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Dick DeVos Helps Donate to Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Recently the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts reached its fundraising goal of $50 million. By accomplishing this goal, the organization is now looking to increase its funding to $75 million. This goal was accomplished thanks to a number of wealthy people who have a passion for the performing arts. In fact each year these individuals provide considerable funds to this organization to help it offer more programs as well as better manage its operations. One of the donors of this organization is Dick DeVos who is an avid follower of the fine arts. Each year he has made significant contributions to the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts and therefore has helped it raise the necessary funds to remain a top entertainment organization.

Dick DeVos has been a very successful businessperson for many years and with this success he has earned a considerable amount of wealth. As a result of earning lots of wealth, DeVos often gives back to his community through charitable donations. One of the most common philanthropic cause DeVos donates to his the arts. Each year DeVos provides funds to organizations that are involved in fine arts. He provides funds to help these organizations expand their programs as well as provide managers with more in depth training and professional development.

Another cause the DeVos donates to is education. Dick often provides funds for business school scholarships which help a number of people get the education they need to advance their career. Since business school can be quite costly, there are a number of people who are in need of funds to get this educational credential. DeVos provides people with this funding with his program and therefore can help lots of people get the education and training they need in order to improve their earning potential as well as get better positions at companies. It can also help them become top managers for organizations in the future as well.

As well as donating to fine arts and education, Dick DeVos also donates his money to capitalist causes. This is anything that pertains to business development and training. DeVos often provides funds to companies that are looking to start up and expand. The funds are usually used to help acquire real estate property, equipment and inventory. Some of the money is used to help provide professional development for managers and employees. Lastly the funds are used to fund scholarships for those looking to increase their education in order to get more rewarding positions as well as more knowledge and skills.

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Bernardo Chua Creates a Rewards Program

Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman who has decades of experience working as the head of several multi-level marketing companies. In 2008, Mr. Chua created the prestigious company Organo Gold, that would feature a new product that many people around the world had never seen. This new product uses a special ingredient to create coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate that is both delicious as well as oriented around each and every individual’s health. The special ingredient of these Organo Gold products is an ingredient called Ganoderma which has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. For any illness that is not fatal, Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to help with any problem of the mind and body. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to help with the overall sleep cycle, help with weight loss, as well as reduce the overall stress levels that many people experience everyday.

This international company has been growing in the number of dedicated consumers as well as distributors that they feature. As a new business tool, Bernardo Chua has created a new rewards program that rewards all loyal customers and distributors of the company. Organo Gold now offers registered members discounted products that will increase the sales as well as the overall consumption of the product. The main goal of Bernardo Chua and his company is to spread well being around the world for those that are in need of education on how to live a healthy life.

The only requirement for this new rewards program is to signup for an auto-ship monthly program. This means that Organo Gold products will be shipped monthly to each loyal customer and distributor. Bernardo Chua has even given a 25 percent discount on all of these products. With more and more consumers trying this product, Bernardo Chua and his company have been gaining momentum and have continued to spread to product as well as knowledge from country to country. Mr. Chua is proud of what his team has accomplished and is proud that his leadership team continues to spread excellence, integrity, as well as leadership around the world.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on his personal Facebook.

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Stephen Murray Who was he?

Stephen Murray…Who was the man? What did he do? Every time a name is mentioned it never fails that these two questions come up. Let’s find out a little bit about this man.

Unfortunately as of March 12th, 2015 Stephen Murray died. It is unfortunate, but we do know a lot about him. He was a philanthropist and a president of a company called CCMP Capital, which is a private equity firm. This firm focuses on buyout and growth equity transactions.

According to sources, he had left Stephen Murray CCMP Capital with what could only be described as ‘health reasons’. He had been with CCMP since 1989 and for a short time it was known as Chase Capital Partners, before J.P. Morgan bought Chase, which is now a national chain of banks.

People are deeply saddened by the news of his passing and are grateful for all that he has contributed, which has been much. He will be missed. He is survived by his wife and four sons. They lived in Stamford, Connecticut at the time of his unexpected death.

Here is a little about his background though. Murray was raised in a New York City suburb in Westchester County, New York. Stephen Murray graduated Boston College in 1984 with a degree in Economics. In 1989 he earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Colombia Business School.

