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EOS Revamps Lip Balm Industry with Unique Design and Marketing

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, lip balm giants EOS finally revealed what strategies they used to blow their competition out of the water. Before EOS, the lip balm industry was dominated by well-established company’s such as Chapstick. This realization didn’t discourage EOS lip balm. Instead, they saw opportunity in the industry and used it to their advantage.

Founders of EOS Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller decided to rethink the production of lip balm by coming up with a sleeker design and targeting a more specific audience. Being the largest users of lip balm by far, EOS decided to focus on creating a product exclusively for women. This thinking inspired their trademark orb design that was different enough to stand out, yet functional enough to remain practical.

The next struggle for EOS was to get their product into stores. Many buyers were reluctant at first, not knowing for sure if consumers would embrace the new style of lip balm. After a few successful sales however, EOS had deals with giants such as eBay, Target and Walmart. There sales continued to skyrocket and they now sit as one of leading sellers of lip balm. In fact, they are currently selling a weekly average of 1 million units.

Another factor that greatly aided their sales, was EOS’ targeted marketing. Understanding that millennial women were their goal demographic, EOS began associating with this generations interests. Celebrities by the likes of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus were seen promoting the stylish new lip balm. EOS started to focus advertisement and presence on social media as well. They have a combined following of almost 9 million between their Facebook and Instagram.

Founders Mehra and Teller attribute their success to the knowledge they gained during their previous experiences in both consumer products and startup incubators respectively. Their unique strategies and entrepreneurial drive have successfully set them apart from their competition. Visit for more info.


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Benefits that Come with Using Gooee LED Lighting

LED lighting is a wonderful option for anyone out there who simply wants to be able to save lots of money. You might find that your electricity bill is becoming way too overwhelming for your current budget and it is causing you to spend a lot more money than you would like simply because of the fact that you are not using energy efficient bulbs within the home. Switching to Gooee LED lighting is one of the best options you can make for yourself because it enables you to feel confident in the fact that you are using something that will ultimately save you a lot of money.

For anyone who is interested, Gooee is one of the best LED and smart lighting companies on the market and this is why they offer a variety of different options for homeowners and businesses alike. The moment you begin to make the decision that switching to LED lighting is right for you, it is a good idea for you to consider working with this company to find the product that is perfect for your own requirements and needs. You will be amazed at the different types of products that are out there on the market at the current moment and how easy it is for you to make the switch to LED lighting in your own home with the help of Gooee. Lots of homeowners and business owners are making the switch to LED, so this is something that you might want to consider for yourself in order to save a lot of money.

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A Dentist Who Understands Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea is being studied by doctors at a fast rate the past couple of years. Sleep Apnea is dangerous because it is often times connected to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Dr. Weisfogel studies sleep problems and desires to find solutions for them. Many people that have sleep Apnea do not know they have it. It is estimated that about 90 percent of the people who have it are not aware of it. Dr. Avi Weisfogel had made this discovery and for this reason he strives to make a difference in the treatment available for people with this disorder and other sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisforgel is able to provide people with dentistry and diagnose problems that arise because of oral problems related to teeth and how those problems effect sleep disorders. Sleep disorders may have a correlation with dental problems that cannot be solved without a dentist.


Dr. Avi Weisforgel started his practice as a dentist in 1999. He began to learn about sleep disorders and desired to help people in accordance to dentistry. He began to introduce mouth pieces to prevent sleep disorders in 2014. The interesting aspect is that Dr. Avi Weisfogel was interested in psychology all along because he gained his BA in it. He is a dentist that was interested in the psychology of the mind and disorders that occur to a person as they sleep. He uses his knowledge in dentistry to advance the teaches that can help people with sleep disorders overcome those problems.

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Jose Borghi: One of the Most Powerful Advertisers in Brazil

Mullen Lowe Agency Founder, Jose Borghi, was voted one of the most skilled and influential people in Brazil. He is also considered as the most powerful advertisers in the Brazilian industry of Advertisement. He has created numerous high-profile advertisements and campaigns such as the Mammals Parmalat which featured children dressed as animals. In the announcement, the children starved and sang like animals. They also sang jungle jingles using Zeze and Luciano. This was one of the best adverts of all times. It is remembered to this day.

