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Sam Tabar is on the Right Career Path

Sam Tabar is a New York-based attorney and also a prominent hedge fund manager. He studied at Oxford University where he attained his law degree and then advanced to Columbia school of law for his master’s degree. After school, Sam became the associate attorney for Roth, Schulte & Zabel LLC. While working here, Sam was also the Head of Asia Pacific Capital at Merrill Lynch Company. This formed his career basics that he has developed over the years to be the New York renown hedge fund manager and an investor.

After many years of self-involvement as the financial adviser to various Asia companies, Sam Tabar took the hedge fund manager position at PMA Investment Advisers LTD, a financial and investment consultancy firm based in Hong Kong. While working in the company, Sam lead a group of Asset Raising Team in coming up with effective strategies that would see the company grow its assets. The well-planned strategies saw the company increase in asset bases and his plans worked.

Mr. Sam Tabar is currently plying in the world of trade where he has decided to make his presence felt. From his many year’s experiences, Tabar is confident to take the world of business to the next level, improving the lives of various individuals around the globe. Sam Tabar has made a substantial investment at THINX, a start-up company that believes in empowering women from Asia and Africa. Sam Tabar is confident that the startup will have high revenue sometime in future.

Having visited and worked in more than seven countries, Sam has learned different languages and can frequently communicate in French, Japanese in addition to his native English language. Sam believes in developing a project from zero to being a respectable empire. With his legal experience and financial knowledge, Sam is determined to take the financial world to another level.

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IAP Worldwide provides humanitarian help to Hurricane Mathew victims

IAP Worldwide Services is a reputable organization seeking to expand its personnel. There are many career options for people that want to work with IAP. The latest positions in the company include fields of Electronic Tech, HVAC Technician, Pest Control and Assistant Project Coordinator in Finance. The IAP Worldwide Services community provides assistance to technical and professional concerns through its main website. The organization has a high value and pride in support. Other groups where one can find job opportunities include the air traffic tower controller, administrative assistant, and a program finance analyst.

Kaye Scholer was a legal representative and a finance representative of IAP Worldwide Services during its time of economic hardship. IAP initially had $354 million in debt to primary lien lenders. Another amount of $125 million was indebted by secondary lien lenders. Kaye Scholer played a huge role in the restructuring of IAP Worldwide. The restructuring include an exchange of 80% of the existing lien liability for a new equity of IAP.

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IAP’s response to Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide Services’ first services deals with provision of both aerial and ground support to contracted humanitarian agencies. The company avails its services for humanitarian aid and the general community for emergencies. Above all, the company strives for deployment of experts with restoration of power as provision of urgency power backup in disaster-stricken locations.

After the occurrence of Hurricane Mathew, IAP was charged with the sole responsibility of provision of emergency power, evacuation services and communication systems. The company played a huge role in the evacuation of Cape Canaveral and activation of emergency operations in Panama.

A few days after the storm, IAP deployed power experts to rehabilitate and activate thousands of emergency power generators. The company operated and maintained its generators on behalf of its clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. The coordinated and prompt emergency response by the firm has created a big name for the enterprise. Security organs and other agencies within the country have enabled the trusted the company for their reliable services.


IAP Worldwide Services has shown a tremendous commitment to provide reliable and sound solutions to its vast clientele. The company strives to avail excellent services irrespective of the compound challenges. Throughout its years of operation, IAP has built a strong customer relationship and has retained its clients as its most valuable asset. IAP has invested in is staff through motivating them to serve in the best of their ability. The firm has always shown an excellence in leadership and standards of operations. No wonder it is among the best players in its technology niche.

