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Talk Fusion Offered 30-Day Trials to Customers Around the World to Solve Video Marketing Problems


On April 12, 2016 CEO Bob Reina launched a 30-day trial for Talk Fusion to help new users all over the world gain access to this incredible video marketing technology. Reina believes in the power of Talk Fusion so strongly that he made sure that all 30-day trials were available in nine languages to companies and users in over 140 countries. The value in Talk Fusion exceeds other video marketing products because it is based on the idea of helping others, which is something Bob Reina has been doing all of his life.

Bob Reina has worked hard to help others live their best lives and pursue their dreams by making video marketing technology accessible to people around the world. With an all-in-one video marketing product, people are able to accurately capture and share their product, service, or idea with the world and gain new consumers leading to increased revenue. At a surprise party for Bob’s birthday last June, several leaders gathered to speak at the party and share their thoughts on the way that Bob and his company, Talk Fusion, have changed their lives.

A common theme at the party included talk about the way that the leaders had changed and the team members had changed. Now the company members were focused on visionary goals and had a better understanding of not only how to create strong products and services, but how to share those products and services with the world through video marketing. The speakers focused in particular on the way that this work is changing Indonesia and helping its people to rise above their educational levels or current economic status to live better lives.

At its core, Talk Fusion is about empowering people to grow their companies and to channel their passion for their work into their marketing videos to draw in new customers and consumers. Bob has also made sure that he gives back to those who need the most help and has provided a portion of his company’s proceeds to communities and both human and animal charities around the globe. Bob Reina is not just the man behind Talk Fusion, but he is one of the brightest new minds behind corporate giving.