Borghi’s success began when he attended a ceremony in an advertisement industry in Brazil. While he was in his third year in high school, he hadn’t known his career. For a long time, he struggled to discover his heart. His sister played a major role in his discovery. She invited him to an open testimonial arranged by the local advertisement company. This was the only company that gave Mullen Lowe Agency the competition it deserved to become the world-best advertisement firm. Before the concert ended, Jose had already discovered his heart. He worked hard to become what he saw. This was a prediction of his future.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente. He is the youngest child in his family. Jose graduated from the University of Fundacao with a bachelor’s degree in Advertisement and Campaigns. In 1989, Borghi landed his first job as an advertiser and campaigner. He worked hard to become the best employee in the company. For this reason, he rose in ranks before moving out to another company. Before founding his company, Jose worked in leading agencies including DM9, FCB, and Leo Talent Burnett. Jose teamed up resources and ideas with Erh Ray to establish BorghErh Advertisement Agency. For the most of his life, he has lived to know that success begins with you. During his founding time, there was now willing financial institutions ready to fund his idea.

When Jose divided the presidency with Erh Ray in 2016, the company started increasing in success. For this reason, they have consistently worked hard to realize their dreams. The company offers creation services, media planning, and campaign development strategies. Moreover, the agency has grown and gained trust international and domestic organizations on The company recently merged with Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners. For this reason, the resulting body is called Mullen Lowe. While Andre Gomes became the president of the company, Jose was named CEO.

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Why Traditional Companies Are Starting To Warm Up To The Idea Of Coworking Spaces

When a new life-changing idea starts to become trendy, sometimes the monoliths of the old way of doing things don’t accept it. But in the case of coworking spaces, it’s starting to change. Coworking spaces give people in the workforce something a little different than what they’ve been used to. For freelancers and independent contractors, coworking spaces give them a social life as well as a place to network and meet new clients. For traditional office workers, companies are starting to find that they may be more productive when they’re put in an environment with less pressure and around other people who bounce ideas off of them as well. Coworking spaces will be growing as more and more people are working from laptops and tablets as opposed to desktop computers and other equipment that needs traditional office spaces, plus it’s also cost-effective both for companies and workers.


Coworking spaces give people the freedom to get their work done when they want, and in the settings that are most preferable to them. For example, if someone is an early morning riser and has a time that they like to start working, they can show up to work then, but if they’re more productive during the afternoons and evenings they can work then. Most coworking spaces have 24/7 access to the building, though some have more limited plans if a worker doesn’t need to use the facility as much. But also users don’t usually have to signup for a long lease period as most coworking spaces charge a month-to-month rent at a much cheaper rate than a standard office space or apartment.


Workville is a great NYC coworking space facility where both freelancers and out-of-office workers can go to work with all the amenities they need to succeed. It’s located in central Manhattan, and whether you’re coming from Times Square or the financial district, you can get to Workville easily via public transportation. Workville offers equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, enterprise-level Wi-Fi, mail service, and has private office rentals as well as conference rooms and other special meeting rooms for various occasions. To find out more about what Workville’s NYC coworking space offers, visit and you even can schedule a tour of the facility if you wish.

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Securus Technologies Sets High Industry Standard Achieving BBC Accreditation

In May 2016,Securus Technologies, Inc. received the highest rating (A+) for Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation for their leading service of providing technology solutions for civil and criminal justice for public safety, corrections and monitoring.


For a company such as Securus Technologies, receiving accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a high achievement. In fact, it can be a life-line for the company to maintain their type of customer’s trust and loyalty.


Meeting the high standard of the BBB, which is completely voluntary, takes a lot of transparency and integrity of the company and its leadership. Evidenced by the statement of the company’s Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos, “We have worked hard with the Better Business Bureau in Texas to not only receive their highest rating (A+), but also receive formal accreditation in terms of what we say and issue in print…”


This great accomplishment was reached by Securus Technologies rising to the challenge to improve and enhance customer service to the estimated 25 million people they serve, and their families and friends. They created a 220 seat in-house domestic call center, which is the largest in the industry, giving them much more oversight and control of how customer service is managed. They’ve been very successful in maintaining an outstanding first call resolution rate of 99%. The changes proved to be an excellent investment in meeting the BBB standard, and the company’s representatives are now completely trained to those standards.


