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David McDonald at the Helm of OSI Group

David McDonald earned his bachelor’s degree at the Iowa University between 1983 and 1987. He is one of the members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. He serves as the chairman of the North America meat institute. David McDonald is also the administrator of the OSI group.

OSI Group is a global leader in supplying protein items like sausage links and beef parties. The company has its headquarters in Aurora III. They offer other products like pizza and sandwiches. The company is a clandestinely held corporation with 50 facilities in over 17 countries. The company continuously expands its status by purchasing other food companies that agree with the company’s values and goals. The company’s productivity was capped with the growth of new seven facilities for processing and production.

Dave McDonald emphasis that the company is eager to grow its capacity; by partnering with clients who have products that help grow the business and encourage the suppliers to help achieve increased sales. The partnership offers the consumers of OSI products more ways to get their demands met. The consumers have access to natural and organic foods as well as the option of select premium specialties vs. the affordable ones. The growth strategy of OSI enabled it to spread to 16 countries, offering consumers a fine blend of healthy and tasty products. David acknowledges, CEO Sheldon Lavin for pushing the energy to offer more food choices. With the purchase of flagship in Europe, the company provides resources to clients globally. The flagship includes a variety of products which include frozen poultry; pie sand witches fillings, dips, marinades, sauces, and dressing. The flagship further helps them establish a broader presence in the continent and compliments the processing strengths of OSI. OSI group operated in China for more than two decades. The company is the most significant provider of chicken in China. It entered into a joint venture with DOYOO group to create DaOSI which is the third vertically integrated poultry operation in China. Its clients in China include Starbucks, Yum and many more.

OSI recently acquired Baho Food, which is a food manufacturer of meats, snacks and convenience foods in Netherlands. The deal was subject to government approval, and it serves to broaden the company’s image in Europe. Baho developed seven subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany with products such as; Q smart life, vital convenience, Henri van de Bilt and Bakx food. The company views its position as a global leader that runs a large scale operation but maintains local leaders who understand the local cultures tastes.

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Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry manufacture and design some of the most beautiful cabinetry in the world. From raw materials to the finish product, we take pride in every aspect of our work. We offer an array of materials, colors, finishes, door styles and more. Whether your updating an existing space or creating a brand new space, Siteline Cabinetry delivers quality and affordability that will surely stand the test of time. Whether your looking for color options, base cabinets, wall cabinets, vanity cabinets, utility cabinets or oven cabinets etc., Siteline has just what you need to assemble your beautiful kitchen.

Remodeling or building a new kitchen can be a hectic time. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible. Our certified consultants work with every customer to make their kitchen unique and beautiful to fit their taste. We work with customers to blend functionality and design for cabinetry that will surely last. We incorporate as much storage as needed into your beautiful kitchen without compromising style or design.

Whether your project calls for standard cabinets or custom cabinets, we’re here to serve all of your cabinetry needs. From design to order and beyond you deserve the best service in the industry. Our aim is to deliver honesty, integrity, and open communication and outstanding service regardless of lifestyle needs, design preferences, or budget constraints. Siteline’s wide variety of kitchen cabinets are available in a range of prices. We also offer the latest trends and styles available.

Siteline cabinetry prides itself on good customer service and customer satisfaction. We will always go the extra step to ensure our customers get everything asked for. We think collaboration between the customer and service agents will bring your kitchen to the place that you’ve dreamed of. Give Siteline the chance to bring your dream kitchen into reality and speak with a Siteline specialist today.

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Tony Petrello- Life After School

Anthony Petrello is an accomplished business leader in today’s world. Just three years ago, 2014, he was the best paid chief executive officer in the United States. Anthony Petrello is the CEO of the largest oil and natural gas drilling company in the whole world known as Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello has had a fascinating life before he landed in the current position of being not just a business executive but being a distinguished business executive with huge admiration from the whole world. Although Tony Petrello has lived a quiet life away from the public limelight, his achievements continue to shine all over. Not many Americans may know him but his contribution to the American community is second to none.

