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Bernardo Chua: A Desire to Improve the Health of Others

A man who has made it his business to improve the health of the those around him is Bernardo Chua. He is a medical expert and marketing manager from the Philippines. His grandparents taught him the health uses for Ganoderma mushroom, which made him a perfect fit to get hired by the company Gano Excel to promote products filled with Ganoderma. Due to his appealing personality and wanting to help others, he had no problem marketing the products and had numerous customers in certain Asian countries. Read more about Bernardo Chua on

After some time working with Gano Excel, Chua decided it would be wise to spread the health benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom to the United States. He moved to the state of California and was appointed president of Gano Excel for USA division. He saw a perfect chance and recruited many people. He instructed them on the health benefits of Ganoderma products and had them tackle the USA market. Chua and his company received much recognition and Gano Excel saw a massive increase in the number of customers for their products.

After achieving much success, Bernardo Chua started a new company called Organo Gold in 2008. Like Gano Excel, this company also specializes in the production of Ganoderma-filled consumables. Chua specifically works with reputable farmers to grow the finest quality Ganoderma mushrooms conceivable. The Organo Gold has millions of customers worldwide. Direct Selling News is one of the news stations that have talked about Organo Gold and the health benefits their products provide.

Of his many successes Bernardo Chua’s most notable achievement is that he took a desire that he had to help other people and combined the knowledge he learned from his grandparents to create a company that produces products to enhance the health of people. His desire to enable people to be healthy was the ultimate inspiration for his business.

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In the world of financial services, Southridge Capital is a significant player

Southridge Capital will offer services like advisory and structured finance for the companies that are public. They dedicate their time to making sure that all their clients will be satisfied and they do that by providing innovative financial solutions. The things that Southridge can be able to pride themselves on is that through their executive team that is well experienced about the marketplace, and they have the needed expertise in the creation of new ideas, for the client’s needs they will ensure that they tirelessly and unfailingly execute what’s required in order to offer the financial help.

In 1996, they directly donated a total of $1.8 million to the growth companies. They have financed so many companies like 250 of them so they are aware of all the worry that startup companies will have in the beginning. The team at Southridge Capital has the needed skill in making sure that all the issues that startup companies will face will be resolved before they even occur. The company is covered by an advisory umbrella that will be of help in offering the services that cater to all the bases. The bases that Southridge Capital will cover is financial statements that are projected, design the company in a highly detailed way, economic analysis, and operational assumptions.

Southridge Capital leader is Stephen M. Hicks who is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company. At the company, he is the one who is responsible for the execution and business development. Southridge Capital was founded back in 1996. For the past 30 years, they have been able to maintain being active in the investment industry. The thing that has been of help is Mr. Hicks experience in different sectors like the risk arbitrage, investment banking, and financial structuring. You can visit


According to Newswire, the way that Southridge Capital came to be functional while Mr. Hick was working at the small NY hedge fund company. The principal decided that he would take some time off and return to Australia and the break was going to take a year. That’s when he decided that he would go for it and maybe start something on his own to make him busy. The principal gave him the go-ahead of beginning Southridge.


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OSI Food Solutions Continues To Bring People The Food They Love The Whole World Over:

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is synonymous with helping your favorite restaurant chains and retailer to bring you the food that you love. The chances are that most people have probably at some point, eaten food supplied by the global food wholesaler. The company has a long and distinguished history that started when Otto Kolchowsky opened a small meat shop in the Chicago, Illinois area. That small business has grown to become today’s OSI Food Solutions, a global company operating in seventeen of the world’s nations and boasting over sixty-five facilities. OSI Food Solutions also employs an impressive twenty-thousand plus people, all the while being recognized for still maintaining a family-oriented culture within its business practices. The company is knowns as being a great place to work and is also legendary for its outstanding commitment to customer service. The company’s trajectory has seen a steady expansion since the mid-70s and recent years have been no exception as OSI has had plenty of exciting news come out of its gates.