Not long after he graduated Boston College he landed his first job. He was part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation. In 1989, he joined MH Equity Corporation.

Murray did support Make A Wish Foundation, which gives kids with life threatening medical conditions requests, known as ‘wishes’ to have experiences that they may not otherwise have. He also supported his local food bank as well. He also supported Boston College; where he went to school and was also on the board of directors.

He will be missed greatly.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

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Lime Crime Takes On The World Of Boring Makeup

Because it seemed like the cool thing to do you finally got over your trepidation, took the plunge and dyed your hair that purple color because it looked cool. But that wasn’t the hardest part because now you are faced with finding the just right makeup shades to complement your new do. But don’t panic, this is not a problem because of Lime Crime’s newest online feature, Hairspiration. By going to Hairspiration at, you can match whatever Lime Crime hair color you have chosen with a complementary lipstick color or makeup bundle that is sure to bring out that new you. This makeup brand has a sincere and serious cult following among those that are attracted to brightly colored hair, and it seems that now it’s also trying to reel in fans of the brand with a page on its website that is offering lipstick and eyeshadow recommendations. These suggestions are all based on whatever neon color of hair you prefer to have.

Now this new feature that offers you complementary suggestions for lipstick, eyeliner, and other products is sure to be a hit among Lime Crime’s legions of fans. The page includes not only makeup suggestions for pink, purple, or orange hair but also even multicolored or mermaid hair. The shades available and the complementary accents are all incredible and quite lovely.

Doe Deere is the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime Makeup. She was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. Her company came into being in 2008 because Doe could not find any makeup that stood out and matched the clothes she was making and selling on E-Bay. With her new makeup company’s initial success in the marketplace, Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipstick line. This lipstick line was a smashing success and it was the first line of lipsticks to use very distinct and radical lip colors. In 2012 the first Velvetines were introduced which eventually lead the way to the liquid matte trend in lipsticks.

As part of the company’s cultural standards, all of Lime Crime’s products are all animal cruelty-free and since 2012 Lime Crimes’ products have been reformulated to be completely vegan.

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The launch of Davos Real Estate Group Application

With the development of mobile technology, there has been an improvement in the number of applications that have come up. The real estate has not been left behind in this either. As a result of this, David Osio, the president of Davos Real Estate group have launched its new real estate application. David Osio has convened its executive team to come up with a revolutionary real estate application. The application, dubbed “Davos CAP Calculator” will be used to make estimates on the return on real estate’s investments that the client may be interested in.

Through the leadership of David Osio, Davos Real estate has become the leaders in the Latin American market for over 20 years. It prides itself in offering comprehensive financial advice. It focuses it business objective more on creating an investment strategy that will meet the needs and expectations of each client. Through this, it combines premium products with the regulatory framework, something that requires a high quality service and professionalism.

This revolutionary application has been developed based on the latest technology and is expected to work with precision in terms of helping the user estimate the gains of an investment property once its expenses have been taken into consideration. As a result of the latest technology that has been used in its development, it is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

This development will only be part of the ongoing process that will see more apps being introduced into the market. Some of these will comprise of apps with the ability to identify properties through mobile devices and relay reports on historical real estate to your agent through an interactive chat.

David Osio, being the brain behind this says the direction that Davos REG is heading to is in sync with their business objective and thus the need to come up with a mobile application that will make it much easier to assist clients who are looking to invest in the real estate. This app will help clients have a clearer picture in terms of their financial vision when investing in property.

Through this innovation courtesy of Davis Osio, clients can also use this application as a Mortgage Calculator whereby clients can estimate their mortgage based on the Bank’s projections, the associated rate of interest and the funding period. This is part of their initiative to provide excellent service to their customers.

Learn more about David Osio:

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Talk Fusion Offered 30-Day Trials to Customers Around the World to Solve Video Marketing Problems


On April 12, 2016 CEO Bob Reina launched a 30-day trial for Talk Fusion to help new users all over the world gain access to this incredible video marketing technology. Reina believes in the power of Talk Fusion so strongly that he made sure that all 30-day trials were available in nine languages to companies and users in over 140 countries. The value in Talk Fusion exceeds other video marketing products because it is based on the idea of helping others, which is something Bob Reina has been doing all of his life.

