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The San Diego Restaurant Scene Has Gotten A Little Brighter Thanks To Financial Expert Brian Bonar

 Beautiful and enchanting San Diego has never been known for its exciting restaurant scene. There are other attractions that make this incredible Southern California city a hot vacation destination and one of the most sought after real estate markets in the United States. San Diego has always been overshadowed by upbeat and trendy Los Angeles. The restaurants in Los Angeles are one of the highlights of the sprawling metropolis that seems to get kinkier and more outlandish every year.

The recent drought hasn’t stopped new restaurants from popping up all over Southern California, and the laid-back town of Escondido is no exception. Financial entrepreneur and human resource and payroll expert Brian Bonar decided to make his mark in the fast-moving restaurant world by opening Bellamy’s, an American-inspired French Bistro.

Escondido is one of the retail and residential hubs that make San Diego so attractive. The town seems to be a page torn from the Andy Griffin Show script with an aging and suspicious police force, and shopping mall filled with teenagers hanging out just to be cool.

Foodies haven’t been part of the Escondido scene, but that is changing thanks to chef Patrick Ponsaty, the French chef Bonar wooed to Bellamy’s from Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bonar didn’t want to open another Mexican restaurant in Escondido. Brian Bonar wanted to bring a Master Chef of France to Escondido and change the face of dining in the town forever.

Brian Bonar, the Scottish entrepreneur, has been surprising people with his business sense for years. As the CEO of Trucept Inc., Bonar has helped financial institutions cut through the red tape and develop strategies that suit their business models.

Trucept offers human resource and payroll services as well as help sorting through regulations that can bog down financial businesses. Bonar invested in a 144-acre tract in Bandy Canyon. Brian Bonar plans to turn that area into a five-star event space and fine dining haven. The addition of Master Chef Ponsaty is one of the first steps in achieving that goal –

Bellamy’s with its Coppertone brown walls, jazz paintings, and plush seating has been labeled a model-home chic establishment where people can go and enjoy the essence of the French ambiance, and the incredible menu choices that have been artfully crafted from the Ponsaty’s book of fine dining. Bellamy’s menu is filled with French elegance.

Equilar reported that Brian Bonar wanted to bring San Diego’s restaurant image into the 21st century, and thanks to his bank account and his ability to identify what consumers, as well as businesses, need, Bellamy’s is just the beginning of a new culinary adventure in one of the best climates in North America. Mr. Bonar stepped out of his comfort zone and produced a culinary masterpiece when Bellamy’s opened.

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Leading Digital Reputation Management Firm Moves To Larger Office

One year after opening its New York office, Status Labs, the worldwide leader in digital reputation management is moving its base operations to larger quarters. The move, to 1123 Broadway, is necessary to handle the growing staff. In the Flatiron section of Manhattan, the floor space occupied by Status Labs is fives times larger, in terms of square feet, than its prior location.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs President commented, “This year, we’ve already added four talented account management and business development professionals to our New York team.” “Our expanded staff fits comfortably in the new space, but, best of all, there’s plenty of room for us to continue growing the team.”

The firm indicated that it intends to bring more individuals on board by year’s end in account management and business development. Fisher stated he is proud of the team he has assembled at Status Labs and seeks to broaden the reach of the organization with its talent pool.

With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, Status Labs has offices in New York City, and São Paulo, Brazil. Regarded as the leading premier digital reputation management, Status Labs works with clients in developing a positive image or image management in online search results. The firm stresses the need for high-profile individuals, businesses, sports athletes, and entertainers to be cognizant of their image. A positive image puts their client in a more favorable economic position.

Status Labs manages its client’s public relations, indicating the need to keep a social dialog, in the internet age, with associates, colleagues, and the media, as a means to engage participation and spur sales. As search engine optimizing specialists, Status Labs works diligently to increase online exposure and establish high-ranking, search listing placement for its clients. High placement produces increased web traffic and sales.

With over 1500 clients worldwide, Status Labs is featured in the New York Times, New York Post, DuJour Magazine, and O’Dwyer PR. More information about Status Labs is on their website.

