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Enjoy your retirement years with the aid of The Midas Legacy

The world can look very uncertain at times. It can look like there is no real way to retire even after all the hard work you put into it. You can feel like the walls are closing in around you. There is hope. You too can enter into retirement, on your own terms, with the financial wealth you’ve always dreamed of. It can be a reality if you consult with the experts at The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy is a group of consultants who want to help you achieve your dreams of becoming financially stable entering into retirement. No one wants to struggle during this time. You worked hard every day and you want to live your retirement your way. You want to do this while being as healthy as you can be to enjoy it.

The Midas Legacy is a group with the resources to help you achieve your goals if you have the desire and determination to help those others in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and natural health. The Midas Legacy have experts in these areas who can lead you to your financial independence so you can enjoy your later years.

They are an organization who believes in the strength and determination of people. They believe in you if you want to be able to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Their mission is to ensure you reach your desired level of success.

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The Midas Legacy’s Role in Your Wealth Management

Real Estate Riches

They give to their community of Winter Garden, Florida, in which The Midas Legacy is based. They are routine in their giving to the Salvation Army, the Give Hope Foundation, and other worthy charities in the community. They believe in giving back to others.

Sean Bower is an expert within The Midas Legacy. He is a renowned business author and has extensive knowledge in finance. He contributes on a regular basis to The Midas Legacy website on how to unlock your ability to manage your wealth.

Mark Edwards is the health expert at The Midas Legacy. He knows you don’t need the expensive drugs the drug companies are pushing on you to be health. He knows an alternative, the natural way. Mark understands that you can achieve even better health results, at less cost, in a safer manner.

The Midas Legacy is here to help you achieve your financial and healthy goals. They will guide you every step of the way to reach your level of success.

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The Manse on Marsh Receives Highest Ratings Amongst Assisted Living Communities

Finding an assisted living community can be difficult. With so many to choose from, you want to make sure you find the right place for you and your needs. If you live in the San Luis Obispo, California area, The Manse on Marsh is the best of the best. They have been rated a top assisted living community by earning a “Caring Star” award for the past two consecutive years. This award is given to those assisted living communities based on the number of consumer ratings and reviews they are given.

The Manse on Marsh is no stranger when it comes to providing the highest quality of living to its residents. This award isn’t just given to anyone. In fact, communities must have at least one five-star review from December 2014 through September 2015. The Manse on Marsh had a total of five five-star reviews. The community must also have an overall average rating greater than four stars and no unresolved negative reviews. The Manse on Marsh maintained an average of five-stars overall for their reviews. With these reviews, prospective residents and their families can see that this could be the right choice for them.

The Manse on Marsh is conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. Near this senior community are a bunch of different shops such as bookstores, coffee houses, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and even a church. What is great is that all of these locations are within walking distance, although transportation is available as well. Residents can enjoy the many social activities this community has to offer as well. Other services include meal reminders, medication management, maid and laundry, nurses on staff, and bathing and grooming. Each of their caregivers is attentive to each resident as everyone needs something different. They are also discreet on how much assistance is necessary. The Manse on Marsh also offers a comprehensive care planning system, which means residents only pay for the care and assistance services they require. With a place that is this adaptable, it is no wonder why so many people are choosing to live out their golden years there.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook for more information.

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Shaygan Kheradpir, The Newly Appointed CEO Of Coriant


Coriant, an optical transport vendor recently announced Shaygan Kheradpir as the new chief executive officer. He now heads Coriant that was previously led by Pat DiPietro. Pat goes back to his role as Marlin Equity Partners’ operating partner. He will also work as the vice chairman. Marlin Equity Partners is the firm that developed Coriant by combining Sycamore Networks, Tellabs, and Nokia’s optical divisions.

According to Coriant, Kheradpir has previously worked with the company’s senior management group. He served as Marlin Equity Partners’ operating executive. Therefore, he is not new to the job and company. Additionally, Coriant points out that Kheradpir is a revered technology as well as business leader with more than 28 years of experience as an executive. He has been in charge of firms across the telecom, financial services, and technology sectors.

