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Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Cosmetic Surgeon on Instagram!

We’ve all had fantasies of going under the knife and fixing all our imperfections. Sadly there are only a few cosmetic surgeons who actually one: Do a good job, and two: Listen to what their clients have to say to them.

That’s where Dr. Jennifer Walden sticks out from the rest of the reconstructors, she is On Instagram as Dr. Jennifer Walden, where she posts many of her satisfied client’s comments! This Dr. has over 265k followers, all to which she offers her services to better their image.

She is the mother of two 8-year-old twin boys; a proud mother as seen on her posts. She is a proud doctor. While there scrolling through her post, doing a little stocking, I found she is also a spokesperson, she shares all the information about her procedures live on radio stations. Dr. Jennifer works up to her name, offering her services to people around the country. She currently has two medical departments, one in Austin Texas, and the other in new york city.She is considered the best plastic surgeon in the United States, according to American Way.

She works with crazy cool technology, which is called VECTRA, 3D technology that helps patients visualize themselves before the surgery! How crazy is that!? That’s exactly why she is considered the best.

Walden often shares her works on Instagram, if you would like to check out her amazing work, look her up, you will be amazed at her all that she shares! You can find everything from lip enhancements, to even facial works!

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