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Talk Fusion’s Free Trial for All-in-one Video Marketing Solution

There are numerous advantages of incorporating videos to a marketing strategy. Talk fusion a leading developer of video marketing solutions is giving a chance to all marketing personnel and companies to try using video solutions for their businesses free of charge.

Talk Fusion develops various products such as video chat, video email, live meeting and video newsletter. All these products are open for a 30 day Free Trial. Bob Reina the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion has been creating awareness for the Free Trial before its launch. This trial began on 12th of April.

The Free Trial harbors a lot of benefit for companies and persons that seek to incorporate video solutions to their businesses. Bob Reina describes the situation as a win-win outcome for their associates and customers. He said, “Every business needs customers. Every business needs marketing. So every business needs Talk Fusion.”

Videos helps associates connect better with their clients. Anyone seeking to use Talk Fusion products can be assured of getting more customers and increased sales. Associates will have an opportunity to increase their customer base and increase customer loyalty. The Free Trial will eliminate doubt from customers mind. It will also help in reducing perceived risk of engaging in new products.

Free Trials comes together with free training for the associates. An Impact Guide was created to enable associates to make the best out of the trial through proper understanding, best practices and follow up. Talk Fusion is positive that the Free Trial will bring a higher percent on the associate success.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007. He had his education from University of South Florida and he graduate top in the police academy class. His entrepreneurial skill combined with a passion for marketing and better connection led him to create video solutions through Talk Fusion. He has worked as a part time associate in direct selling.

Bob Reina is acknowledges persistence as the trait that led to his success. He has assembled a great team of high tech individuals. He is an insightful leader and he has been responsible for expansion of the company to more than 140 countries. He is participates in various charitable work. He appreciates online videos as the trend that has brought efficient connection to the world.

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Coriant Appoints Leading Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir As CEO

Coriant has only been around for a short amount of time and has already positioned itself at the front of the technology industry. The company is a distributor of different hardware and software for visual transmissions as well as voice networks around the world to thousands of clients, including mobile providers, utilities, some governments, and more. The optical communications offered are used to make the communication process simpler by allowing more control and flexibility to the customers at a lower cost.

Coriant was created after breaking off from Nokia Siemens Network in 2013. Coriant has only been around for a few years and already has base locations in the United States and Germany with more than 3000 total employees. In this time, they have also managed to build relations and clients in over 100 countries. This great success in such a relatively short time is mostly because of the excellent team and management already operating behind Coriant since the company’s launch. To expand on that success, Coriant has decided to bring in Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO as well as Chairmen of the Board.

Shaygan was born in London, but was later brought up in Iran. He moved to the United States in order to get a college education. Shaygan attended Cornell University and earned a doctorate in electrical engineering. Ever since he was part of the Engineering Council at Cornell University, he has actively participated at the university. With almost 3 decades worth of experience in the industry, Shaygan Kherapir has worked as a top executive for a variety of technological companies and finance firms, such as Verizon, GTE, and Barclays.

On top of his leading expertise and executive experience in the industry, Shaygan has had different publications in engineering for more than 30 years. Shaygan has been working diligently with the team at Coriant since early 2015, before being appointed CEO. It was his early start that showed Coriant he was capable of helping the company grow in its competitive market.

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Expand Your Social Circle With Skout

Skout, a social media app, has become a widely used social networking app for people looking to find friends both locally and globally. However there are some features that pull its ratings down a bit as reported in Adweek. The Skout app is available on both iOS and Andriod platforms and can be accessed by using a Facebook profile or a regular email when registering. When creating a profile people customize it by putting in their sexual orientation and things there interested in so others can view them and find out of if they’ve got any common interests.

When you open the Skout app the main screen is a grid like layout full of Skout user profiles of people in your area. You simply tap on the profile in order to open it and get more information about the user including interests and any basic information. Like Facebook you can leave comments on their pictures but you can also sen virtual gifts or “wink” at them. There is an option to report or block people who are sending harassing messages or being inappropriate as well. You can add people to your favorites lists and see their news feed by clicking the left drawer of the icon which will display their statuses, pictures, and videos. “Shake to Chat” is a feature on the app where you can select it, shake your phone, and then a chat bubble with a random Skout user will appear.

