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Vegan Make-up Company, LimeCrime

The company LimeCrime is a bright and colorful make-up brand. They offer products for the face, eyes, and lips, and every piece is unique. The main point that this brand makes is that all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free. They also want to revolutionize the industry, trying to encourage bold make-up looks and self-expression. These ideas are reflected in the names, such as “Unicorn Hair Dye” and “Mermaid Highlighter.”

LimeCrime is offered in stores and websites such as Ulta and Amazon, growing rapidly in its success since its creation in 2009 by the founder, Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen.” She believes that all people should be free to express themselves, and make-up is a tool to help them do that. She stated that she makes “Makeup for all boys and girls like me, who express themselves unapologetically.” She and her company recently came out with the new “Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette.” It is a large, brightly-colored palette with different shades of pink, purples, and browns.

As with most of her products, Doe Deere makes sure that the eyeshadow is out of the ordinary- something that not many make-up brands would create. LimeCrime is also a trend-setting company in other ways. In 2012, they came out with the “Velvetine Lipstick.” These lipsticks are liquid, something that was not common at the time. The Velvetine line brought the product into more popularity though.

This new and innovative make-up company has started a new look in the industry. They inspire young people to create new looks, and use color to their advantage. Many of the clients even share the images of their make-up looks on social media. Doe Deere has made sure to create healthy, yet quality make-up products, while at the same time encouraging others to freely express who they are through bold and exciting styles.

Find out more about LimeCrime: http://www.asos.com/women/a-to-z-of-brands/lime-crime/cat/?cid=25668