With servicing more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies and well over 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America, Securus Technologies has shown a firm commitment by focusing on their mission of “connecting what matters”. By continuing with this focus, the company has met its high expectations with achieving the BBB rating and by its continued dedication to the community at large.

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San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Center Meet Your New CEO


If you have lived around the area of San Luis Obispo you might already know about the amazing, highly credited, assisted living facility located there. We are talking about The Manse On Marsh. The award winning senior living center now has a new CEO. His name is Farron Bernhardt. Mr. Bernhardt has many years of experience in the industry. One of his most recent leadership positions was at HAND. That is the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development unit. Bernhardt was VP there and his collaborative approach to management will do well at The Manse On Marsh. Farron understands why people select this establishment for their loved ones and that’s part of the battle of running a great facility. The Manse On Marsh has an award winning reputation. Some of the awards include a second consecutive Caring Star Award and the Best of 2016 from


If your family is seeking an assisted care facility in the areas of Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles or another community near by, The Manse On Marsh is perfect for you. Their location makes them super close to everything. They offer flats that are spacious and even offer the ability to have a private home. They have an on site restaurant that offers open dining that is of the highest quality. When the resident wants to take a trip into town there is transportation available. This means your loved one can get on a bus or in a van and go to town without the worry. This also means they don’t have to feel like they are shut in and only able to get around to things at the facility.


As for The Manse On Marsh, this facility is amazing, testimonials say as much. It features it’s own movie house. They give the residents popcorn and run all kinds of movies. You can catch an old classic or even something that is currently playing at a movie theatre across town. The seats are nice and plush too. This is a great way to spend some quality time with the one you love at their facility. Regardless of if you need a facility now or in the future, this is one that you should look into and with the new CEO at the wheel, you can rest assured that they are headed for greatness again this year.  Read about them in full for yourself on major assisted living facility review websites like OurParents, and A Place For Mom.  Both of which had glowing things to say about The Manse on Marsh.

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I Made The Switch From Sprint To FreedomPop

As a former customer of one of the best phone companies out there, the Sprint network, I didn’t think that it made sense to go to any other phone company. The only reason why I ultimately made the switch to FreedomPop is because I wanted lower prices, which I wouldn’t be able to get with the services that I wanted from Sprint. FreedomPop uses the Sprint towers for service, so I would be able to use my Sprint phone and still be able to receive the same exact services but at lower prices. Unfortunately, Sprint has lost me as a customer because I needed lower prices that they were not offering.

I had thought about going to other companies like T-Mobile and AT&T, but their prices as well as the service reliability were also an issue. A FreedomPop review showed that they could give me everything that I need, which is reliability, low prices, great service, and there are other perks as well. I have joined the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, which only costs me five dollars each month that I use the service. Since I can easily afford five dollars every month on top of my phone bill, I connect to many different Wi-Fi hotspots when I need extra data.

Even though I get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop on my cell phone through an application, I’m able to tether the Wi-Fi to my laptop or other devices. I’m never in need of 4G LTE Internet service because it’s always on my phone as long as I have access to Wi-Fi service. The phone plan that I chose was the unlimited plan for $19.99, which is a whopping $80 savings off of what I used to pay to Sprint every month. It’s hard for me to understand how I can get the same Sprint service but underneath a different company name with a much lower price.

FreedomPop also offers me unlimited 3G data, which kicks in after my 4G LTE data is completely depleted. I still get 1 GB of 4G LTE data every month that I pay for my unlimited cell phone plan, and I also use the Wi-Fi hotspots if I ever need the additional 4G LTE data for any reason. FreedomPop has made it incredibly easy for me to enjoy their cell phone service, which makes me continuously want to be a customer as well as to bring other people to their company for service.

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