While there are many good things about this app like the simple layout and all around good design there are a few factors that keep it below many other competitive social media apps. A lot of these activities, including their game “Buzz”, cost points which you can either purchase or earn by interacting with advertising companies by watching their promotional video. While the app is created well for its intention most of the complaints form users come from the point system where as other apps offer similar interactions for free. Skout currently sits at number 381 in the top free apps list and number 319 in top grossing.

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Sanjay Shah on Starting New Businesses and Autism Rocks

According to an article published via, Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah says that it takes many things to be successful in starting a new company. Solo Capital, a London-based investment fund was founded by Sanjay four years ago. It has assets of more than $76.38 million. Sanjay says that it is important to estimate correctly the amount of money that is needed to start a business. He stresses that it is important to do your research and have a business plan in place before starting out.
Sanjay also says that it is important to realize that you cannot do all the work yourself. Instead, he suggests that you focus on the things that you do the best and hire experts to help you with the rest. He says that many people have outstanding ideas and may even have a good idea of how they want to operate their businesses. He says these businesses may just need attorneys, lawyers, and web experts to help them build their businesses.
In addition to operating Solo Capital, Sanjay is also the founder of Autism Rocks where he combines his love of music and his love of family. Sanjay is the proud father of a 4-year old son with autism. This foundation recently put on two concerts featuring hip-hop artist Flo Rida and rapper Tyga to raise funds for research. In addition to the concert, the April 1 Dubai concert also featured laser tag, crazy golf, a zip line and a petting zoo. The other concert was held in March in London.
While many organizations focus on helping individual families, the focus behind Autism Rocks is to help fund research at Cambridge University. The university hopes to discover the reasons behind autism that affects one in 68 children around the world. While the primary focus is on research, the organization grants a few individual funding requests.
Sanjay says that he can really understand the frustration felt by many of these parents as their children have difficulty connecting with the world in the ways that most people connect. After taking his son to the doctor at age two, Sanjay was told that his son would be placed on a five-year waiting list before treatment could even begin. Since Sanjay is a millionaire, he was able to privately pay for his son’s treatment.

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Why Beneful is Beneficial to Dogs and Cats

Pet owners know that pet food products are important for their cats and dogs. Without these food items they would have a hard time feeding their furry little friends. One way that pet owners is ensuring that their cats and dogs are getting their daily nutrition is by providing them with Beneful pet products. Beneful pet products are loaded with different types of ingredients that turns dog food into gourmet meals for pets.
Why does Beneful add vegetables to their food brands?

Beneful adds ingredient such as vegetables to help boost your pet’s health. You already know that vegetables contain many beneficial ingredients for living animals and even dogs and cats can benefit from eating these items. Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and peas are found in different Beneful mixtures. The provide essential vitamins such as vitamin C, E and A. All of these elements can help dogs to see better, to become more alert and to improve their coats.

Does fruit really make a difference?

Beneful puts fruits into some of their products. You might wonder if this is a good idea since these products are for cats and dogs. The short answer is yes. Why? Because a small amount of fruit like apples can help a dog’s or cat’s meal to taste better and it will improve their health.

Beneful does not Forget about the Meat

While vegetables and fruits are beneficial tot he body, Beneful does not skimp on the meat. Let’s face it. Dog and cats are meat eaters by nature. They have always been this way and putting a four legged pet on a vegetarian diet is not recommended. Dogs like to eat hearty meats such as beef and chicken. Beneful provides these types of meat sources. Cats love fish and Beneful includes these ingredients in some of their pet food products. The bottom line is that products contain the right additives to useful for a pet’s body and health. Beneful products are available online on

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Andy Wirth Beats the Odds, Survives Terrifying Skydiving Accident

If you think you’re having a bad day imagine yourself plummeting toward a set of powerlines while parachuting from a plane. There is little left you can do but brace yourself and hope that you don’t collide. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth on wsj suffered a devastating injury injury back in 2011 that nearly left the man for death. Instead of dying Wirth did the opposite: he rallied, made an incredible comeback, and is now living life at its fullest.

