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Meet Richard Liu Qiangdong, The 2017 Variety500 Honoree


Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chinese e-commerce billionaire graced The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and had a few gems to share with his enchanted audience, in an interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea”. Unlike what most people presumed, the brains behind JD.com wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Every single thing he has he worked hard for. Thankfully, he was more than glad to share his story as well as valuable lessons that helped him get to the top.


The Humble Billionaire

Despite having a personal wealth of well over $12.7 billion (and founding a mega-successful e-commerce platform currently valued at $60 billion), Richard Liu Qiangdong has managed to remain humble. If his stance at the recently concluded World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was anything to go by, the Chinese billionaire is easy going, humorous and very candid. When he isn’t working to improve the world of e-commerce for the better, Richard Liu Qiangdong loves to volunteer in Red Cross events and keep doing good for humanity. He is also a dedicated family man who loves his family with unmatched dedication. Go To This Page for additional information.


The Importance of Taking Calculated Risks

The main reason why Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first business venture flopped was simply that he didn’t plan enough. He assumed that because many restaurants were successful in China, his had a very big chance of success. But he was wrong, as he came to find out the hard way when his business closed. But then came back a few years later with his electronics business, Richard Liu Qiangdong was more than prepared. And that’s when the SARS epidemic struck, Liu was more than ready to make the switch to online hence saving himself the agony of going into debt like the last time. When he started JD.com, Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t just automatically invest in everything.

He, first of all, dealt with electronic as well as digital items such as mobile phones. as he did this, he took his time to understand the market and exactly what the consumers want. And that’s how Richard Liu Qiangdong managed to grow JD.com to the point of stocking just about everything by 2010 and without compromising his personal monetary resources.


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