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Rodrigo Terpins: The Self Made Rally Driver and Entrepreneur

Anyone in the Brazilian Racing scene is familiar with the award-winning rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins. Born into a sporting family where his father was a professional basketball player and his brother a rally driver just like him, it was evident that Rodrigo Terpins would follow the same path. His massive success, however, did not just fall out of the blues. Rodrigo Terpins came a long way before creating a name for himself in the world of racing.


Rodrigo’s early life

Rodrigo Terpins attended the University of Sail Hilaire and graduated with a degree in business management. He went ahead to apply the skills he had acquired at Lojas Marisa. Founded by Bernardo Goldfarb in 1948, Lojas Marisa is among the top clothing firms in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins worked diligently and managed to rise to the position of President of the firm. He later left the company in 2007 to focus on sports and establish his business.


Rodrigo Terpins’ love for speed made him start his own company, T5 Participacoes. Based in Brazil, the company is also involved in organizing rally championships and events in the country. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael Terpins went ahead to form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.


Rodrigo and his brother compete in professional circuit races, and it is with no doubt that the duo is one of the best in the racing scene. It is evident since the two have been doing exceptionally well in almost every race they take part in. A while back the two took part in the T1 Prototype class, and they managed to finish the race in 3rd place.


Such glory comes only through hard work and commitment. These were the pillars of Rodrigo Terpins’ success. In an interview with ideasmensch, Rodrigo Terpins who is also the founder of Floresvale, a firm that specializes in supplying certified wood, went into detail about his sporting career and his journey to the business world. You can visit Terra to know more.


Rodrigo Terpins explained that his typical day is usually busy since he has to move around from the countryside to the city frequently. Driven by the quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it” Rodrigo Terpins is a man who reads a lot and strongly advises any entrepreneur, to always stay updated with the market trends and what is going on around them.



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James Dondero, Doing What’s Right For Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a lucky city to have a successful businessman and philanthropist, like James Dondero, who does so much to help the place thrive. After several years of success within the financial industry, James became the President and Co-Founder of an alternative investment firm in Dallas, known as Highland Capital Management. Although he keeps himself busy enough with the responsibilities that come with having such a title, James has always had a place in his heart for giving back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. At the beginning of each fiscal year, Mr. Dondero makes it a point to set aside $3 million in the budget so that James and his team can continue to give back when and where it is needed. He does this by having a dedicated charity team that works with him to find initiatives in the city that promise to give something of worth back to the community. For example, James often supports organizations that improve on educational and health care needs of the residents of Dallas and any other civic initiatives that he deems necessary to help. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.


An example of such an enterprise is The Family Place, a non-profit organization, and a shelter that assists men who are victims of domestic violence. Housing is close to medical care and features a 24-hour crisis hotline for anyone who needs to reach out in a time of need. Another excellent example of James’ generosity is his recent $1 million donation to the Dallas Zoo so that they could begin to rebuild their hippo enclosure. For nearly two decades the habitat was shut down after the death of their last living hippo, Papa. The management team at the Zoo made the difficult decision to shut down the enclosure as there were no creatures to house there. Now, thanks to the help of James Dondero and a few fellow philanthropists in the area, the Dallas Zoo has recently reopened their hippo enclosure, much to the enjoyment of visitors. If it were not for generous individuals like James Dondero, shelters like The Family Place might not be able to stay open, and places like the Zoo would have a far more difficult time trying to find support, and for that, the city says thank you to James Dondero! Visit to know more about James Dondero.

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Marketing Professional Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a leading marketing professional in the online marketing industry. He is currently one of the online partners of a company called Managed Benefits. The company used to be known as Quick Link Marketing. When the company first started out it was an entity specializing in providing marketing leads. While working at this firm, Iyer has spent his time specializing in important roles such as client relations, technical development and also marketing online. As a marketing professional, Krishen has been able to help Managed Benefits become a leader of providing quality marketing solutions to various types of clients.


When starting up the company Managed Benefits, Krishen Iyer came up with the idea of connecting companies with other marketing firms that offer lead generation services. This would help various companies get the source of leads they needed in order to grow their businesses. Since a number of businesses had difficulty finding lead generation companies, Iyer saw a need and a market niche that could be filled. As a result, he came up with the idea of being a middleman in providing companies with access to lead generation sources.


During each day, Krishen Iyer looks to accomplish certain tasks by adopting a schedule. At the beginning of each day, Krishen spends his time interacting with clients to find out about their needs and what they are looking to accomplish. After discussions with clients at the beginning of the day, Krishen will then participate in tasks such as technical development as well as overseeing internet marketing campaigns.


Krishen Iyer has said that his keys to success have been communication and inquisitiveness. He had mentioned that communicating with clients and lead generation companies has allowed him to get important information for providing quality service. Iyer has also said that being inquisitive has enabled him to get numerous perspectives to help him make better decisions with his business operations.


Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


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OSI Food Solutions: A Global Food Purveyor with American Roots

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that is committed to providing high quality food products, as well as outstanding customer service on a global scale. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky,a Chicago area butcher, and meat market owner; the company has grown over a century to become one of the premier purveyors of high quality food products to the food service industry. OSI Food Solutions has been met with such success due to their investment in providing good relationships with business partners, ensuring integrity, and always seeking to do what is best for the organization.

OSI Food Solutions provides a number of outstanding services including, custom food solutions to meet client needs, ensuring an efficient supply chain, high quality, skilled, and flavorful culinary profiles, unsurpassed food safety, and state of the art research and development facilities. OSI Food Solutions began as a single designated facility for their first customer, McDonalds as their sole provider of beef products, and since then has grown to over 70 locations across the globe. They have achieved the status as one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies because of their strong commitment to quality and delivering great products. To know more about the firm click here.

Recently, they have undergone a vast expansion including doubling their chicken production capacity in their Spain facility, as well as expanding their European operation through the acquisition of the Dutch based Baho Foods. Recently, an expansion is underway back where it all began in Chicago through the purchase of a $7.4 Million dollar facility which formerly housed Tyson Foods. Through their endeavor to grow their operations globally, they have been able to employ countless individuals to fulfill the needs of this ever expanding operation. They are deeply rooted in caring about their employees and providing a work environment which fosters growth and success across the globe.

OSI Food Solutions is at the forefront of providing state of the art, quality products to the food service industry as evident through their proven track record of success and accolades with many more great innovations to come in the future.

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Education Secretary Betsy Devos

In February, 2017, President Trump elected to rescind the Obama-era transgender bathroom policy. The policy was created by executive order, which allowed the President to decide on the policy without Congressional input. The bill required public schools to offer a separate bathroom for transgender students. This gender-neutral bathroom option was meant to allow transgender teenagers to feel comfortable in the school environment.


Prior to the official announcement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with transgender members of her department. She informed them that she had opposed rescinding the policy; however, Trump elected to side with elements in the administration that pushed for the policy’s end. To some, it seemed like a black eye for DeVos. She had been overruled in her area of authority. If the President was going to listen to someone in the administration about a public school policy, that person should be the education secretary.


Despite being overruled, people familiar with Michigan State politics admonish the Washington crowd and political spectators to not underestimate DeVos’s mettle. She has been a tough political fighter for many decades. Though classy and polite, DeVos is an able political combatant. Her history includes forcing politicians that opposed her out of office.


The education secretary became active in politics during her college years. At that time, she married Dick DeVos, who was heir to the Amway fortune. Both Mr. and Mrs. DeVos are strong believers in educational choice. Mrs. DeVos has fought for school choice reforms in Michigan and across the country. One platform she particularly believes in is school vouchers.


Throughout her political career, which included a stint at the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Policy, she has been a tireless advocate of equality in education. As a young woman in Michigan, she saw how hard working-class and poor families struggled to provide quality education for their children. Believing that all children have the right to equal educational opportunities, she has fought for the use of public money to enhance educational opportunities, including increased school choice.


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Vouchers offer families the opportunity to send their children to private schools of their choice. Most parents cannot afford to send their children to private school, even though, for many children, private schools offer the best educational opportunity. Mrs. DeVos has strongly advocated for the ability of parents to send their children to religious private schools. Vouchers, funded with tax money, provide the parents with an alternative to the public school system in their district.


Mrs. DeVos has vastly increased the use of vouchers across the country. When she sets her mind to achieve political goals, opponents need to watch out. Michigan political insiders know how hard she has fought for school choice. They expect her to continue her strong advocacy in the role of education secretary.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Serving Customized Needs

Some wealth advisory firms do not take the time to bond and connect with their clients to understand their individual needs. One firm that does this is HCR Wealth Advisors. The company values each of their clients and their team of professionals put their clients’ needs before everything else. The company also believes in transparency and is and upfront about all its clients’ service charges. It is for this reason that HCR Wealth Advisors charges a single fee, based on a percentage of the clients’ total assets udner management.


HCR Wealth Advisors comprises of a group of wealth advisors, and not managers of money. Unlike money managers, wealth advisors have an in-depth connection with their clients; they get to know their clients personally, their financial records, and their financial goals. Money managers often simply put their clients’ funds and assets into a portfolio and later get rewarded depending on their performance. HCR Wealth Advisors is a team of experienced wealth advisors; their clients benefit from having a deep connection with them and have guidance towards achieving a successful financial path.


Professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors do everything they can to help to ensure their clients are satisfied. The company has four main aspects that its clients benefit from. These aspects are wealth management and financial services, business services, insurance services, and consulting. By putting all these aspects together, HCR Wealth Advisors provides a detailed financial planning strategy for its clients. HCR Wealth Advisors typically looks at three types of investments: alternative, equity, and fixed income. For all these, factors such as client risk, yield curves, and technical analysis are considered. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors are experienced with most of them having relevant degrees and licenses.