Major Efforts Toward Increasing European Presence:

OSI Food Solutions has made significant moves in Europe in the last handful of years and these moves range from upgrades to acquisitions. The company recently invested a massive €17 million into the Toledo, Spain processing facility. This influx of cash was pumped into the facility’s production line with the intention of giving the facility and increased processing capacity. The market in Spain, as well as Portugal, has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for chicken and OSI has answered in kind. The massive upgrade has seen a doubling of chicken production from 12 thousand tons per year to 24 thousand. Other major moves in Europe include the acquisitions of two well know wholesale companies. Baho Food and Flagship Europe have become members of the OSI family and have had a profound impact on the company’s footprint in this critical market.

The Award Winning Tradition Continues:

OSI Food Solutions has won many awards over the years and this tradition has continued as of late. The company brought home the Globe of Honour as a recognition of the commitment OSI has made to run its operations in an environmentally sustainable way. This was in 2016 and that same years, OSI’s venerable CEO Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award due to the tremendous achievements that he has attained during his long business career.

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News Broadcast Mentions TeenSafe As Something To Help Protect Children

New10NBC put out an article about a man who was using an app to try to lure girls. This man tried to use the app Whisper to get a minor girl to come to him. After the police in the area where this man lived arrested him, they warned parents that they should be watching over their children and keeping an eye on their online activity. The police were concerned about the safety of children because of things that people like that one man did, and they wanted parents to step and help to keep their children safe. The article that New10NBC put out shared that the Sheriff asked that parents look out for their children by using an app such as TeenSafe.


TeenSafe has been around since 2011, and it is something that helps parents look out for their children by paying attention to their online activities. Those children who are not mature enough to look out for themselves can benefit from having their parents pay attention to their online activity. The brains of kids have not been fully developed, and they are not always smart in the way that they interact with others online. Concerned parents can use something like TeenSafe to help them look out for their children.


There are not always the right kind of privacy settings available on the apps that children are using, and even when there are good settings, children do not always know how to set them up. TeenSafe helps parents be in the know about the kinds of apps that their children are using and how they can best protect their children as they use each one. TeenSafe can also help to get parents and their children talking. This product can help to get parents and their children communicating about the online world and about the dangerous people that are lurking there.


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Perry Mandera Uses The Custom Companies Inc to Display Charity.

The name Perry Mandera is vastly associated with business, tenacity, charity as well as leadership and success. Not only does he manage The Custom Companies Inc but also uses it to reach out to the community. Even though he is keen on helping the community with a particular interest in children, Mandera also uses his life story to inspire people by encouraging them to help each other. All too often, he has written basic articles about his previous accomplishments as a philanthropist including how he has impacted people’s lives through his dedication to giving back to the community.


The Preview


As the head cheerleader of The Custom Companies Inc, a firm that has been in existent for more than two decades, Mandera’s vision is to revolutionize the transport system through his company. Therefore, with his leadership, the company has been successful in working with Fortune 100 Companies, averaged-size businesses, in addition to startups. To accomplish his objectives in service delivery, Mandera has opened additional service offices in California in addition to Illinois. Nevertheless, the business majorly operates in Northlake near Chicago.




For Perry Mandera, charity makes a substantial part of successful business. For that reason, he uses The Custom Companies Inc to reach out to the community. For instance, he has created many job opportunities for drivers and managers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that when the business was established, it was a boutique firm that owned two trucks dedicated to the transportation responsibilities of clients. With time, the demand for transport services increased thereby leading to an increase in transportation equipment including trucks and human resources. As of now, the company is a proud employer of about 100 employees.

Career and Experiences

Even though Perry Mandera has successfully launched his transport company, he had a different line of career initially. First serving in the Marines, he was tasked with the duty of organizing transportation for troops alongside their supplies. Therefore, he learned the value of making strategic decisions.

The Outline

In conclusion, Perry Mandera is a scion of business and philanthropy. Having established The Custom Companies Inc, he has rightfully owned a soft spot in the community not only as a businessman but also a philanthropist.