Anthony Petrello was born from a family in Newark, New Jersey. The Newark community played a very major role in the life of Anthony Petrello. It is in his upbringing in this neighborhood that he learned some of the values, virtues, and ethics that he applies up to date. He was taught the importance of working hard and only earning what you deserve. Dirty dealing to gain wealth are never part of Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello went to public school since his parents could not afford to take him to a private school which had better infrastructure than public schools. However, this never deterred Petrello from studying hard and becoming a mathematical scholar. Anthony Petrello was a naturally talented mathematician. His unique skills saw him awarded a full scholarship to study at the Yale University. Petrello joined Yale and did bachelors and masters in mathematics but never proceeded past that stage. He lost interest in mathematics and decided to join Harvard law school for a degree in law.

While still at the Yale, Anthony Petrello met his now wife.

After leaving law school, Petrello tried a number of jobs, the most remarkable one is that of a lawyer in a law firm located in New York. It is at this job that Nabors Industries would finally find him. He was hired by the firm to be the chief operating officer. Before getting to the current level of the CEO. Anthony Petrello worked hard for about 30 years.

Anthony started off from a humble background but went all the way up to become a distinguished business leader. Petrello has established himself as someone who is honest and does not mistreat even his juniors in his course of duty.

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People Become Refreshed And Renewed At The Mighty Fortress Church

The state of Minnesota is adorned with many beautiful churches and cathedrals. There are thousands of hoses of worship, and they range from historic and old, to simple forms of modern with great architecture. A few of the top twenty five most beautiful include The Church of St. Mary’s in New Trier. This church, built in 1909, is in the National Register of Historical Places. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly beautifully features a Gothic Revival architecture. The Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls, was built in 1903. It has a Tudor and Gothic architecture.

Another church that is appealing to the eye is the Church of St. Columba in St. Paul. Although it has a curious look, it features a round, concrete steeple, and is squared at the corners. Located inside of the Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, the Lakewood Memorial Chapel was built in 1910. It was modeled after a church in Istanbul, Turkey. Also in Minnesota is the Mighty Fortress International Church which is under the leadership of Bishop T. R. Williams.

Many people have asked what is unique about Might Fortress Church. The church offers an authentic style of worship service, and has relevant messages for modern living. There is a casual atmosphere at the church. They encourage people to literally come as you are for an enjoyable church experience. The Mighty Fortress Church  has become the key in building up the believer on a weekly basis. A worshiper can expect to receive the blessings of God, His inspiration, and a spiritual refreshment. The presence of God is brought into the sanctuary by the melodic voices of the choir, the praise team and the uplifting music of the band.

Everyone who goes to the Mighty Fortress International Church is encouraged to express their thankfulness to God in their very own way. To receive the life changing Word of God into the spirit is the main focus of the Mighty Fortress Church. They give practical Biblical principles every week for people to have victory in their christian living. The church wants to help you nurture your faith and lead a prosperous life.

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Beneful Sold at Walmart Worldwide

Dog food is essential for all dogs to grow strong and stay healthy so every dog clearly eats nothing but dog food but exactly which dog food is the best brand out there for dogs? Beneful seems to be not only the best but also the most popular dog food brand that is bought. This is due to not only Beneful’s great price point for all its products but also how many options they have for pet owners. Beneful sells dry dog food blends but unlike many other dog food company’s they also offer wet dog food options for those dogs who just plain prefer it.

The biggest question of all that has been asked by dog owners is where they can purchase Beneful the answer is that the best place to purchase Beneful is from Walmart because not only is it convenient to get your dogs food well you are shopping for your grocery’s and eliminate having to go to an extra store but also it is the best place to shop due to the everyday low prices they have on all their items in store and online. You can purchase Beneful at Walmart stores, on their website, or even purchase it online and then pick it up in the store. Click here to watch video.

Some Beneful wet dog foods that are available at Walmart are Beneful Incredibites, Medleys, Stews, and many other wet dog food options. As far as dry dog food mixes Walmart sells Beneful originals, Incredibites, puppy food, playful life, and healthy weight dog food. Beneful dog food comes in many different flavor options which depend on which blend of dog food you are buying. Meats used in Beneful dog foods consist of turkey, lamb, salmon, beef, and chicken. If you have never fed your dog Beneful you should give it a try.

