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Emerging issues in OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been listed as Americas top 100 food companies for the following reasons;

  • OSI processing plants, packaging facilities and their global connections which enable them to be the leading food supply industry
  • Their products are sourced by the best suppliers; goods are also of high standards hence preferred by many.
  • They use a variety of meat processing machinery that produce unique products.
  • The primary concern of the company is to meet the needs of the customers even if it means purchasing new equipment.

To maintain excellent standards product, OSI Company has decided to widen their market by purchasing various facilities including Baho Company and Tyson food processing plant.OSI food Solutions acquired Baho so as to increase their market area across Europe. Baho also gives OSI Company the ability to serve the evolving needs of their customers. David G. McDonald, the president, and the chief operating officer of the OSI group company, says that Baho`s products and high quality brands serve as the compliment to OSI`s processing strengths and broadens the efficiency of addressing customer’s needs. Making it a primary reason as to why the OSI decided to acquire Baho food company.

John Balvers the managing director of Baho Food Company, and his team of managers will work together with the OSI executive to formulate an unique strategy that will lead to the success of the two companies. John says that they are glad to join OSI Food Solution Company as they will benefit much by gaining leverage on the OSI experiences and capabilities. Baho will also be able to accelerate their growth and even realize their main business goals.

OSI Food Solutions also purchased the formerly known as Tyson`s food processing facility, and a storage warehouse located in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions benefit since Tysons 200,000 square foot plant is situated near the OSI Chicago facility. The new facility will provide more infrastructure to support the rapid growth of the company. OSI food Solution company will also be able to achieve their goal in the business world which is to meet the evolving needs of their ready and willing customers.