Andy Wirth recalls the springtime jump back in 2011 almost fondly, almost. He and his friend, Sean McCormick, would make routine jumps all over California when they got the chance. This jump was different, however. Dramatic wind conditions on altered Wirth’s landing course and he was blown off track and forced to come down in a vineyard, catching himself on a powerline and nearly severing his arm completely off in the process.

In danger of bleeding out and with no certain help on the way Andy Wirth turned his thoughts inward. Instead of panicking he began to sing ‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam to offset potential shock so that he could think clearly. He planted a fist under his shoulder, plugging the brachial artery on that was leaky so much blood, and waited the 15 minutes for help to arrive.

Help did arrive and the CEO would then spend three months inside of a hospital and endure numerous surgeries. Amazingly Andy Wirth on was back to work at the end of that three month stay and his mindset was even more improved as a result. Now Andy Wirth is working closely with a group of Navy Seals as they take part in Lake Tahoe’s IRONMAN event every year. Wirth has used his tragedy and turned it into a building block from which to launch the rest of his life.

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Ecuador and Colombia to Hold Summit With Venezuela

Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia will be working together again. They will be holding a summit on oil this upcoming April 8. This comes before a meeting of OPEC members, as well as non-OPEC members, in which they will discuss a possible freeze in oil output.

Ecuador is an OPEC member. Its position, or rather the position of the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa according to David, is that oil output from Iran should be scaled back to the level that it was at before the sanctions. However, as there is no clear cut consensus between all members of the OPEC, Ecuador’s president said that he will be holding a meeting to discuss the issue and reach an agreement. Iran is also a member of the OPEC.

The OPEC stands for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. It includes thirteen countries of Latin America and the Middle East, as well as some from Africa,like Nigeria and Indonesia.


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Securus is making it Easier for Correctional Facilities to Contain Inmates

Securus is a communications company that specializes in providing equipment and technology to correctional facilities. The equipment that is installed in within correctional facilities at Securus gives prisoners the ability to speak fact-to-face with their friends and loved once. Video terminals are set up in various prisons that accepts this technology and inmates can see their loved ones or friends when they chat. 

You can download the Securus app on iTunes or find it on Google Play.

Correctional facilities all over the U.S. have implemented this latest trend in inmate communication technology. This equipment helps to cut down on long lines for the phone and it helps to keep order inside of the prison system. One of the biggest problems that prisoners have is being able to adjust to prison life. Life behind bars is not easy and though inmate phone calls are still a good substitute to human it becomes harder when a person cannot see their family or friends. Inmates with children suffer as well because they just cannot see their children as much as they need to. Securus communications technology helps to alleviate this problem. 

The newer communications systems allows inmates to use video kiosks to communicate with visitors as long as they have a mobile device. This mobile device can be smartphone, tablet or laptop. As long as the unit has the ability to make and to receive video calls then a person can contact an inmate behind bars. There is a fee to use this video visitation technology and a prisoner’s behavior must not have any problems that will stop them from losing their privileges. 

Securus has been conducting research to figure out how well their technology is doing. The organization discovered that their equipment is beneficial to most of the prison facilities where the equipment is installed. Securus technology save facilities money from having to use old and outdated communications equipment. This technology is also good at helping to keep order inside of prisons because many inmates want the ability to contact the outside world on a more frequent basis. 

Securus has been in business for many years providing communications equipment and solutions to criminal and law enforcement organizations. They implement high tech security hardware that is efficient, productive and cost effective. This organization is based out of Dallas, Texas and it is currently a leading company in the change for improved prisoner communications. More information about this organization and their efforts to change the communications systems within the correctional system is available from PRN News. 

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the Amazon product Securus for pain relief and anxiety nor is it a part of the website for agents, Securus America.