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The Growing Career of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a media expert, an author, and an entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer and chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. It is a family company with workstations and dynamics operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He is the owner, and the one who manages the family office and the primary mission of the company is to look after and helps in growth of household and personal assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison the Managing Partner of the Blockchain of funding firm the Fintech and Monkey Capital. Money Capital deals with decentralized of hedge fund investing of Blockchain Systems and SpaceX contracts. The money capital main aim is to speculate on the large crypto and has made history as the first company to offer ICO. ICO options are getting the market excited, and the company comes with compelling projects and high-quality operations and strong management team that brings real-world benefits.

It has produced Ethereum style gains due to its profound value in blockchain management and networking investment. It has received recognition from different people worldwide and latest being Chris Waltzek and United States national radio host. He is believed to have rated Money capital with 6-star rating out of the usual 5 star, and he did this during his interview with Daniel Mark Harrison one of the managers and founder of Monkey Capital.

Huffington post branded the Monkey Capital ICO as the latest billion dollar baboon in the world. The company was the first to mark a ten digital figure in crowdsourcing campaign. Monkey capital has taken the Crypto market by storm. Before the launch of ICO the company had done testing with close associates, family hot girls, and friends who got the initial COEVAL tokens, said Harrison.

Daniel Mark Harrison was once a publisher and also an editor in chief of Marx Rand, the new company that publishes information focusing on everyday life and exploring independent mind concepts. He has achieved so much as an editor and a writer. He is also a great business manager and is among the best managers we have today who is believed to have turned wishes to real billions.

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Louis Chênevert: Profile of Success

Best known for his tenure as the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Canadian businessman Louis R. Chênevert has a long history of success and innovation. His substantial contributions in the field of aviation technology even resulted in him being named Person of the Year by the trade magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology in 2011.

After receiving his degree from HEC Montréal, an affiliate of the Business School of the University of Montréal, Chênevert spent 14 years working at General Motors. Following this, he spent 6 years at Pratt and Whitney, culminating in his election as president of the company in 1999. Seven years later, he was elected Chairman and CEO of UTC.

Chênevert helped guide UTC through the troubled times of the the subprime recession. UTC, a $63 billion conglomerate, would face challenges such as an indifferent culture, heavy regulation and fierce international competition on top of the economic troubles of the period. Despite it all, Chênevert keep them on top. During his tenure, the company succeeded while staying in it’s birthplace, providing fair wages and obeying all regulations. UTC assembled both military and commercial jet engines and manufactured helicopters, escalators and elevators.

Chênevert’s time with UTC was a major success, and coincides with the rebirth in performance of Pratt & Whitney. He was largely responsible for a rise in share-price from $37 to $117 and was able to regularly mete out dividends. Additionally, he not only refused to outsource, but he returned hundreds of engineering jobs to Connecticut, the company’s home state. This brought people with the skills needed to fill both commercial and military contracts on board and gave UTC the ability to the avoid layoffs prominent in other industry leaders at the time.

Louis Chênevert is a master of global business and nuance and complexity that come with it. Leveraging strengths and resources in multiple markets, financing and retaining core functionality, he has guided UTC to a diverse and balanced portfolio able to withstand pressure and return on investment. His guidance and thinking helped UTC weather global financial woes and come out stronger than before.

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Adam Milstein Is A Leading Businessman And Philanthropist

Jewish businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein was born in the port city of Haifa, Israel. His father worked in the construction and real estate business while his mother took care of the home and kids. A few years after Adam Milstein‘s birth, his family moved to the suburb of Kiryat Motzkin, which is outside of Haifa. He grew up there alongside his two siblings.

After completing schooling, Adam Milstein was required to serve in the Israeli Defense Force. It just so happened that as he was completing his mandatory military service, that Israel was attacked by its neighbors in what was known as the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein served in the IDF alongside General Ariel Sharon, who would later come to be the Prime Minister of Israel and a great war hero.

After serving in the IDF, Adam Milstein went to study at the Technion in his hometown of Haifa. Mr. Milstein completed a program of study in economics and business there. He would marry his girlfriend, Gila Elgrably in 1974 and the couple and their kids would emigrate to the United States in 1981. The Milstein family settled down in the Los Angeles metro area and Mr. Milstein pursued a graduate degree in business. After completing his MBA at USC, Milstein worked as an independent real estate broker. He would eventually end up at Hager Pacific Properties which is a real estate management, development and investment firm. Mr. Milstein now serves as one of the managing directors at Hager Pacific Properties.

