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Chris Burch’s Exemplary Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2015, Chris Burch opened a 5-star luxury resort named Nihiwatu. The following year, it was rated as the best hotel in the world. Mr. Burch, a billionaire, has worked together with Tory Burch to create numerous recognized brands. He ventured into the industry of hospitality in 2012 when he decided to work in conjunction with James McBride who is an excelling hotelier. They invested $30 million in buying a beach hotel in Sumba Island, Indonesia, and later remodeled the entire establishment, check nihi.com.

During an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Chris Burch states that he did not expect the resort to turn out as good as it did. The whole idea of purchasing the place was to give back to the community. He was creating the resort for his children. He proceeded to say that the resort awakes his creativity as a result of its beauty. Nihiwatu resort has 27 private villas. Burch also built a private home in the resort, known as the Raja Mendaka, which consists of four villas and a plunge pool (wingsjournal.com).

Chris Burch is an owner of numerous worldwide recognized fashion brands. He has also displayed a growing interest in hospitality, as well as in other sectors. As Chris is a reputable entrepreneur, he has facilitated the growth of various trends in the industries of hospitality and fashion. With time, he has been able to create for himself an outstanding business portfolio.  His website shows that he has been able to achieve this by combining his accumulated knowledge on consumer behavior with his experience in direct sourcing.

Chris Burch set up his first business with only $2,000. He named the company Eagle’s Eye Apparel. With the help of Bob, his brother, he was able to grow the business into becoming a multi-million investment. Burch later sold the company for $165 million to Swire Group. His growth in entrepreneurship is quite inspiring as not only does he venture in the industries of hospitality and fashion but also in the real estate market. Some of his current businesses are Coccon9, Trademark, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and Nihiwatu. He is also the former owner of Faena Hotel, Voss Water, and Jawbone.

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During Chris’ free time, he commits his time and money in transforming the lives of others. He is part of a number of charity organizations from different regions of the world. Chris Burch went to Tilton School and later joined Ithaca College. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capita