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The Shy Realtor

The January 31, 2017 is of Ideamensch features an interview with Tammy Mazzocco, Ohio real estate agent. The interview is centered around Mazzocco’s work ethic and methodology. She discusses her business strategy, daily routine and influences. She also discusses the personnel barriers she had to overcome to succeed in the highly competitive real estate industry.

Tammy Mazzocco has had a great deal of success in the real estate industry. Mazzocco earned her real estate license in 1995 after working for years as a secretary. She started out working as a personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a highly successful real estate agent and developer. Mazzocco states that seeing the day to day workings of a successful agent influenced her to pursue real-estate on a full time basis. Since 2000, Tammy Mazzocco has worked with Judy Gang and Associates where she has thrived in residential real estate.

Mazzocco reveals a great deal in the Ideamensch interview. She discusses the importance of setting your goals and then breaking them down into steps. She starts with brainstorming, doing the research and then constructing a business plan. Mazzocco attributes a great deal of her success to blocking off a space of time everyday to making cold calls. She states that if she can make phone contact with a potential customer then she is more likely to set up a face to face appointment. Once she gets the face to face appointment, making a sale is more likely.

Tammy Mazzocco is candid in discussing some personnel barriers she had to overcome to become successful in real estate. She states that she was a little shy when it came to meeting and talking to people. Specifically, she was shy talking to potential customers about their finances. She overcame these barriers through careful preparation and just being friendly. Perhaps the best advise she gave in the interview was, “don’t take yourself so seriously, live without fear of failure and don’t settle.” For more info, visit .

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Does Everything To Set Itself Apart From Other Malls

Most malls are very limited in what they offer. The typical has a movie theater and a shopping center. There are some malls that don’t even have a food court. Therefore, people would have to go outside of the mall in order to find something to eat and a place to hang out. In many typical cases, the mall is going to have a few shops for clothes, electronics, and maybe some toys. Some of the larger malls might have a book store and a theater connected with it. However, this is pretty much as far as they go.

Then there is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, the store offers everything it can get. Therefore, people would have to spend the whole day doing everything that this mall allows them to do. For those that are interested in knowing what this mall has to offer people, they can look it up online so that they can look at all of the stores that are available to shop at. This could save people a lot of time of driving all the way to the location. For one thing, it is a good thing to get a preview of what is offered to the people.

People of many different purposes will be able to enjoy everything that this store has to offer them. Roberto Santiago has shown that he has a lot of imagination. He has taken his time to realize his vision. These days, it is important for people to use a lot of creativity in order to be bale to bring forth something that is big and successful to the masses. Customers are looking for something that is different from what is offered in other places. It is hard for a mall to win people if it has nothing new to offer.

Read more the mall at

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Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the most recognized companies in the inmate industry in the United States. For the enterprise, they have delighted in their highest accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau. Therefore, they will continue to work through association and develop high-end capabilities in this business. The Better Business Bureau measured the accreditation and highest rating through what Securus Technologies prints and issues through the print and social media. For this reason, Securus Technologies denoted to set the best record of performance through their better business management as a company. In business, you must be accredited to perform better. For them, this accreditation by the Better Business Bureau came at the most opportune moment when they were experiencing the highest growth in their lives.


Securus Technologies is acknowledged as one of the most profitable companies serving the inmate industry. For all their business in the industry, it has always set a track record of performance and better business. As a matter of fact, Securus Technologies has never gone below their set capabilities in this part of the world. Therefore, setting a better trend in development and capacity is the best way of working for solutions and high-end stability measures.


Securus Technologies is also a leader in the provision of technology to foster the correction and monitoring department of the United States. They have also worked to ensure that their technology capability has assisted in the criminal and civil justice solutions to foster public safety and investigations in the country. According to Danny De Hoyos of Securus Technologies, the company has worked hard with the Better Business Bureau to develop their high-end solutions in their business. For this reason, the also adhered to the set accreditation criteria and proved to be worth of the highest certification by the better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas.



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Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. The company is an international investment banking firm that has strong commitments to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service in delivering corporate advisory services, merger & acquisition expertise, service on valuation and financial options to companies that are either public or private. Today, saw Charles announce, the minority recapitalization for ARES. Corbel Structure Equity Partners provided the recapitalization and Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh led the transaction. For purposes of this transaction, Madison with its expertise in advisory services acted as a financial advisor exclusively and arranged for ARES Security a minority equity and subordinated debt investment. ARES Security is a company providing end-to-end security software solutions thus a leader in enterprise security risk management, and its headquarters is Vienna.


ARES and Corbel Structure working together meant a significant equity value as the two companies hoped to structure the investment creatively. Corbel’s brought in a flexible solution to capital as well as a partnership that is operationally supportive. Thus, allow ARES to increase its sales and new revenue capitalization opportunities with the deep bench of industry contacts belonging to Corbel. Madison Street Capital reputation ensured the completion of the transaction in 2016 and as expected the company practiced due diligence from the initial point, carried valuation analysis and smooth capital raising process. Indeed, Madison found the right partner for Ares and Ben Eazzetta, ARES CEO highly appreciated the company’s efforts.


