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Another Successful Endeavor for Chris Burch!

Fashion Mogul Chris Burch switches gears towards another lucrative business opportunity. After founding or co-founding multiple upscale retail brands, such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch, Chris Burch now focuses on the hospitality industry. Mr. Burch graciously partnered with hotelier James McBride in 2012 to try his hand at something new. The two investors came together to purchase a beach hostel that was owned by a couple from New Jersey. This property is uniquely situated on a western Indonesian Island coast called Sumba. After spending $30 million in redevelopment and renovation expenses, the duo re-invented a stellar five-star posh resort called Nihiwatu in 2015. The name Nihiwatu translates into ‘mortar stone’, while the resort itself has been nicknamed “The Edge of Wildness”.

It comes as no surprise that Nihiwatu was voted the worlds best hotel by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016 (  Mr. Burch reveals that his creativity and imagination were at the forefront of this magnificent venture. Can you imagine a high-end resort with spas under waterfalls, tourists exploring domains that are unknown and unencumbered, and lastly, butler services appointed in every guest room? Through Chris Burch’s blended innovativeness and productivity, all these indulgences are possible, all in one place. He has revealed that the purchase was largely made with his children in mind. Giving back to the community was also a driving factor, as Chris Burch generously donates a portion of the hotel’s profit to the Sumba Foundation. These proceeds fund projects to aid the Sumba community.

Venture capitalist, Chris Burch, frequents between his Miami beach home, the Hamptons, and his newly developed Indonesian Island resort in Sumba. Nihiwatu boasts of 27 exclusive villas including Raja Mendaka, which is Mr.Burch’s own individualized abode on the island. This area includes the main home and 4 villas, each adorned with a private plunge pool.

Mr. Burch, founder, and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, actively invests in a variety of business endeavors. The infamous Tory Burch luxury fashion line, along with other well-established Burch Creative Capital brands, (, were all derived from his vision and intuitive enterprise expressions. Chris Burch focuses on the power of branding, sensible marketing tactics, and unparalleled sales. These are factors that help him succeed in his apparel, financial services, hospitality, technology, organic foods, and home furnishing markets. Mr. Burch’s efforts and entrepreneurial values have intrinsically translated into positive, lasting impacts on consumers’ lives of all ages.

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