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The career path of Randal Nardone leading to the start of Fortress Investment Group

In the field of finance is what has made up the career path of Randal Nardone and with that, he has been able to showcase the skill that he has and the knowledge about the same field. In the years that Randal has spent in the finance industry is the reason for the experience that he has. In his university years, he attended that Boston University school of law. After finishing his education the first job that Randal got was at Thacher and wood company as the executive. In that company was when he decided that his career was not going on the right path and he needed a change. That led to him joining the finance industry. The first service that he offered when he decided that he wanted to focus on finance was that he entered the universal bank of Sweden where he provided his services as the managing director. Randal Nardone later joined Blackrock Financial Management where he as the principal.

Not long after that, he comes up with the idea of starting his own company with the help of Wesly R, Edens. Randal Nardone knew that it was not going to be an easy thing and that one challenge he had to face is the competitions. The one thing that was going to help at the start of the business was that he had the needed experiences gained from the previous jobs. The knowledge that he had acquired he knew very well that he was in a position to implement the improvements that will oversee the growth of the company. That is what led to the start of Fortress Investment Group. At the moment he is the CEO of the company, and because of the work that he has put into the company, there has been an enormous growth that has been seen. The one development that he has overseen is that the company has created a name for themselves with the services that they provide.

From the time Randal Nardone started the firm is the money that the company has invested is, and it has changed in size. Randal Nardone gives all that he got to the company so that to get the profit needed in each day. At Fortress Investment Group the employees are well catered for, and all they have to say about the company is that they care about their needs and the working conditions are excellent so that to offer the clients the best.