Madison, MD Reginald McGaugh appreciated ARES Security for providing high-end suite technology solutions that safeguard the most critical assets in the world. Further, he acknowledged ARES Security management team and termed the team as superior as they pushed and challenged Madison to give them the right partner that fit the company’s needs.


It is not just the pressure that led Madison to find the right partner for ARES Security but its vast experience and excellent reputation. Indeed experience makes the difference and 12 years in the industry makes Madison an expert in its field. The company is entirely dedicated to the needs of its clients and is a support pillar to organizations such as United Way. Its goal is to make a difference to communities globally and internationally.


Madison boasts of its professionals that are well able to come up with the right financing and capitalization structure to fit each of its client’s needs. This is a team that understands all circumstances need proper analysis and precise recommendation. Thus, Madison continues to thrive and excel in the investment banking Industry.

For updates, follow Madison Street Capital on Facebook.

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Supervising One Of The Biggest International Financial Institutions With One Of The Leading Experts In Finance

Capital Group specializes in financial services and ranks among the most popular and largest investment management organizations. The group’s management assets are currently valued at $1.39 trillion. It was established in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace whose vision was to use fundamental research in order to acquire long-term investment results.

Today, it has a reputation for being one of the greatest international investment institutions. The group’s management team employs the ideologies of debating, discussing and communicating among team members to discuss unique ideas that enable them to reach a consensus and make better decisions. Any company aiming to reach such heights of success cannot achieve this level of accomplishment without a sound environment and workplace routine. Capital Group has enriched a culture where all ideas are heard, and every opinion is taken into consideration. This results in the formation of a team that works with a sense of purpose towards a common goal and shared a set of values.

In 2015, Timothy Armour was appointed as the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Group by its Board of Directors through an election process. He is also the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company Incorporated which is a part of the Capital Group. Tim Armour is an expert in financial investments with 33 years of experience in this field.

Before being elected as the Chairman, Mr. Armour joined Capital Group as an equity portfolio manager. While being appointed as a portfolio analyst, he had the opportunity to work with US service companies and telecommunication organizations. He started his career in financial investments when he joined the Capital as a participant in The Associates Program.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and is a native of Los Angeles. Timothy Armour believes that there are several global investment themes in 2017. According to his expertise, these include interest rates as they have reached an increase twice this year. Moreover, companies will have faster and more rapid corporate earnings this year because of how swift the progress of global domestic product is, on an international level.

Armour also theorizes that global growth is increasing at another level owing to the elections in 2016. He further highlights how global growth also depends on the varying environments of countries/regions like Japan or Europe making them crucial players globally. There is a need for the global economy to progress regardless of its diversity as this is the only way corporate earnings will grow according to our requirements. Mr. Armour believes that Global monetary authorities need inflation in the system because this will result in the commodity-oriented business experiencing exponential growth. This would also have a positive spill-over effect on many other businesses, thus benefiting the entire economy as a whole.

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Martin Lustgarten – Extremely Successful Investment Banker

If you are looking for one of the most successful investment bankers, Martin Lustgarten definitely lands at the top of the list. He is a world-renowned investment banker based out of Florida, and has one of the best banking histories in America. Lustgarten is the founder of Lustgarten Martin, an extremely successful investment banking firm. His citizenship in Venezuela and Austria allow him to expand client’s investments into international profit margins as well.

Lustgarten is one of the most sought after investment bankers in the United States, and is also one of the most successful fundraisers to date. He is extremely knowledgeable in the investment world and provides sound investment advice to clients, while maintaining their investments in many different ways, including stock market investments. Lustgarten also provides sound advice and assistance in company mergers and expansions.

Lustgarten Martin provides equity security, trading services, fixed income commodities, and market marketing. He also offers services of building investments and expanding investment capabilities of individual clients. All members of his team are able to provide knowledgeable suggestions and advice about the stock exchange, as well as advice about the most profitable investment options that are currently available.

Martin Lustgarten is also an extremely proficient professional when it comes to developing financial capital for additional business ventures and managing new debts. He is one of the most trusted investment bankers in managing new debts. Many extremely successful organizations have entrusted him with their financial risks and benefits for many years, and have gained astronomical wealth from their business arrangements.

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Lip Care; Attaining soft, beautiful lips with EOS lip Balms

The bet accessory one can put on their face is a great smile. To achieve this smile, you need healthy lips. The weather conditions and some of the products that we use on our lips leave them dry, cracked and discolored. To stop this from happening and achieve the perfect lips, you need to choose superior quality lip care brands. The ideal lip balm contains a moisturizer and exfoliating ingredients, is hypoallergenic, contains vitamin E to prevent skin discoloration and has SPF to protect the lips from the harmful effects of UV rays

All these are qualities that you will find in the new range of products from EOS lip balm. They come in the following amazing flavors.

