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JHSF under Jose Auriemo Neto; Entrepreneurship through Innovation

Founded in 1972, JHSF is the largest Brazilian high-end real estate company, with over 40 years of working in real estate sector, the company specializes in residential and commercial incorporation, administration and the development of high- end hotels, international business airport, and shopping centers. The company is respected and recognized for its endowment to correlate new business opportunities and offering sustainable solutions in its development and projects from its groundbreaking innovations. JHSF works hand in hand with the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center (SP) which exhibits the High Environmental Quality certificate from Fundacao Vanzolini through the schedule and design stages. Therefore, JHSF entwines great- grounded practices while conducting its projects developments.

As JHSF expanded, it centralized its proximity in cities in Brazil which led to the expansion of its headquarters internationally. This move captured and expanded JHSF project development and innovation. The company is placid of four business squadron: Airport, Fasano Hotel and Restaurant, Shopping center and Incorporation. In 2012 the company won the award of the best company in Brazil, in two years’ time JHSF won the category of the best incorporator of Brazil. These achievements have been the driving force at JHSF. In 2007, JHSF Participacoes was declared public. Since then, the company has been trading its shares at Sao Paulo Bovespa stock exchange. Since the company was declared open, JHSF has been working with the public, through its social responsibility projects within the area of its developments.

Brazilian entrepreneur Jose Auriemo Neto is the current chairman of JHSF. Taking from his father, Jose Auriemo first served as the chief executive of JHSF where he was responsible for chaperoning the company’s brand grip in hotels, office building, and public development. He later endorsed the company’s far-flung shopping and retail listing. Jose Auriemo is an alumnus of the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo; He first began working for JHSF in 1993. In 2009 he accomplished the company’s first project in retail, oversaw the exclusive partnerships with Hermes and Jimmy Choo, and also opening the first luxury brands in JHSF owned Cidade Jardin shopping complex. The company has proudly accounted for more than 6 million square meters, and in 2007 its market value on the stock market was approximately R $ 1.20 billion.

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A Talk With Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who has had great success in the hotel industry in his home country and also as an entrepreneur internationally. Starting as an intern at IBM, he opened his first hotel in 1995, and, since then, over 95,000 guests have stayed at his facilities. Recently, he gave an interview where he spoke about his philosophies of business and life in general as well as gave some insight into the habits that have helped him in his career.

A winning attitude

When it comes to his attitude towards life and work, Guilherme Paulus is nothing but positive. He starts each day with gratitude for all that he has, and this mindset helps him look forward to what he has on Guilherme’s agenda to accomplish. In order to stay focused and empowered, he writes out his schedule for the week beforehand.

Guilherme Paulus finds that the most exhilarating part of any enterprise is the first step when you have to essentially take a leap of faith. In his own business ventures, he has relished those occasions when he has had to rely on his vision and instinct to make a move and then reaped the benefits.


If Guilherme Paulus could go back in time and give advice to his younger self, he would recommend seeking out the counsel of older, experienced entrepreneurs and simply listening to what they had to say. When it comes to how he spends his own money, he believes that it’s best to invest even if you aren’t putting down a lot.

Guilherme Paulus participa da 2ª edição do CVB Talks. In general, he is all about looking at the big picture and not about pigeonholing yourself. This strategy has served him well in business where he has made money in tourism, hotels, investment and many other arenas.

Guilherme Paulus’s: Facebook Page.

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Dr. Zoe Draelos On Consumer Trends


Dr. Draelos is an experienced dermatologist, and her research into dermatology combined with her career in clinics, she’s an authority that anyone can learn from. Throughout 2018, she offered interesting analysis on several common trends that will help you take care of patients finding new, exciting challenges for you, their local dermatologist.

In her article, ‘The Ideal Woman’, Dr. Draelos spoke about perfectly healthy women coming into her practice fearing that they have a disorder of some sort in their scalp or eyelids, because they can’t grow hair as thick and lush or eyelashes as long and glamorous as that TV talk show host or news reporter.

The reason behind their fear? Zoe Draelos believes it’s HD television, which provides a sufficiently high resolution that a viewer can see each individual, perfect, and perfectly fake eyelash of the anchor in question. That’s it – the fear these women have is caused by a rise in artificial beauty products and pushing a genuinely impossible image as ideal. When caring for your patients, these social trends should be kept in mind as you take in their concerns.

Another popular phenomena she wrote on, is that of associating tightness of the skin with cleanliness after a shower. Many of her patients express this belief, and it’s a dangerous one that that can lead to eczema and similar disorders. The high alkaline value of soap sets off a reaction that dries and damages skin, while safer, synthetic detergents don’t produce a sense of dryness – rather, they may leave a slightly slimy sensation. While this might feel like detergent residue, it’s actually a sign of healthy skin and to be encouraged.

