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Louis R. Chenevert, a force that brought unrelenting change and innovation to the aircraft industry

Louis R. Chenevert, known for his chairman and CEO roles at UTC (United Technologies Corporation), was born in Montreal, Quebec during the year of 1958. Continuing his time in Canada, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from HEC Montreal in 1979. He also received doctorate degrees from HEC Montreal in 2011 and Concordia University in 2014. His career started with him spending 14 years at General Motors as a Production General Manager. He continued his stunning career at Pratt & Whitney in 1993, becoming president in 1999 and leaving in 2006. The position he is known best for however at UTC, he begun with him as a director in 2006, a swift election President and CEO in 2008 and Chairman in 2010; He served these positions until he retired in 2014. He also had numerous other positions with a multitude of companies and has quite the prestigious resume, but his legacy lies with UTC.

His idea for United Technologies began with a deep comprehension of customer needs and an intense zeal for producing heavy-hitting and reliable products with a 30-year cycle. The ideals of Mr.Chenevert brought: the F135 engine that revolutionized the military propulsion industry, the development of the GTF engine which was known for its efficiency, key development in narrow body segments for airplanes which generated an opportunity to develop the next generation of the Gulfstream G500 and G600, developing the next X2 technology that doubled the speed of helicopters, and the largest acquisition ever at the time of Goodrich Aerospace for $18 billion. The ideals that brought about these amazing changes about were his focus on operational talent and engineering that produced results that exceeded customer’s expectations. He also preferred for UTC to operate in small teams with a leadership team at the head that was given the tools and means to chase innovative products. Lastly, at the end of production he made sure that each product underwent intense review and scrutiny to prevent defects and issues.

Overall, Louis R. Chenevert was an inspiring leader in the aerospace industry netting himself a whopping $22 million for his extraordinary accomplishments that were achieved through his intense focus, unrelenting drive, and great passion.


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Rodrigo Terpins: Preparations Set for the 25th Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most well-known racers in Brazil. He is the son of the former basketball superstar, Jack Terpins, and the older brother of another favorite rally driver, Michel Terpins. He is known as the founder of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and every year, he would join the race along with his team members to show the world how tough they are when it comes to racing. The original members of his team are his younger brother, and two of his closest friends who are also racing enthusiasts. Through the years, their group’s membership increased, and he still invites more people to join the Bull Sertoes Rally Team to show off their skills in racing.



The Sertoes Rally will be holding its 25th anniversary this year. Organizers of the event have invited hundreds of racers around the world, with more than two hundred racers confirming their attendance. According to the event organizers, there will be more than one hundred vehicles that will be seen on the main event, and all of it will have to drive through the treacherous mid-western terrains of Brazil. The race will include a route that is around 3,000 kilometers long, and racers had to endure all of the elements that they will be encountering along the way. Check out Terra for more.



Rodrigo Terpins and his team prepared for the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. This time, he will be sending his younger brother, Michel Terpins, to join the race. He will be driving a T1 Prototype called T-Rex, which has been slightly modified to be able to run off the terrains of the mid-western Brazilian states. It was equipped with a V8 engine to give it additional power. During the event proper, Rodrigo Terpins cheered for his brother and told him to do his best to win the race. However, unfortunate events took place, stalling Michel Terpins in the unforgiving route. Fortunately, he managed to get back on track, and he ranked 4th in the T1 Prototype category, and he managed to bag the 10th place overall for the entire vehicle categories involved in the race.


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Alex Pall of Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is a member of Chainsmokers band. It is a band formed by Andrew Taggart and Alex where their manager is Adam. When they met, the started doing music. Andrew used to be a producer while Pall was DJ in New York City. It was an interview after the duos had released a song with Halsey. The song track was being called “Closer.”

Alex pall talked about the way they started working together with Andrew Taggart. He said that he grew up knowing to DJ. That was what he loved and was his hobby. He used to work in the city of New York and his career was going by little. He did it as a side work he had passion doing. He did it more like a fun thing that what he could say was a job. When he went to an art gallery, what he realized is that dance music was consuming his life so all he wanted is a proper shot to try. After his manager introduced him to Drew, they started working together and he left his job.

They knew that music was what will work out for them .this is after they brought everything on the table and had a talk about it. They loved music and they wanted to grow musically. When they all realized that they were ambitious and music driven, they badly needed to give a trial. The thing they did most was observing what was happening between them so that they could know what was working for them or not.

When they kept working together, they started being together always so that they could create an identity as artists, this was because the music was their job which was to pay their bills and more than that. People had started relating their music in deep ways and that made them happy, so they had to work hard so that they could have more rating. Being together was a self-discovery journey. The chainsmokers have become something great that even they could have never imagined. They have been trying to create new things so that they could stay interesting and engaging in the music industry, and their fans will be happy.