Having built up a successful career for himself, Adam Milstein was now focused on trying to give back to the community through philanthropy. In fact, Adam Milstein says that he spends almost 90% of his time on philanthropic efforts with the remaining 10% to work and other issues. The reason he spends so much time on philanthropy is because he does not consider it to be work. When you do something you enjoy it does not seem like work at all says Adam Milstein.

He is one of the founders of the Israeli American Council or the AIC. Mr. Milstein also created a foundation which endows Jewish non-profits and pro-Israel groups. Besides helping the Jewish community at home in the United States, Adam Milstein is a passionate advocate for Jews across the world and the Jewish state of Israel.

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Paul Mampilly Has Opted To Uplift Common American Investors Instead Of Making Money For The Ultra Rich

For you to achieve any success in the stock market, you have to expend substantial amount of effort—there is no way around it. But after getting that success and amassing profits, what do you do next? Well, many people will go for expensive cars and others will opt for vacation, parties, shopping and other luxuries. But Paul Mampilly chose a different path.

After achieving tremendous success on Wall Street, serving as a hedge fund manager, and winning the prestigious Templeton Foundation’s investment competition, Paul Mampilly chose to use his investment skills to mentor the average American investors. Mampilly is focused at helping average Americans invest successfully in technology, stocks, and other investment opportunities.

Paul Mampilly has unusual prowess of predicting stock market winners even before they take off. That’s why many Americans looking for investment opportunities are always keen on every investment recommendation that Mampilly makes. But Paul Mampilly’s expertise and investment success is not matter of luck; he has worked hard to reach where he is currently.

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Mampilly’s Career Journey

Mampilly’s career on Wall Street began in 1991—as Bankers Trust’s assistant portfolio manager. He worked his ways up to prominent position at ING and Deutsche Bank, where he successfully managed a number of multimillion dollar accounts. In 2006, he was recruited as a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset management, where he managed to grow the company’s asset from $6 billion to $25 billion. This made the company to be named one of the World’s Best hedge fund firms for averaging 26 percent annual returns.

In the aforementioned Templeton Foundation competition, Paul started with a mere $50 million worth of investment but managed to grow it to a whooping $88 million in a single year. Even more impressive is the fact that Paul achieved this during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Although Paul decided to opt out of Wall Street, he is still an investor. But instead of making for the elite class, he has shifted his focus to the common American citizens. He recently founded two popular newsletters, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited, and recently launched a new research service called True Momentum.

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The Philanthropy and Medical Involvement of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Inc

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is one of those medical entrepreneurs who that put their all into their line of work. Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of a handful of businesses, and he is most known for his company Groupon.

Since last year the spotlight has shifted, and it has been illuminating another business that Eric Lefkofsky co-created. The company Tempus is working in health tech, and it became the main focus of the entrepreneur as it was tasked with helping oncologists treat cancer patients more effectively. Eric Lefkofsky stated that he believes that the project can propel the breakthrough that medicine has been looking for.

Tempus stepped in partnership with doctors from the Chicago University. They took up a project that aims at creating cancer treatments that are driven by data and solid research. The health tech company creates the treatments by analyzing the patient’s genetic code. The purpose of the company is to aid oncologists in the process of treating cancer patients by providing them with more data, more medicine, and more technology, as well as a deeper understanding of tumor.

In 2016, Tempus Health Inc. was working with several types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer. The research that the company has been doing was focused o those three types of the disease. As the company grows, Tempus will delve into analyzing and coming up with solutions for other kinds of the disease as well.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The couple frequently donates to cancer research through the foundation and have contributed million of dollars to the cause. In 2015, the couple gave a million dollars to Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. A month prior to that they donated half a million in order to contribute to immunotherapy for gastric cancer research conducted by the Stanford University. Later that month, The Lefkofsky contributed to the University of Michigan over a million dollars to help fund their cancer research as well.

Eric Lefkovsky and the experts at Tempus believe that the research they are doing will bring forth the next wave of destroying cancer.

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