Pat DiPietro is quoted noting that they are honored to welcome Kheradpir to the company. He also said that they are fortunate to have such an executive heading the firm. Kheradpir’s strategic guidance and insight on operational execution have been vital since he started working with the firm. According to DiPietro, they are confident in Kheradpir’s ability to spur the company to the next stage of growth.

Undoubtedly, Kheradpir has a huge industry experience. He has spent part of his career at GTE as well as Verizon Communications. Additionally, he has worked as the chief operations as well as technology officer for Barclays Bank. At Coriant, he will be responsible for running a company that has over 500 customers and yearly revenue of over $ 1 billion. Coriant is looking to differentiate itself from the competitive market. It also seeks to grow. This information was first published on Light Reading as found in through this link

About Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO as well as the chairman of Coriant’s board. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s, along with a Ph.D. in engineering. Kheradpir attained his degrees from Cornell University. Additionally, he has several patents in payments, telecom, and media. He has served in the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology’s advisory board as well as Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

He is 28- year veteran executive in the fields of finance, telecom, and technology. Kheradpir began working for GTE and Verizon where he facilitated the firm to launch its FiOS FTTH. The service included a capital injection in excess of $20 billion. After GTE, Kheradpir started working with Barclays bank. He served the organization as the chief operations and technology officer before becoming a member of its executive committee. He was a key figure leading the institution’s TRANSFORM program.

Follow Shaygan on Twitter: @shaygank

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ClassDojo Launches New Upgrades For Its Education Platform

In a recent update to the already very popular communication platform for the classroom, ClassDojo has made the application even better by including their all new parental engagement tool. This new tool is named Student Stories and will allow students to upload videos and images to their collection of work. This can then be shared with parents making their engagement more prominent in the child’s learning experience.

Through the application parents can track their child’s learning. Wether the child has drawn a beautiful image during an art class, written a creative essay or simply wants to show off a science experiment, ClassDojo makes the sharing of videos and images possible. Recording and sharing has never been more simple thanks to ClassDojo and the communication platform they have designed. Changes in the future of education are already taking place by empowering students to take ownership of their learning. Materials created during class can be added very simply to a story and does not require the child to have a personalized device or remember any login details.

The child can scan a QR code and add the material they wish to share. Comments by classmates or tags can be added with great ease. Once these stories have been established, teachers will then have to approve the additions made to the stories before they are forwarded home to parents. Teachers also have the added possibility to add to the stories created by the children. ClassDojo really makes the tailoring of these stories so easy and fun that children are drawn to the application and so are parents. Never has it been easier for parents to be in the classroom without actually being present all thanks to the innovation by ClassDojo.

A student centric class room environment is the dream of every teacher and ClassDojo makes it possible. Students now have a voice that can be heard through the platform. They can now also take full ownership of their learning experience which before the application was simply not possible.

Already the ClassDojo application is used in 2 out of 3 schools across the United States and many more will follow suite. Before the ClassDojo platform the school environment lacked the community spirit but thanks to the great networking capability of the application the education environment will change from the ground up for the better.


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Norka Luque Lives Out Her Dreams

Norka Luque has been able to follow her dreams and build a successful music career after years of preparing herself for the spotlight. She has become an entertainer that is moving up on the salsa, dance, urban and pop charts with singles that are positive and uplifting.

Her personality has given her the ability to blend into American culture and make a name for herself. She is beautiful and energetic, and these traits are giving her a lot of fans.

Many people are seeing her perform live and they are impressed with the performances that she has given. There are also other people that have been able to witness Norka Luque sing and dance in videos. All of this has allowed her to flourish in the last couple of months. She is currently working on an album with her producers for her fans. She is bound to have an impact on Latino music because she is very vibrant and her shows are always uplifting. People in Venezuela need this type of positive energy more than ever. She is the light on the heel for the darkness that has become the economy in Venezuela right now.

Norka was discovered by Emilio Estefan. His wife was a superstar that brought Latino music to the forefront in the eighties. She would become someone that was known for great pop hits so it is evident that her husband has the ability to bring this back into play with the talent that he has found in Norka.

She past become a real beacon of light for all of those that may be going through their own personal struggles. There is a lot of praise for her because she never gave up on her dreams. Even when Norka made a choice to go into culinary arts she always had her mind on singing.