Bob Reina has worked hard to help others live their best lives and pursue their dreams by making video marketing technology accessible to people around the world. With an all-in-one video marketing product, people are able to accurately capture and share their product, service, or idea with the world and gain new consumers leading to increased revenue. At a surprise party for Bob’s birthday last June, several leaders gathered to speak at the party and share their thoughts on the way that Bob and his company, Talk Fusion, have changed their lives.

A common theme at the party included talk about the way that the leaders had changed and the team members had changed. Now the company members were focused on visionary goals and had a better understanding of not only how to create strong products and services, but how to share those products and services with the world through video marketing. The speakers focused in particular on the way that this work is changing Indonesia and helping its people to rise above their educational levels or current economic status to live better lives.

At its core, Talk Fusion is about empowering people to grow their companies and to channel their passion for their work into their marketing videos to draw in new customers and consumers. Bob has also made sure that he gives back to those who need the most help and has provided a portion of his company’s proceeds to communities and both human and animal charities around the globe. Bob Reina is not just the man behind Talk Fusion, but he is one of the brightest new minds behind corporate giving.



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Skout: The Place for Meeting New People

Portia Kersten is the Chief Financial Officer of an online social gathering in the same vein as sites like facebook and other apps that allow you to communicate with people of all kinds. The platform is called “Skout.” Kersten took to the idea of creating better growth opportunities and fresh concepts through her own experience working with small and large companies in her expansive career as a Business Management graduate from Columbia University. Her beginnings started when she was young growing up in a poor household; all she had was the inspiration of books and the fictionalized heroes that gave her the push she needed to fight against the odds and do what she loved to do. And her work ethics are something to look up to as well; she tries to maintain a steady balance between her professional and personal life, and that means applying yourself no matter the costs. Portia Kersten is a perfect embodiment for women who strive to leave their mark in the workplace, and that includes bringing an air of confidence to the table. By doing so, you challenge the status quo and rid away with the labels, thus making it possible for others to break down barriers and bringing people together.

The whole concept of Skout revolves around an iOS Facebook app that you download onto your phone. It’s a mobile equivalent of social media that allows you to meet people around the world and shares pictures and video; pretty broad, but that’s the beauty of it. Skout also gives you the freedom to design your profile information in such a way where your interests links you up to the desired individual you’re seeking; this makes finding the right person for you less of a headache. The overall theory behind its features mirrors that of Facebook, which includes “winking” at them, starting up a conversation with them, adding them to your “favorites” list, pulling up their profile info, sending them virtual gifts, being notified when they appear online, and of course blocking and reporting them. And there are other interesting features which includes “points” that you can acquire through advertisement, online visibility, and getting people to pay points to view your private photos and things like that. Skout is quite the popular app these days and it’s no wonder why; it’s universal way of befriending others makes it a cool alternative to sites like Facebook.

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Talk Fusion Introduces Its Newest Recorder

Recently Talk Fusion a leader in the video marketing field introduced its newest recorder WebRTC. The recorder provides a faster way for Talk Fusion users to reach their own customers. The technology behind the WebRTC recorder allows users to record high quality videos for video email and video newsletters using the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Talk Fusion is one of the first companies to utilize WebRTC technology in their products. Currently the technology is already in most of their products and will ultimately be use in all Talk Fusion products. The technology provides crystal clear communication from device to device. In addition, WebRTC technology offers flawless synchronization, immediate recordings, and very fast playback.

Talk Fusion is offering a 30-day free trial regarding its WebRTC recorder. Individuals, businesses, and charities can experience first hand the quality of the newest recorder from Talk Fusion by going to the Talk Fusion website. At the website, visitors can sign up for a risk free 30-day trial offer. The offer allows users the chance to gain access to Talk Fusion’s entire product suite during the 30-day free trial period.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007, and the company has been an industry leader over the past decade. Talk Fusion developed the first all-in-one video marketing solution, and the company continues to bring cutting edge technology to the market.

Talk Fusion offers various ways for individuals and organizations to make their marketing efforts more appealing, unforgettable, and convincing through video. The focus of Talk Fusion is to help businesses stand out in their particular industry, increase sales, and improve marketing results. Talk Fusion products are marketed person-to-person by independent associates in over 140 countries.

