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Chris Burch is a Serial Investor and Entrepreneur

A rare yet fascinating story of the beautiful Nihiwatu is traced to Sumba Island where the ancestors of Marapu, a tribe, made their way to the beaches decades ago. Until now, there have been a series of beliefs about the remnant of their spirits on the beautiful island. Of course, these spirits can only be part of a peaceful culture that has since attracted investors from all walks of life to put their resources on the island. Chris Burch is one such investor that has made a name for himself through establishing a revolutionary hospitality facility called Nihiwatu (thenewsversion.com).

Mr. Burch joined his business associate Mr. McBride in a quest to explore the other side of the world. Sumba Island was very welcoming given its conducive atmosphere and peaceful interactions with people. Therefore, seeing that part of the island was somewhat abandoned, the duo spotted a hotel that would, later on, be revamped by spending a relatively substantial amount of money. Burch and McBride spent $30 million on the renovation. The result was a state-of-the-art hotel coupled with impeccable rooms that have now attracted celebrities from all walks of life.

Moreover, Nihiwatu Resort has been Burch’s way of giving back to the society. In an interview with Business Jet Traveller, Chris Burch was asked why he invested in this high-risk project. He stated that he was buying his children a present that would teach them to support the community in all ways that they can in future. Burch added that he had been surprised by the feedback Nihiwatu has given since its inception.

Nihiwatu has become the most attractive hospitality facility on Sumba Island. This is because the facility has attractive features inclusive of a plunging pool that faces Nihi Beach as well as the Indian Ocean. Check nihi.com. Moreover, some tree-houses have been linked by a beautiful bamboo tree. Besides investing in Nihiwatu, Chris Burch has invested in several other projects have as well defined his input in the industry of entrepreneurship.

For starters, Chris Burch has closely been associated with fashion and technology. The owner of Burch Creative Capital is a renowned investor and entrepreneur that has spent over forty years building a dynasty of businesses across different industries. He has been a huge contributor of luxury brands like Voss Water, Tory Burch, Faena Hotel + Universe among others. Moreover, he served as a board member at Tory Burch, The Continuum Group as well as Guggenheim Capital.

Connect with Burch at https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-burch-116531123