  • Passion fruit flavor is the one that gives your lips a soft and silky sensation with the tropical goodness of the passion flavor. The lip balm is gluten free.
  • Strawberry sorbet: everyone loves the sweet and sour smell of strawberries on any day. This balm flavor recreates the delicious refreshing feel of the desert. This variety is available on Target.
  • Blueberry Acai: this flavor is full of antioxidants, and full of blueberry and Acai flavors.

These flavors and many others are specially formulated for smooth and healthy lips.

About EOS

EOS stands for evolution of smooth. The line was launched to create lip and body care products that were both affordable and good on the skin of the users. The manufacturers understand that a combination of great lip flavors, natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil are what make silk soft lips and confident smiles. To make the product even more appealing, they create them in a variety of colors. All the products that are sold by the brand are dermatologically tested. They are also free from paraben and petrolatum. As long as you buy genuine EOS, you are assured of smooth, healthy lips.

For more info, visit the Evolution of Smooth website and the official Facebook page.

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Sam Tabar And His New Year’s Resolution

A lot of people try to make resolutions for the new year. After all, a lot of people want to think about what they can do to make this year different from the previous year. Often times, resolutions are made because of an issue they see with themselves in the previous year. In many cases, resolutions are made from a place that is affected by a less than good year. Among the areas where people suffer the most is finances. Therefore, it is common for people to make a resolution for the next year in order to get themselves into a better financial position. One of the ways people decide to try to make money is by investing.

Being successful with investments requires people to gain information. This type of information can be slowly gathered from many sources, or it could be summed up by someone like Sam Tabar who has a lot of experience with finances. Sam Tabar does have a high net worth and he is very passionate about learning and growing. He has worked in various positions in finance and law. One of his recent experiences in the financial industry is that of a capital strategist.

Sam Tabar has learned a lot about the financial investment world and among the pieces of advice he would offer is that of diversification. This is a wise move that many successful investors take part in. However, there is another type of activity he is involved in. This activity is investing in private owned companies. This is one of the best ways to earn money. Other pieces of advice that Sam Tabar would give is to enter commodity trading with caution. For one thing, commodity trading can be very volatile. This could result in people losing money instead of making it. However, those that are more experienced in the market might have a better chance.

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Essentials For The Home: Enjoyment and Realistic Needs


Listening to music is an essential part of life. For the best listening experience, check out the best headphones brands on the market. Bose has complete surround sound that echoes off walls and brings out the deep bass notes. Beats By Dre is another terrific option for fast paced music. The rapper and producer Dr. Dre has used these in his studio to compose many famous albums today.

Also consider SennHeiser for all around features that are portable. Choose headphones based on your favorite genre of music and the location where you most frequently listen to music. Once you buy these brands, you’ll understand why musicians around the world trust in them for quality products.


Whether you are a chef, a baseball player, or a student, paper towels can come in handy. Scott is a particularly good brand for durable towels that will not deteriorate underneath water. This stability is perfect for cooking or washing clothes. If you are looking for a soft touch, try Viva’s extra smooth towels. Micro minerals scattered on the surface give it a unique feel compared to toilet paper or regular cloths.

Alternatively, Big Quilts are the best paper towel brand, and are great for large towels that can substitute for bath towels. Although all these paper towels are disposable, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their quality and might even be tempted to reuse them. With insane deals at your local store, you can buy as many as you want without hurting your wallet brands.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali: Advocate For Corporate Integrity

Corruption in the advertising industry in Brazil is not uncommon. In fact, the three largest corruption scandals investigated in the country have been from advertising agencies. Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the pioneers to implement and enforce compliance laws for corporations, particularly in the advertising industry. A graduate of Law from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo with a specialty in Administrative Law, Fagali is helping to change the face of ethical compliance practices in Brazil.

Fagali’s professional background and commitment to the ethical practices of corporations has made him well qualified to address the problem of corruption in the advertising industry. Currently working toward a Masters in State Law at the University of São Paulo, Fagali is the owner of Fagali Law and the Corporate Integrity Manager for the new/sb, an advertising agency which specializes in communication. He is also an associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics (IBDEE) and a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).

Since Brazil’s anti-corruption law of 2013, Brazilian advertising businesses have incorporated anti-corruption compliance programs. The new/sb is at the forefront of compliance programming with Fagali taking the lead. As of today, the new/sb is the only 100% Brazilian agency invited to compete with other agencies on an international level, and its founding partner, Bob Vieira da Costa, is committed to working with Fagali to uphold the standards of ethical responsibility.

Bruno Jorge Fagali continues to work to ensure companies don’t just talk about compliance but comply. Bruno Fagali identified five “red flags” that can indicate corruption within an advertising agency. He advocates for risk analysis: identifying the current and potential problems, but understands the process is a challenging one. Fagali recognizes that to change the culture and habits of an organization, it takes time, attention and commitment.