HCR Wealth Advisors offer each of its clients a team to assist in optimizing their financial planning. This team consists of an analyst who mainly looks into the investments and research, a lead advisor who is the crucial point of contact, and a financial planner who focuses on short term and long-term strategies. The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The central aspect that makes HCR Wealth Advisors better than competitors is its broad and holistic attitude towards financial planning.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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Netpicks Investing Provides Guidance & Expertise

Expertise Regarding Forex Trading

Netpicks Investing is a company who is an financial industry leader in Forex trading or FX trading. Forex trading is essentially currency trading transactions. There are multiple ways to trade currencies and ways to invest through currency trading. The U.S dollar is a common currency traded against other foreign currencies such as the Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, & Japanese Yen. Netpicks is an established company who provides expertise on the topic and administers guidance to forex traders, read ( Netpicks explains ways it can be done, the most common currencies to trade against one another, and potential risks. The information Netpicks contributes regarding the practice is valuable to investors & potential forex traders.


Trading Forex

Netpicks recommends that traders identify potential risk factors when determining foreign currency. An example of this could be researching the political climate, analyze any tariffs or specific regulations, or the economic situation. There are many factors which can affect a countries currency. Netpicks stresses studying the practice prior to engaging in any forex trades, learn more on Usually Netpicks advises that traders begin with a small amount of money when starting out. Next, Netpicks provides examples of common currencies that are traded against one another. The common countries which pose the least risk include Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, & Great Britain. The company claims there are currencies which have potential risk such as the Mexican Peso. The market for trading currency is attractive. It is extremely liquid and can be done 24 hours a day.


Netpicks Investing

Netpicks is an organization which is committed to providing guidance and expertise for their clients & customers. The company was founded in 1996 and was an innovator in the internet space when investors began trading online. The company has decades of experience in the industry and a legacy of providing industry leading expertise on forex trading.


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The RealReal Store Makes Consignment Fun

Shopping for clothing is a full experience for most shoppers. They want quality and a fun experience. They also want to save money and have all of that. Say goodbye to thrift shops forever. There is a new player in town. It’s called The RealReal.

It brings consignment of second-hand clothing and accessories online. They recently opened a place in SoHo as well. This location offers a wonderful option for New York. The store has some of the best designer brands for sale. Consider it like a fun day rummaging through your girlfriend’s closet.

It’s not the only one available these days. This idea of trendy second-hand clothing is becoming a huge trend for shoppers. The best part of the whole experience is the designer feel of the store. You get all that a thrift store offers without the florescent glaring lights and ugly design of the store.

New arrivals happen all day long as well, so it’s a place you and your friends will want to check out on the daily when you have time. You can get some amazing deals for very little. It’s immediate gratification for that shopping bug so many people love.

The RealReal began with the dream of Julie Wainwright back in 2011 after working as the CEO of for a while. She began in the tech industry before creating an online store. Her merchandising experience has helped to make her an amazing entrepreneur that employs over 800 people today. That’s just the people that work for The RealReal. There are countless others who gain income from the consignment process. think of it as recycling clothing.

The original physical store was the brainchild of Courtney Applebaum. The design of the store is amazing. There is a luxurious couch to relax on while items are appraised. The store is also set up with a coffee bar for guests to enjoy as they wait. Sometimes special events are held there.

One of the things that customers love about the store is the authenticity of the items. they carefully check everything for fakes. Nothing will pass the test if it is not authentic.

The store is set up with sizes arranged by the real size. One item might have a size number that sounds widely varied from the others. Guests can rest assured that the items are all the same size. the store arranges them with regard to how the various designers set their vanity sizing.

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Fortress Investment Group Makes An Investment In The Growth Of Wi-Fi Access

Fortress Investment Group recently provided iPass with a $20 million loan that is secured by iPass’s SmartConnect technology and its portfolio of patents. $10 million is immediately available to iPass, which will help the company shift its focus on increasing its revenue and profitability according to the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President Gary Griffiths. He also said the loan is secured by the company’s patents, which strengthens the credibility of their SmartConnect and Veri-Fi products. Fortress Investment Group views iPass as a secure investment for its investors due to the growth in the demand for unlimited access to Wi-Fi.

Since 1998, Fortress Investment Group has used long-term strategies to provide its clients with strong returns on their investments. This private equity firm believes iPass fits their overall investment strategy because of its position in making Wi-Fi access convenient for widespread use. iPass currently has the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, and the company’s technology gives its customers access to over 64 million hotspots worldwide. By the end of 2018, the number of hotspots is expected to grow to 340 million. This puts iPass in a perfect position to take advantage of this growth with its patented Wi-Fi technology.

An article on titled “Fortress Investment Group Partners with iPass to the Tune of $20 Million in Credit,” points out how successful this investment firm has been over the years. They were named Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014. From 1999 to 2006, the company earned close to a 40 percent return for its investors. Earlier this year, Fortress had $40.9 billion under management, and just last year, the company raised $2.9 billion funding. The $20 million investment Fortress provided iPass will help iPass obtain a competitive advantage in Wi-Fi market over the long-term. It should also give Fortress investors healthy returns for years to come.

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