Luque has lived in Venezuela, Europe and America. She has a sound that is able to break past cultural barriers because she has experienced many different cultures. She doesn’t want her music to have any type of limitations. That is why she continues to produce music that can possibly reach people of many different nationalities. She does not make music to divide people; Norka makes music and it brings people together. That is what Emilio saw in her, and that is what he wants to help her display to the rest of the world.

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New Hair With Wen by Chaz

Is beautiful hair a truly unobtainable ideal? If you’re someone who feels stuck with a head of too oily and too hard to manage hair, you may think so. There’s hope out there though, according to a recent article in The story on the site tells the tale of a young woman who’d given up on having pretty hair. After years of frustration, she’d just had it, until she heard about a new product line that seemed to offer hope.

The Total Beauty products she’d heard about come from the Wen hair by Chaz Dean company. Chaz Dean is a stylist in Los Angeles, and he developed the products when he saw how many of his salon customers were searching for an all-in-one product that would help them have cleaner and lighter feeling hair.

The woman in the story chose the Sephora advertised Sweet almond Mint style shampoo, and it is made with all natural ingredients and smells wonderful. She started to see results within days of using it. She followed the instructions and used it daily, using a full palm of product in each washing. By the end of one week her hair felt light, swing and fluffy. Her friends noticed and she decided she had found the product she’d always needed.

If you’re in need of a new hair routine, check out the sweet smelling organic hair care products from Wen hair by Chaz. They come in a full line of sweet-smelling scents, and they really do bring results.

FAQ page:


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Providing Solutions: The Story of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

When renting out one’s home with Airbnb there are various risks one needs to be aware of. Though renting appears to be a quick fix to financial needs when paying for a house, often the risks outweigh the benefits. In fact, the risks can involve damage, theft, illegal activities, refusal to pay rent, and more. Some renters instantly assume that this will all be covered by insurance; however, the majority of providers will not cover anything done by someone renting. Due to this, all costs can fall upon the renter and can easily outweigh the money made from someone renting.

Nonetheless, for those who still find interest in renting out their homes it is suggested to consult with an insurance professional or a wealth and investment manager. An example of such a person is Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, who has 22 years of experience. Wealth Solutions is a company that uses technology to help advise clients with solutions to their wealth and investment problems. In addition, Wealth Solutions stresses retirement planning and financial planning. Wealth Solutions helps provide all options for retirement planning, such as 401(K) and investing, and helps with the decision making and transactions. They also help to stabilize current wealth and help it grow through investments and other actions.

Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, declared his goal as one to help individuals, families, and small businesses. He intends to make positive and important change for the people he helps. In 1993, Blair dove into the financial services industry after finishing college. He had pursued this industry due to his love for and positive image of education. He had watched how both his mother and grandmother taught in schools and impacted students directly. Due to this, he felt driven to provide unbiased and helpful financial opinions to those in need of his assistance.

From that, Blair founded his company, Wealth Solutions, in 1994 to provide his clients with the same help his mother and grandmother had provided to their students. He has now spent 22 years with his company, increasing his skills and dedicating his time to his clients. Blair still aims to aid his clients through all of their financial obstacles, including investments and retirement.

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Several Things Known About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is an amazing attorney. He is also an amazing capital strategist. Getting involved in the field on law, many people told Sam it would be very hard for him to make a name for himself. Sam, however, let this go in one ear and out the other. He believed in himself, and he always new he was an early achiever.

This was evident when he made his name well-known a short time after engaging in the field of law. Sam Tabar is now described in the field of law as one of the best attorneys. Sam credits this to his desire to make every client happy. He believes in the end it’s the clients that give the lawyers their name.

Sam Tabar started his career with a business firm—Meagher and Flom. Sam helped every client associated with this firm. In no time, Sam took this firm to a higher business level. This firm had more customers than they could handle. They were truly in the spotlight, and this was all because of Sam Tabar.

Sam Tabar now works for a business firm in New York. The firm is called Full Cycle Fund. The firm loves Sam, because Sam handles both the business clients and the legal clients.

Between Meagher and Flom and Full Cycle Fund, Sam Tabar helped dozens of other business firms. He helped with both the business and legal areas. Sam has also done a lot of charity work to give back to every community he has worked in.  Check him out on Twitter @SamirTabar.

