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Nihiwatu is a award wining resort that had an interesting start

The Sumbanese people have a culture rich with spiritual devotion. They believe in the power of ritual, sacrifice, and gods. Unlike lots of other countries and cultures they use animals as a form of currency, not paper money.

They use the sighting of nyale sea worms to foretell of the year’s harvest, whether it will be good of bad. According to a well educated 29 year old Sumbanese man his family had two good years of harvest, thanks to the sea worms. Residents can tell by how the sea worms are interacting and how they are shaped what kind of harvest they will have that year. The 750,000 residents call their land tana humba and have passed down their beliefs from their ancestors. Pasola, a Sumbanese celebration is all about spilling blood on the ground. They hope with their offering that they will reap the rewards of a good harvest the coming year. One of the other festivities of Pasola are people that try to knock over each other with wooden jousts all while riding a horse.  Read more about this awesome investment on businessinsider.com.

In the 1980’s Petra and Claude Graves (dedicated surfer) came to the island and instantly fell in love with it. They knew that they would build their dream hotel there. They found it to be quite beautiful, serene, and pure. Building the resort was quite a feat. They hired locals, had no water or electricity, and were at least 6 hours from a clinic/medical facility. They both got malaria so many times, it was unreal. They almost died from it once. Decades later it is known as Nihiwatu, a beautiful and award winning hotel that caters to lovers of nature and wildlife.

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Take a tour to this luxury hotel resort, visit  http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7