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Handy Rises to the Top

Startups seem to be a bit worried. Pundits and analysts suggest there may be a bubble emerging in the startup world. This is why venture capital funding has decreased by about a third during the course of 2016. Handy is a company that is a relatively new startup and one that relied on venture capital funding. Handy received tens of millions of dollars in venture capital money., however, does not seem like it is going to be the victim of any bursting bubbles. Handy has long since proven it has the legs to stand tall in a competitive market. Handy allows customers to book home cleaning freelancers and other services professionals via smartphone or computer. Handy had a tough time coming up with the perfect onboarding program to hire freelancers, but it looks like the system currently in place is a brilliant one. The new screening procedure makes it easier to higher skilled freelancers who are going to be a benefit to the customers. Pleased customers mean more money into the coffers of Handy. Based on unofficial reports, Handy is making a lot of money through an incredible number of bookings.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua met at Harvard Business School and would work at fleshing out the concept of Handy. The two found themselves with a fantastic idea for a business, but they did have to work on smoothing out various rough patches. No business is going to be an easy ride for any founders regardless of how talented and visionary they may be. Hanrahan and Dua were able to figure out how to overcome stumbling blocks regarding financing and hiring and ended up solidifying Handy’s position in the home cleaning industry. Visit for more information.


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Ignition Financial Can Cut Lower Your Monthly Car Payments Now

Buying a new car can be a strange experience for many people. Most people don’t have a lot of experience at negotiating with car dealers. There are a lot of things happening at once at a car dealership. The car buyer is trying to find a car in a color they like that also has all the right options that they want. It’s an exciting time for them and they are often in a hurry to get the deal done so that they can go out and enjoy their new car. Often, in their rush, they overlook things. One of the things that people often overlook is making sure that they got the best financing available.


When you talk to a car dealer about financing a car, the discussion often centers on how much you can afford as a monthly payment. He uses whatever figure you give as a baseline around which he can work. He knows that he can nudge your monthly payments up a bit when he arranges financing and that you will still go along with the deal. The car dealer will test you to see how far he can push your monthly payments up before you balk and try to walk away from the deal. He will then back off a bit and make a deal.


There is a reason why car dealers try to see how much they can increase your monthly payments. Car dealers and lenders have an arrangement where the dealer gets to add as many percentage points as he wants to the loan and keep the extra money as profit. Car dealers test you to see if they should raise the interest rate on the loan by 2 percent or try for a 4 percent increase. They are pros at this game and can get you to agree to a deal before you realize what has happened. Months later, you find yourself crying: “How can I slash my payments.”


If you have been caught in this trap, its not too late for help. You can lower your monthly car payments and save a lot of money by refinancing your car with Ignition Financial. During the refinance process you will deal directly with the lender who will never add extra interest points for himself simply for arranging the loan. You will get the best interest rate that is currently available to you based on an honest evaluation of your credit worthiness.



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Doe Deere: Striving To Uplift

Doe Deere has always had a very particular understanding of what make up represents. She believes it is not simply about beauty, but also about artistic self-expression. Born in Russia and raised in New York City, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics has had a one-of-a-kind relationship with aesthetics and beauty products throughout her life. This unique vision translates itself to her colorful, bold and vibrant line of cosmetics.


To Doe Deere, experimenting make up initially came about as a true necessity. At the time, she was a fashion school dropout in New York City, trying to put together her first clothing line. She desperately needed make up that would go well with her over-the-top, brightly colored design style, but it was hard to come by. The result was Lime Crime, a highly successful internet-based enterprise that’s defined by its originality and devil-may-care attitude towards fashion.


Like a lot of important companies these days, Lime Crime began as a fairly modest, DIY-styled online business with an e-bay account. Today, with Doe still at the helm as its CEO, the business has expanded enormously, having released various successful make up lines and collections that have garnered a cult following among teens and young adults all over the world. A true inspiration for women entrepreneurs everywhere, Doe Deere found a way to bring to life her dream of a more varied and colorful fashion landscape.


In order to be successful, Deere had to translate her vision to specific products that women her age would actually wear. Convinced that the “all natural” trends were not representative of what a lot of young women wanted, she took the risk of creating a completely different style of make up. The result is a growing set of bold make up lines that provide an alternative way of self-expression for young women who have something unique yo say.


When asked what her secret is to be a successful entrepreneur, Doe always replies that, for her, it has been all about trusting her gut. Even though she has committed mistakes along the way, intuition has helped her materialize her dreams, turning them into a huge franchise that inspires other people. With her husband Mark by her side, and the devoted help of her trusted employees, she is the leader of a company that has made a name for itself by uplifting and empowering people all over the world.