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Guilherme Paulus: True Definition of An Entrepreneur


Guilherme Paulus started his first business venture as a young man of 23 years old. In the early seventies, he began a road tourism business. Forty years later, Guilherme Paulus had turned this small time venture into the biggest tour operator in North America. Before his immense success, Paulus was an intern with International Business Machines at the young age of 20 years old.

Billionaire Businessperson

Just recently, Guilherme Paulus joined Forbes billionaires list. Showing Paulus Midas’s touch, the firm Carlyle group bought a 63% share in CVC for $420 million. CVC is Paulus’s tour operator business, the largest in North America.

In 2005, Paulus started his next major venture, GJP Hotels, and Resorts. Paulus ‘s hotel and resort company run 15 hotels and resorts in Brazil. Currently, Paulus is in negotiation to start construction of hotels located near airports in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus – Tech Builder for His Business

Paulus is a man of many talents. In addition to his keen sense to build a profitable business, he is the program administrator for his business network. Paulus has created many prominent systems for his companies, including five star, linx, to name a few. See Related article at to learn more.

Award Winner

Paulus has been receipt of the entrepreneur of the year for his significant contributions to the improvement of Brazil’s living standards. Guilherme Paulus has offered his services to many firms in Brazil and has increased Brazilian citizens’ opportunities for employment with the companies he has started in his native country.


As Guilherme Paulus success can attest, he is a hard, industrious worker. Paulus believes the key to his success is his efforts to always provide quality service. Paulus thinks that offering your customers mediocre service will drive your customers away to the competition. To ensure your customer’s loyalty and to build your customer base, Paulus believes your customers need to receive complete satisfaction at all times. Paulus’s financial success and growth for the past forty years attest to his business advise.

To put it just, Paulus in an entrepreneur in action. While some talk about how to achieve riches, Paulus has built a financial empire. His advice is as extensive as his business’s holdings, which truly defines the definition of an entrepreneur!

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Lee May Career Field

Currently, the industry of real estate has many competitors who are trying to become better than their competitors do. Personalities involved might be enormous due to the deals they have which can reach into billions of pounds. For one to understand this fascinating industry better, it is best if you look at Lee May who is a successful developer and a participant in the sector of real estate.

Lee May is a man who has a valuable life for his skillful touch within the real estate market and also focuses on giving back to the community. He has done many activities that bring change to the whole world not just his community.

Even though real estate is a problematic business for one to succeed, there are some cities in the world where it has done well like London. It has a vast urban population, but a small area for development, but most investors from the world find it the best place for real estate investment. It is here that May began his career and was able to do well in the business.

With his many deals, like the current one where he is developing 628 apartments in the East London, and securing sites in Essex to grow more than 1000 units, he has grown to become a prominent person in the industry.

The international efforts of Lee May have followed the footsteps of his developments in London regarding their complexity and scope. Actually, due to his experience in real estate, he has attained some passion for hard work and learning something new in the industry. His successes in the projects are due to his hard work. Example, he was able to collaborate with a fund bases project successfully and was able to close a joint venture that was worth much money.

Apart from that one success, May was involved in another endeavor of developing a shopping mall in Canada. He was able to exercise his skills to the task that was going on away from his home country. In this project, May acquired a significant parcel of land; he was able to develop the mall and also became the proprietor as well as conducts the operations of the mall once the construction is over.

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Lee May of Beamridge Cements Place as Premier Developer

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Ruth Erickson uses IC Systems so that to define her place in the society

The world is now starting to recognize the impact that woman bring in the business. Many companies are beginning to embrace the value of having diver’s opinions and viewpoints. Though to some the lesson is still new, many companies are still learning. A company that well represents this is IC Systems that deal with a nationwide collection agency. The founder of IC Systems was Ruth Erickson together with the help of his husband, Jack. The firm was operated on that fact that it would help in the empowerment of the women in the 80 years of history. In the early years of IC Systems being in business, the operations that they offered Ruth was hardworking.

