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Securus Technologies Cleaning Up the Prison System

One of the most dangerous parts of being a corrections officer is dealing with inmates who are using drugs. We have had instances where calm inmates with no history of violence will turn into out of control animals when they are on a certain drug. The more drugs inside the jail, the less safe every inmate, officer, and visitor will be. This is part of the reason me and my fellow officers are working hard each day to combat the flow of drugs into our facility.


One of the things we do every day is make sure we check every person who comes to visit the inmates. It doesn’t matter who they are, everyone has to be searched because the inmates have become very crafty at getting drugs. There have been many instances where an inmate will ask as elderly parent to bring prescription drugs to the jail to give them, and due to their age, assume they know better. The inmates can be quite convincing when they want something, making law-abiding citizens to do some crazy things to help out family or friends.


The day that Securus Technologies installed our modern telephone call monitoring system, we had a new ally in fight against drugs. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says all of his employees throughout this Dallas-based company are working tirelessly towards the objective of making the world safe. It wasn’t long after we were trained to use the LBS software that we discovered how true those words really were.


Right out of the gate, we picked up on a call from an inmate to his mother, telling her how to get prescription drugs through security. Now we have changed our search policy and even parents who should know better are thinking twice about risking their freedom.