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International Investment Banking’s Golden Boy

David Osio is a man with the drive and ambition to be the best at what he does. A graduate from the University Andres Bello, a leading Latin American university, Mr. Osio concentrated his studies on advanced management and international banking law.

Mr. Osio’s actual career began in 1981 when he became president and CEO of OPED enterprise. It then became Mr. Osio’s responsibility to oversee the company’s export coffee programs. This was to be followed by executive positions in a number of commercial companies during which time he structured marketing programs for a number of different companies and their industrial products here in the United States.

In 1984, after joining the law firm MGO in Caracas, his knowledge and experience in banking law came seriously into play with the challenge of dealing with such important clients as the Ferro Corp. and Consolidated Bank.

Due to his expertise and judgment, Mr. Osio soon became the private banking division of Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida. Less than two years later Mr. Osio had moved up to the position of vice president of Banking Commercial. In this position he had the privilege of overseeing his customer portfolios which increased not only in value but strengthened the bank’s international standing.

By 1993 Mr. Osio stepped out on his own, establishing the Davos Financial Group of companies. This was at the time, the first business in Venezuela to offer financial advice and management only to a very select clientele. Since that time, Mr. Osio, having developed a pro-active leadership model has also strengthened and increased the expansion of business in an unusually short period of time. Going beyond these occupations, David J. Osio has created independent companies across the globe, including Geneva, Miami, Panama and New York as well.

Mr. Osio’s explanation of his methods of management, many of which he developed during his thorough training with Swiss Bank Corporation and the American Banking Association, is to develop within each company a financial boutique that tailors its services to suit the desires and needs of each client, rather than come to the table with a “one size fits all” mentality.

This form of management combined with agreements with major banking institutions around the world creates a diversified and competitive investment platform.
Mr. Osio has made an important and wide-sweeping contribution to the areas of investment banking and continues to lead his companies confidently into the future with his constant sense of personal responsibility and straightforward dealing.

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JustFab Co-Founder Adam Goldenberg And His Successful Ventures

Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO and co-founder of JustFab, an e-commerce fashion retailer. He is well experienced when it comes to expanding businesses, spotting trends, and creating premier industry brands. Goldenberg does that with a mix of passion and fun. He established Games alliance, his first company at the age of 15. Adam Goldenberg sold it to Intermix Media, the parent company of My Space before leaving high school.

Subsequently, Adam Goldenberg joined Intermix Media to serve as the vice president for strategic planning. He was promoted to work as the chief operating officer at the age of 20. As a result, he became the youngest chief operating officer for a company that is publicly traded. Goldenberg met his current business partner Don Ressler while working at Intermix. The two became friends and created a dynamic partnership. They built Alena Media, an e-commerce as well as advertising company. When News Corporation purchased Intermix in 2005, they opted to start their own firm. In 2006, Goldenberg and Ressler formed Intelligent Beauty, an online brand building venture.

Intelligent Beauty’s initial creation was DERMSTORE, an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetic products. Two years after DERMSTORE, they started SENSA, a weight loss system. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler hired two experts, Dr. Alan Hirsch to run product development and Brett Brewer, Intermix founder to serve as CEO. DERMSTORE and SENSA have been highly profitable since they were established.

JustFab, was launched in 2010 as the third company by Intelligent Beauty. The firm obtained $33 million in funding from the Matrix partners in 2011. In September 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons joined JustFab as the creative director and president. By December of that year, 4 million members had subscribed.

After reaching six million members in April 2012, JustFab secured a second round of funding worth $76 million. The funding came from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Intelligent Beauty. Following the success of the initial two years, JustFab expanded into new markets. It acquired FabKids, a subscription service for children in 2013 and The Fab Shoes, a European fashion site. The acquisition of The Fab Shoes brought in more members.

JustFab was formed to provide a customized experience that could live online. Goldenberg and Ressler wanted to merge cutting-edge fashion with social interaction at an affordable price. Backed by style designers and consultants, as well as an affordable and attractive subscription model, Goldenberg and Ressler have made JustFab highly social, engaging, and fun. Aside from JustFab and Intelligent Beauty, Goldenberg has served as Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC since 2004.