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Get Significant Upgrades With The Aloha Restoration Team Today From Mold to Water Removal

There has been recent storms that have left many home and business customers with damages. The Aloha restoration professionals have been able to safely help their clients with their mold removal and excess water removal. Their team of professionals have been able to give their customers excellent services that allows them to satisfy their insurance claim. Get superior upgrades that go unmatched by local area competitors. Their technicians are licensed and insured to serve you. Best of all, they focus on safer communities with complete eco-friendly materials. Trust their warranty to also back up their work to serve their clients.


You should never sacrifice your air quality with the threat of mold. Their experts understand how standing mold cam be a problem. You can utilize their services when a storm or inclement weather has threatened your business. Mold removal is very important to the ventilation of your home. Your home depends on clean air for your pets, children, and elderly residents. Don’t jeopardize being exposed to mold spores. Enjoy the benefits of guaranteed services that comes with a free no obligation consultation. They will access your home or business for damages and make the repairs as needed.


The Aloha restoration experts handle more than water removal. They’re the roofing and siding professionals that have been able to complete over 400,000 in the Lake Zurich area to satisfy their customers. They specialize in all types of roof styles including the French roof. They’re familiar with the 4 sided roof pattern. Aloha restoration also provides shingle styles from their top collection. Enjoy siding material that includes aluminum and classic vinyl. They make sure your home upgrades are done to perfection each time. The Aloha restoration professionals are available to their customers 24×7/365 days a year for your questions and concerns.

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OSI Group and McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds Trust the Leadership of Nicole Johnson-Hoffman

Nicole Johnson-Hoffman serves as Chief Sustainable Officer as of July 11th, 2017 for OSI Group McDonalds Senior Vice President of the Business Unit. The international meat processing company and restaurant franchise has a historical relationship involving a supplier contract over 60 years ago. The companies entered an agreement before McDonald’s restaurant opened in Des Plaines, IL. During that time, OSI was Otto & Sons, a meat shop found by Otto Kolchowsky in the 1900s, in Chicago. In the mid-1970s, the family business changes its name to OSI Industry and multiple partnerships resulted in changing it again to OSI Group, LLC.

Food Business News announced Nicole Johnson-Hoffman has the responsibility of leading and continuing the company’s global sustainability strategy. Her leadership role includes collaboration with the suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and customers of OSI Group McDonalds. She is leading the team to achieve sustainable dimensions and improve the supply chain and business strategy for communities, consumers, and the environment. Nicole dedicates to serving both entities and building a lasting relationship working with her team to accomplish its goals of sustainability initiatives.

OSI Group McDonalds trust Johnson-Hoffman’s ability to lead after servicing the Business Unit of the fast food restaurant. Sheldon Lavin has a longer relationship with the franchise and owns an interest in OSI and all its subsidiaries and joint ventures. He was there in the beginning as a financial consultant and helped the business increase its revenue and expand in the US and to Europe. In the 1960s, the relationship between the meat supplier and franchise grew stronger after implementing a new technology machine. By the end of 1973, OSI had its first plant built in Chicago and provided job opportunities in the local area.

Since the agreement between OSI Group McDonalds, the largest global meat supplier gained other contracts with Yum, Papa John, Burger King, Starbucks, and Subway. McDonald’s founders Richard and Maurice McDonald sold the restaurant to Ray Kroc who acted as their franchise agent in 1955. Kroc trusted OSI and opened the doors for the meat supplier to experience international growth.

Learn more: https://interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

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Dr. Saad Saad Gives Expert Advice to Concerned Parents

Parents are continually worried about their children’s health. The safety of sports and vaccinations are two hot button issues at the center of numerous debates. Dr. Saad Saad, renown pediatrician, offers advice to parents on the best ways to ensure the safety of their child. Dr. Saad Saad has been a pediatrician for forty years and has served as pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family.


Children involved with sports such as football and soccer are at exceptional risk of getting a concussion. Dr. Saad Saad describes concussions as traumatic brain injuries resulting from a bump or blow to one’s head or a bodily hit that causes the head to move rapidly back and forth thus causing damage to brain cells. Dr. Saad Saad notes that while concussions may not be particularly life threatening, they can have serious long-lasting effects.


Individuals who have a concussion may exhibit varying symptoms such as extreme drowsiness, severe and prolonged headaches, or possible loss of consciousness. Dr. Saad Saad states that if a child expresses that they “just don’t feel right” after a bump or blow to the head or body, it is a possibility that they may have a concussion. A parent who suspects that their child has a concussion, it is important to continually keep an eye on the child for several days to ensure that the symptoms don’t get worse. If the symptoms don’t subside and get worse, the parent should take their child to the emergency room.


Children forgoing recovery from a concussion should gradually ease into their typical activities. Dr. Saad Saad suggests that the recovery process should be broken up into six levels. First, light activities Second, light aerobic activity. Third, moderate activity. Fourth, heavy, non-contact activity. Fifth, practice and full contact. Sixth, competition. While the child progresses through each level, parents and coaches should note whether or not the child is experiencing concussion symptoms. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/


Dr. Saad Saad advises the use of properly fitted helmets to aid in the prevention of head and brain injuries.


Dr. Saad Saad acknowledges the confusion regarding vaccines and aims to educated parents in understanding the importance of vaccines.


What are Vaccines? Vaccines are created from the weakened form of a disease germ. Then the vaccine is injected into the arm or leg where upon detection, the body will produce antibodies to fight the germ. The antibodies will often reside in the body for the rest of your life; therefore, creating lifelong protection, or immunity, from the disease.


Vaccines help in the eradication of harmful and potentially deadly diseases such as measles, smallpox, and polio. Contrary to myths seen on the internet, Dr. Saad Saad explains that vaccines are very safe and play a vital role in protecting children’s health.