After the passing of her husband she took over as the head of the company, she had to work extra hard so that to be able to pour all the acumen she had in business to oversee the success of the venture. Though her stature was small, when it come to her entrepreneur skills she was tenacious and formidable. In 1938 that’s when IC Systems was founded with the headquarters outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, the goal that the company had is that they will offer the clients with a solution to their financial needs. In any deals that the company has been involved with from the time it started they have one drive, and that is they will offer their services with honesty and ethics. In the way that the company has been handling the deals, the philosophy shows very well. (prnewswire)

As more company are starting to embrace the empowerment of women in the workplace, the thing that is helpful is looking at some of the companies that have been able to make a name for themselves in embracing strong women in the modern economy. The leadership of Ruth Erickson playing the role of development, IC Systems is a company that has been able to achieve so much from the reliance on the job that the female will put in the business professionals. Even though for IC Systems they are still growing in offering the clients and customers with service that is on top it’s still maintaining the fact that they are a female-led organization.

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Use Custom Companies for All Your Shipments

You may wonder: “What shipper should I use?” First of all, you should be aware that the total shipping costs frequently result from the consideration of several elements: the time required to prepare the order, shipping costs, the cost of packaging, and potential return costs. Remember, additional charges may be necessary if you wish to ensure an express delivery.


Also, when a shipping group allows its business partners, distributors, and main customers to place their orders and check their invoices in real time via the internet, it is frequently a B-to-B company. Another advantage for the customer is the fact that they benefit from a situation where the shipping costs they have to pay are often lower with Custom Companies than they would be otherwise. Price comparison systems that are automatic systems will take this into account and will communicate to customers that your products are less expensive than those of your competitors.


Many businesses are also beginning to realize that, after the organization of payment, there is another step, the organization of delivery. The customer who has placed the order should have nothing to do on his side, and the delivery costs should be clearly announced and without surprise and above all the client benefits from a door-to-door delivery with a guarantee of quality and top-of-the-range services. Therefore, in addition to delighting your buyers, you will then give an attractive image to your brand by using Custom Companies, and maybe that will help you with some good publicity.


Also, you will likely benefit from savings on transport costs with Custom Companies thanks to rates negotiated especially for professionals. Also, the act of offering free shipping with a minimum order amount provides an advantage for sellers because many customers will add products to reach this minimum. Remember, your logistics division is in charge of synchronizing and managing the movement of products, from the receipt by the shipping company to the delivery to the customer.


Selling a product means knowing how to ship complete orders on time and without errors. The logistics and transport department of the Custom Companies group will also help you to decipher the new developments in commerce.

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Stansberry Research: Boom And Bust. But, … Who To Trust … ???

Investing. Where to go? What to do? Are those high-rollin’ financial advisors really that smart, or are they just trying to get money from you … Stansberry Research is a publication company specializing in investment research and has a great website,, with all the current hot commodities, and not so hot ones. We’re talkin’ ev-ry-thing. Oil, gas, natural resources, healthcare, biotech. The list goes on.


Founded by Frank Porter Stansberry in 1999 as an independent investment research company and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland as well as expansions in Florida, California and Oregon. Needless to say, they know their stuff. As stated on their website, Stansberry Research will “only publish analysts whose advice and strategies we’d want our own families to read and follow.” And, “strive to give our customers the information we’d want if our roles were reversed.” I think that speaks volumes for the company. They also include company track records in each and every monthly issue.


Recently, they’ve got word of a hot, HOT commodity: Coffee … According to Stansberry Research, coffee has beat the doubting investor for a handful of years now. In 2015, coffee prices were expected to head way south. Instead they sky-rocketed … 45% … Boom, baby!!!


Seem unbelievable? Well, take this in to account: Starbucks announced that their Q1 fiscal results for 2018 were record breaking with consolidated net revenues of $6.1 billion and returned a record $2 billion to shareholders as well. That beat out McDonald’s Q4 of 2017 fiscal earnings of $5.34 billion. And, oh yeah, McDonald’s sells coffee too. And, I, for one, drink it daily. That being said, Stansberry Research does not recommend buying, … yet …


Coffee ain’t the only boom either. There’s another out there. One that’s sparking a LOT of controversy and near and dear to the hearts of many across the United States, and the world … You should check it out for yourself at …