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Michael Burwell; Willis Towers Watson CFO

Michael Burwell or Mike as he is commonly known is the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. This is a global insurance and broking expert’s institution. Today the company operates in more than 100 countries with thousands of employees.

Mike is a holder of business administration bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Michigan State University as well as a certified public accountant. Before joining Willis Towers Watson, Mike had worked with PWC for over 30 years holding several numbers of senior leadership positions. These included Chief Financial Officer, Head of Transaction Services and Chief Operating Officer in PWC’S US branches.

In his 31 years of service at PWC, Mike spent 11 years working as assurance and business advisor before being elected partner in 1997 moving him to PWC Detroit transaction business. In 2009, he took over as the PWC’s Chief Financial Officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer.

In all of his engagements with different financial companies, Mike has impressed with his impeccable leadership skills and strength. His commitment to excellent customer service has been impressive. His understanding and contribution in finance management has brought growth and expansion in Willis Towers Watson.

From his own words, Mike Is an early bird who starts his day as early as 5am in the morning. He believes in doing small house chores for himself. This he says makes him feel like he has already accomplished something. He then takes a bike riding which helps him in reflecting what he has done and what he feels needs to be done. Visit This Page to learn more.

Mike believes in technology as he believes its technology that will take financial sector to the next level. As micro-communities continues to grow, Michael Burwell believes technology to support them will continue to evolve as people with the same ideas want to connect.

Everyone has something unique in them. This you can only discover when you invest your time in these people. Mike does this by creating time to listen and communicate with other people as it helps him understand them and their ideas better. This is a virtual that has helped him become the leader he is today.

Today Michael Burwell is the leader he is because he believes in himself. He believes there is no best place to look for leadership other than in you. Through this Michael Burwell can be referred as a financial guru in today’s society who believes making people’s life better makes him a good leader.


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Matt Badiali, The Natural Resource Professional

Matt Badiali, a former scientist by trade with dual degrees in geology and earth sciences first began exploring the financial industry in the year 2004. Matt soon realized that it would be a brilliant idea to apply his unique education and specific experience in order to help people. Ever since, Matt Badiali has been assisting investors to find the ideal investments in metals, natural resources, and energy. Matt Badiali, now a contributor at Banyan Hill Publishing, created his new publication, Real Wealth Strategist, with the company in May 2017. His newsletter has quickly formed up a network of loyal subscribers who enthusiastically anticipate his stock recommendations on the natural resource.

The renowned Investment expert recently released “Freedom Checks,” a viral video that has left many scratching their heads wondering what these investments are exactly. Viewed by millions of Americans, Matt remarks in the video that “freedom checks” are not a 401(k); neither are they a government program nor any other retirement account. Matt Badiali has visited many oil wells and mines around the world from Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Turkey to Switzerland, Haiti and Singapore just to mention a few. Before he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt worked as a consultant to an environmental company and as a geologist for a drilling company.

Matt Badiali talks about the “Magic Metal” pitch which he keeps a secret and a poker face on the readers all the way to the end so that you get to double up on discovery voyage. He hints his readers that the metal in question never rusts, is not flammable and can be recycled. Matt tells readers that the metal has unheard superpowers and will soon become the most sought-after product on the planet. Not even water, oil or gold will match it in years to come.

He then breaks the ice and says the magic metal is Zinc. The price of Zinc skyrocketed from $0.66 per pound in 2016 January to $1.45in 2017. That’s a total gain of 120% in a span of 21 months. This is not surprising as Zinc made a stunning profit of 294% from 2005’s July $0.53 to 2006 December’s $2.09 per pound. In 2002, the metal was going for $0.33 per pound.

Be sure to check out his next year’s price prediction of the metal.

For more info, visit: https://medium.com/@MattBadiali