beginning of his intriguing metaphorical look, as he delves in the future and discusses advances in cycling airbags that could change cycling fashion when they are implemented.



What To Take Away From His Lessons

Anyone interested in technological or fashion fields should take these lessons to heart. A new piece of technology could change fashion, particularly if a skilled innovator jumps on that change early.


Likewise, fashion changes could actually influence technological advances. Think of the way that tighter clothes with smaller pockets influenced the debut of portable music devices. So pay attention to Burch’s concepts and move forward with innovative ideas.

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Wen Cleansing Conditioner for Great Hair Results

Most women will agree with me that shampoo are some of the best things that have ever happened to them. Shampoos are like an oasis in the desert. They are associated with several benefits that we don’t take for granted. Our hairs are prone to dust particles, pollution and dirt from the daily hassles we undertake. However, once we get home at the end of the day, we want to wash all that away. Shampoos then come in handy. They smell great, they remove all the dirt from our hair and also gives our hair the bouncy feel.

Be that as it may, there are rules we need not break. We don’t shampoo our hairs daily. As a matter of fact, you should shampoo your hair at most twice a week. Other times, just wash your hair regularly and condition it. Reason being, not only does shampoo remove dirt but also the natural oils on our hair follicles which are healthy for our hair. This can be detrimental to healthy hair and thus should be discouraged.

Looking for a shampoo? Look no further. WEN Cleansing conditioner is a well thought out product that comprises of five products in one bottle. It has a conditioner, shampoo, a product to detangle the hair and leave in. all these products have been made from natural herbs and ingredients that guarantee the safety of the hair, leaving the hair puffy and healthy

Additionally, Wen Cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean ( has a beautiful fragrance that leaves the hair with a sweet smell the rest of the day. The cleansing conditioner is suitable for all types of hair and gives excellent results from the first application. These products all serve a special purpose to the hair. The extracts condition the hair making it stronger, voluptuous and fuller than it usually is.

More hair care tips available on and the Wen Facebook page.




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The Way That Bob Reina Changes Lives Through Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company he started several years ago after developing a communication platform from his own ideas. Talk Fusion is video marketing company that has a software package that is used for video emails, online meetings, newsletters, and website signup forms. Talk Fusion allows people to make money through its associate program, a multilevel marketing program where people make money through reselling Talk Fusion products. Now Reina is helping associates become philanthropists by allowing them to donate a Talk Fusion product account to a charity group of their choice. That charity group can then access all the features of Talk Fusion’s products for free.


Bob Reina is from Tampa, FL and was a police officer in the community for many years before deciding to join the direct selling industry. It was a bold move for Reina who had very little background in the industry, but he became enamored with running his own business. During a vacation trip, Reina had gotten the idea for a video email program when he wanted to send videos in emails back to his family. It took some time to develop, but once Reina’s new idea had become a usable program, he decided to run his own company using it. That company became Talk Fusion, and it has won several product of the year awards from technology marketing groups, including just this last year when it released its WebRTC Recorder.


Bob Reina has also made free product trials available as part of the software package, a move he believes helps bring in more new customers. Signing up for Talk Fusion’s free trial program is simple and doesn’t even require a credit card, only an email address that grants customers access to 30 days free for all products. Reina is an active philanthropist who gives money back to his community, and is involved with local animal shelters and humane societies. He also sponsors orphanages overseas.