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Tim Ioannides: Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Skin


Tim Ioannides is a reputable dermatologist working at the Treasure Coast Dermatology. He pointed out that several articles about dermatology went viral this year, and he attributed the phenomenon to the number of people who wanted to be more serious in taking care of their skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and dermatologists are encouraging everyone to take care of their skin and not to let it become irritated and dry.


Treasure Coast Dermatology, led by Tim Ioannides also advises the public to clean their skin regularly by taking a bath, and applying moisturizers to prevent it from drying out. He also warned the public about staying under the sun for too long, because it will result to severe damages. Tim Ioannides stated that he was surprised learning that a lot of people are actually searching the internet for dermatology-related stories, and he stated that the articles which gain the most number of shares on social media are some of the most interesting stories about dermatology.


One of the most talked about article relating to dermatology would be the story that warns the public against using an antibiotic drug to treat their acne. People have been using antibiotic for a lot of reasons, and the dermatologists are feeling more alarmed with the fact that there are drugs in the market that is being used to treat acne. They warned about the possibility of these bacteria inside the skin to adapt and become resistant to bacteria, making them more difficult to kill.


Doctors around the world are also saying that over using antibiotics would result to deadlier diseases, as bacteria would most likely evolve and bypass any effect that the drugs would have. For Tim Ioannides, cleaning the skin is a better way of removing unwanted acne and pimples on the face.


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