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Learn More About SEC Whistleblower Protection Laws Today

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) laws can be very complicated and ever changing. There are several employees that are under the threat of losing their job because of their decision to divulge company information. There are many acts of fraud that threaten the position of the employees and the corporation. Unfortunately, some acts of waste, fraud, and abuse go undetected. There are some whistleblowers that decide to speak out on criminal activity that can threaten their job security. A whistleblower is entitled to certain rights under the law. Plus, an attorney can help you retain your job position and your anonymity under current whistleblower laws.

The Dobb-Frank Act gives a whistleblower 30 percent of every million that is collected from the information that they have divulged. Plus, under the law, they’re required to collect a percentage of everything that is also collected from an outside agency including law enforcement. Your rights should be exerted to ensure that you get everything that you deserve under the law. Your employer may retaliate against you and threaten to release you from your job or actually terminate you. Thus, a knowledgeable SEC attorney can protect your rights and fight against the unfair actions of your employer.

Everyone does not agree with a whistleblower and will see their actions as a snitch. There has been a few notable whistleblowers that have been prosecuted for divulging company secrets. In fact, some whistleblowers divulge this information out of malice, greed, or retaliation. This has put a stain on the whistleblowers that do it for all the right reasons. There are a number of attorneys that will be willing to take your case. They should be willing to exercise client-attorney confidentiality unless you agree to hire them. Don’t tell all of your information if you’re not sure about the attorney representing your case.

There are several SEC attorneys that have knowledge of the current SEC laws and will fight hard to help you win your claim. They will get you the compensation you deserve and fight for your respect. You’re invited to visit your local SEC whistleblower law firm to learn more details about fighting for your rights today.

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Matthew Fleeger: The Top Executive

Coming from a family with background in the oil business, Matthew Fleeger cemented and consolidated his position as one of the best CEO’s and business men in oil and gas as well as waste management and the tanning industry. With His father being the pioneer of the Gulf Coast Western, (one of the more successful oil and gas companies of the 1970’s) Matthew felt the urge to follow in his father’s footsteps studying Business for his undergraduate degree while he pursued his innate passion for finance and marketing.

The knowledge he got from those branches became useful for him after graduation as he got introduced to the oil and gas sector. As an child of the industry, Matthew started working in executive positions for oil companies including his father’s company (Gulf Coast Western) between the years 1986 and 1990. He later went on to start his own company MedSolutions Inc, a firm diverse in functionality, from the treatment of medical waste to its transportation and disposal. He proved his leadership skill and experience as he took his company to the top of the regional ladder in medical waste management, holding several executive positions in the process.

The successes of MedSolutions Inc caught the eye of the industry leader, leading to the sale of the company to Stericycle for $59 million highlighting the sales and marketing expertise of Matthew Fleeger. After selling the company, Matt Fleeger returned to the oil and gas industry to lead Gulf Coast Western becoming the president and CEO of the firm for the progressive future. The company had become one of the biggest oil companies interested in internal oil reserves around gulf regions and his experience in corporate actions like mergers, partnership and purchase amongst others, made him the ideal candidate to lead the firm forward.