The link provided below can be used to see the original source for the information contained in this article. Talk Fusion WebRTC

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Stephen Murray’s Participation in Making CCMP Capital Successful

Stephen Murray is CCMP Capital’s former Chief Executive Officer, President, and co-founder. He was a professional in the private equity investment industry before he died on 12th March 2015. Mr. Murray is celebrated at CCMP Capital as an individual who made significant contributions to the company by gave a hand in ensuring the success of the enterprise and its frontrunners. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He was also famous for his generous giving to crucial community organizations such as the Stamford Museum, Boston College, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Columbia Business School where he attended and was awarded an MBA. Mr. Murray was recognized for his philanthropy and made to be the Boston College’s Chairperson of Trustees Board and a Council Member at Make-A-Wish Foundation.

During his career’s heydays, Stephen served the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation as from 1984, where he was part of the firm’s credit prediction training program. He later moved to the MH Equity Corporation after his former company fused its leveraged finance department with MH Equity. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

In 1991, Manufacturers Hanover was bought by the Chemical Bank and the Chemical Ventures Partners merged with MH Equity. Mr. Murray was then given a new management role at the JP Morgan as the head of buyouts enterprises since 2005. He greatly participated in revolutionizing the business into a well-established private equity.

CCMP Capital started off in August 2006 as JP Morgan Chase’s spinoff. Stephen Murray was a co-founder and became the CEO of the firm since 2007. At that time, the company comprised of a takeover and advancement equity team, which Murray led through the growth process from a startup fund to a worth of 12 billion. The firm’s current area of proficiency is private equity investment, and it mainly focuses in capital development dealings and leveraged takeovers. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

It has over fifty private equity experts based in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Ney York. The primary clients of CCMP Capitals are individuals with a high net worth, organizations, and institutional investors, who require assistance in discovering an ideal business and making investments.  Read more: CCMP :: Team

Stephen Murray also held top positions in various companies. He served as a member of various boards such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods and Warner Chilcott. He is described by his former work mates as an industrious and ambitious individual who played a significant role in the building of CCMP Capital.

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Michael Zomber’s Passion For Protecting History And Fostering Peace

Michael Zomber is a person with exceptional credentials. He is an author, philanthropist, filmmaker, collector, and dealer. His works are dedicated to preserving history. That is through the gathering, care, and sale of the historic arms. These arms include the historic Japanese Samurai Sword. Zomber has been engaged in this passion for over forty years. He also likes to work with individuals that have the same excitement of protecting history.

Zomber is a cum laude graduate from the University of Illinois. Zomber holds two degrees, a BA in English literature along with a BS in psychology. He is also a UCLA graduate. Zomber received his masters in English literature from the university. Zomber’s childhood was spent in Washington where he was born. He currently resides in MD together with his wife as well as their two children.

Zomber is a well-respected authority on Japanese samurai weapons and armor. He has owned weapons that at one point belonged to prominent individuals like Simon Boliver and George Washington. Zomber has shared his knowledge of antique arms broadly with Americans as a guest historian on several episodes on the History Channel. He has been featured on the Tales of the Gun Series in episodes like Dueling Pistols, Pistols and Million Dollar Guns, and Automatic Pistols. Zomber has also been featured on Guns of the Orient, Short Guns, and Guns of the Famous.

Additionally, Zomber is a story teller. He was motivated to write screenplays by his wife. To date, he has written seven screenplays that have also formed the basis for his books. Zomber has published novels that discuss various topics that include civil war times, Japanese history, and the field of art and auction. He has also discussed the history of Christianity in Japan.

The books he has written consist of Jesus and the Samurai, Soul of the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, and Son of Kentucky. Additionally, he is credited for writing and producing The Soul of the Samurai, a full length documentary that received excellent reviews from critics. He has also written a full length screenplay and a television series for Shogun Iemitsu, according to IMDb.

Due to his knowledge on the consequences of war than many people, he has been strongly supporting organizations that work on promoting and embracing peace. He understands the kind of destruction war cause and the time it takes to resolve conflicts. He has been supporting institutions like UNICEF, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, and Doctors without Borders in their various endeavors.