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The Best in Financial Advice

Davos Financial Group is a dedicated and well respected financial advisory firm that seeks to help Latino Americans with their personal financial struggles within the United States. These struggles can be found in financial decisions such as whether or not it makes sense to invest in starting their own small businesses, what sort of real estate pricing makes sense, and if it is a good idea to invest in opportunities such as stocks and bonds. The founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio, has recently stated online that he plans on launching a new downloadable application that can be used on both Apple and Android devices. This application, which is called Davos CAD Calculator, allows customers to take into their own hands some personal finance abilities in order for them to work on generating more skill in these areas. The calculator allows them to successfully estimate returns on real estate, which is always a smart choice.


David Osio began his professional career as a lawyer in his home country of Venezuela. It was here that Osio learned what it meant to serve others, which is brought with him to Miami, Florida in the 1990’s in order to begin his work with Davos Financial. The main purpose of Davos Financial Group was to provide service to Latin Americans in an area where they might be confused and where one wrong slip could mean ruin for them and their families. This was financial positions and opportunities.


Osio moved forward with his conglomerate and his now the happy supporter of thousands, if not millions of loyal Hispanic customers across the nation and abroad. The company recently made headway into the European market where it can be found issuing advice to customers in Spain. This is a huge deal for a company such as Davos Financial Group as it allows it to branch out into other areas of focus to better support individuals who identify as having Latin heritage.


Through his work as financial adviser David Osio has not only identified himself as a reliable and professional business leader but also as a humanitarian working towards equality within the country and globally as well. His many customers and continued service to them speak mountains when it comes to his trustworthiness and dedication to the his clients. These are wonderful times for the future of the United States in terms of racial equality.

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Quality Leadership Skills-Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in growing and starting a business. His experience has also given him leadership qualities, and he shares some of the tips to succeed with others as listed below.

Qualities of a good leader

  1. Be a leader, not a boss: in the management, there are two types of people a leader and a manager. A boss uses his position and title to accomplish things, they demand respect and does what is his best interest while on the other hand, a leader earns the honor he deserves by putting people that he serves in the forefront, and he uses the respect to accomplish the goals they have fixed for their teams. To be successful in life as well as in business one should be a leader and not a boss. Putting the people, you lead in the forefront and working together to accomplish what you have set together.
  2. Do everything as win-win: in business and life, it is always wise to do transactions that are only win-win and not win-lose deals. Transacting the win-win deals will not only be a benefit to yourself but your staff and the society.
  3. Speak less and listen more: Josh advice is to use the two ears and the one mouth appropriately to listen more and talk less. The less one speaks, the more powerful their words are and the more authoritative they will appear, and people will hear more.
  4. Balance your life: Josh explains life is an act of balance and one needs to balance all the areas of his life including health, business, and education.
  5. Know your passion: it is said people who have succeeded in life do what they love. It is nice to find something that wakes you up in the morning.

Josh Verne is an American Entrepreneur and businessman who has a vast experience in the business field. He has served as the co-President of Home Line Furniture just before founding his company in 2012. He was the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of which is an online marketing company that helps in the deduction of purchase from the payroll.

In 2014 Josh sold out the business to Global Analytics Holding. Mr. Verne later established a company based in Pennsylvania. is a peer-peer information exchange for college students a firm that was started in 2006 and Josh is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

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A Snapshot Of Sam Tabar’s Early Career

Sam Tabar’s Educational Background And Early Career

Sam Tabar completed his undergraduate studies abroad at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. His program of study there was a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence. The bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence prepares one for a career in the legal profession and often has an area of specialization which the student later plans on working in. In the case of Sam Tabar, this was the area of tax laws and finance laws.

Sam later returned to the United States and completed his post graduate studies in law at Columbia University. He obtained his master’s degree in Law in 2001 which allowed him to qualify to take the New York State Bar Exam and become a licensed attorney in the state of New York. Mr. Tabar successfully passed the the New York State Bar exam and was inducted into the New York State Bar Association on February 2002.

The first job that Mr. Tabar held after becoming licensed to practice law in the state of New York was in New York City law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates. He would work there for almost six years, beginning in May of 2001 and ending in March 2007. The position that Mr. Tabar held at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates was as an associate attorney.

