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Vinod Gupta Is An Entrepreneur Who Has Always Valued People Over A Dollar Bill


The business world is a tough place, where fortunes are either made or lost. While many businessmen go into business without a thought for others, there are some who put the needs of people before their own desires. One of these men is Vinod “Vin” Gupta, and he is the founder and current CEO of the Everest Group.

From the time he was a young man, he had a vision, and that vision was to help as many people in the world as possible. Vin Gupta wasn’t exactly sure how he would do this, but he found his way after spending his lifetime building one successful business after another. Gupta’s business acumen allowed him to take a $100 bank loan and turn it into a multi-million dollar company that he sold for more than $600 million.

Vinod Gupta is happy to see that there is a new trend, which is encouraging businesses to invest in providing for the common good. Vin Gupta has been a trendsetter, himself, in this way and has inspired many others to emulate his model of philanthropy. He believes that it is his duty to give back to his community and also ensures that his company makes its money through ethical business practices.

Vin Gupta has focused a lot of his charitable giving on improving women’s educational offerings. Once he earned his fortune, he knew he would return to his hometown in India where there was a great need for a school that served women. There, he donated millions of dollars to help create a women’s polytechnic school and also helped to set up another school for girls. Vin Gupta will go down in history as the man who helped to bridge the gender inequality gap in his hometown. He also continues to be known as a man who has always valued people over money. Go To This Page for additional information.


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