Next, Sam Tabar went to work at the Sparx Group beginning in March of 2007 and lasting until March 2011. This is a Japanese holding company that is based in Tokyo. At the Sparx Group, Sam put his legal expertise to use. He provided legal counsel, helped negotiate legal contracts, helped the firm raise money for investments and helped develop business strategy.

Mr. Tabar next went to work for investment firm Merril Lynch in February of 2011 until September of 2012. At Merril Lynch he was the head of capital strategy. His duty there was to oversee an entire department and formulate a strategy that would help the company expand its client base. Sam also personally met with high net worth individuals and prospective investors and then introduced them to fund managers while being employed at Merril Lynch.

Currently, Sam works at Fully Cycle Fund. This is an alternative investment company. Sam handles legal, tax and operational issues here as well as helping to raise capital.

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Flavio Maluf’s Professional Career and Success Story

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian mechanical engineering and MBA graduate. He was born on December 2, 1961, and brought up in Brazil. Since childhood, Maluf has been passionate about business administration. He first attended FAAP in Brazil for a degree in mechanical engineering and then relocated to the US to study business administration at Masters level at the distinguished New York University. Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho got married to Flavio back in 1986. The couple has three kids who are striving to follow their father’s footsteps.

Professional Career

Flavio was among the senior executives who enabled Eucatex to expand its services from a local customer base to an international level. He has remained loyal to the firm since 1987. Flavio began his professional career in trade and later shifted to industrial production. He was officially elected as Eucatex’s president in 1997 by the company’s major shareholders. Flavio uses his presidency to oversee the investment and innovation strategies adopted by the firm’s leadership and professional teams.

Flavio’s Modernization Approach to Leadership

At Eucatex, Flavio’s first initiative was to modernize the company’s management. He strives to seek success and perfection in his daily leadership strategies. Flavio prefers to seize every opportunity that comes his way for personal growth and expansion of the company (Eucatex).

Eucatex Group has undergone several significant transformations since 1951 when it was founded. It is applauded by environmentalists for its environmentally friendly modes of using eucalyptus in manufacturing construction materials. Before Flavio joined the company’s leadership team, Eucatex’s first processing plant was situated in Salto, São Paulo, After Flavio had become a senior employee of the company, its activities focused on the production of quality softwood sheets and acoustic linings. The company has gained positive reviews from furniture and civil engineering practitioners for its long-lasting products. As the president, Flavio examined the company’s prospects of opening a new Botucatu-based processing plant.

Charity Work

Flavio Maluf cherishes and supports the community through charity work. He has volunteered in several community development activities in the past. Flavio presented a donation to the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli. The donation was aimed at improving the health facility’s infrastructure.

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How to Find the Best Hair Care Products

It is very important to always take care of your hair by sing the right hair care products. Keep in mind there are many different products in the market today and they are all designed to help your hair in different ways. It may turn out difficult for you in case you have no idea on what to look for and where. Purchasing any hair care product depends on what your hair needs or how you wish it to look like. Wen by Chaz is a reliable line of hair care products which are designed to nourish, moisturize, strengthen and make your hair healthy.

Wen by Chaz Dean products helps improve your hair manageability due to its detangling properties. This makes it easier for you to either brush or style your hair and prevent it from breakages and frizz at all time. These products are also beneficial to women who have dyed hair. It is very difficult to maintain and managed dyed hair especially when the color starts to fade out. These products will restore health to your hair and they do not affect the color at all. Women who use Wen by Chaz products to style their hair have healthier and stronger hair compared to those who use heat devices such as curling irons. At just $40 dollars a bottle, any women can pick up a bottle of WEN’s cleansing conditioner online today from Gthy-Renker, Sephora and Ebay.

About Shampoo and Conditioner

There are many things you need to know about shampoos and how they are beneficial to your hair. It is always important to clean your hair and ensure you get rid of all the dust it collected throughout the day. Shampoo ensures your hair remain and stays clean keeping it away from harmful substances. Conditioner ensures your hair remains strong and it is always important to use it often. In this way, your hair will not be prone to breakages and it will remain strong, healthy and attractive all the time.