Tim Ioannides is a distinguished doctor of dermatology, with a long career of catering to the dermatological needs of Treasure Coast, Florida.

Serving the Treasure Coast for over 15 years, Tim Ioannides, MD is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, a multi-location dermatology practice with a proactive approach to medical care.

He also plays an important role in educating future dermatologists in dermatologic surgery and reconstructive surgery as a Voluntary Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine. See This Article for additional information.


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OSI Food Solutions Purchases And Acquisitions

When OSI Food Solutions was founded in the year 1955, it was the ideal butcher shop where everyone wanted to purchase their quality meat. The organization, operating under the name, Otto &Sons, met most of the demands of its customers, regardless of the fact that it was established by an immigrant who had no experience in the American market. When starting, most of the customers in this firm were immigrants living in Chicago.

With time, more individuals started to realize that the firm was offering more than just meat products, and they chose to purchase all their meat products from the firm. The company started to make a significant difference in its sales several years ago when it managed to secure a contract with an institution called McDonalds. This global food company loved the kind of products that were being supplied by OSI Food Solutions, and this made the international company become recognized.

In the year 1975, things changed for the better in the international company. A new figure was introduced, and he was going to serve the company as the chief executive officer. CEO of OSI, Sheldon Lavin was the person the company deserved so that their plans to reach more destinations could be realized. First of all, the company named was changed, and it opened a branch in Utah, Germany, and many others. The last five years have been considered to be the most significant in OSI Food Solutions. First of all, the company started to consider the option of making purchasing and acquisitions with the main aim of dealing with the high number of customers. The first purchase that was made in the company was made so that the residents of Chicago could get the products they were looking for.

OSI Food Solutions announced that it was going to make life better for Chicago residents by purchasing the Tyson Foods Company that was based in the same area. Tyson Foods had the ideal space the company was looking for. The main beneficiaries of the company would be the customers in the North American market and those who are close by. OSI Food Solutions also acquired an institution called Baho Foods to facilitate its growth.


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Dan Bethelmy-Rada and a Holistic Approach

R.A.W originated from the realization that there surely is a being thirsty for natural basic products among customers worldwide. “Today’s consumers are no more satisfied with items that are simply just ‘naturally-inspired’”, starts Dan Bethelmy-Rada. “ They need these to be fully organic and sustainable, with reduced impact on the surroundings. ” Matrix developed R.A.W in an effort to react to these needs by taking a completely committed strategy, backed simply by L’Oréal’s Posting Beauty Using program, through building an alternative promise: “We wished to provide a selection of items with really exceptional environmental credentials Atlanta divorce attorneys area, from formulation to production strategies and packaging”.

Among the key issues wás the expenses connected with these types of ambitious goals. Dan Bethelmy-Rada “Ensuring and vérifying conformity challenging many requirements upon formulation, páckaging and creation methods required large opportunities. We caused the groups of Study & Invention and Functions tó carry out a number of assessments. While nót most of these had been planned, these were vital to ensuring the merchandise matched L’0réal’s stándards with regards to capillary overall performance outcomes.

Unavoidably, such tésts include costs that impact the ultimate cost of próducts. ” An additional main concern was period, that was an issue as groups workéd to get the resources necessary to launch items and satisfy deadlines. “ To provide a good example, we fought tó resource clay, which usually got polluted quickly during transport. Instead of compromising the formulation simply by resorting to a chemical substance process that could distort the ráw materials, we sent back the release to be able tó resource the proper clay-based. ” Dan Bethelmy-Rada says.

ln résponse, R.A.W setup an intensive educational programme fór specialists to utilize more environmentally-cónscious methods within their salons. “We trained stylists and hairdréssers from more than 700 ALL OF US salons how exactly to use much less drinking water and power as well as to steps to make their daily routines even more sustainable. ”

The bránd also folded óut it is #LiveRaw digital marketing campaign to pass on the message abóut living even more sustainably. “Our @Biolage Instagram accounts is definitely filled with recommendations from bloggers and influencers, and also fun movies that teach abóut living even more sustainably each day ”, points out Daniel.

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Betsy DeVos Is Changing Minds And Hearts With Her Continued Passion For Educational Choice

Educational choice is an idea that has taken root in the minds of many people in the United States. It is the idea that every single student in the United States deserves to have equal access to educational opportunities. As it stands, most students in the nation are forced to attend a school that matches up with their zip code. Betsy DeVos finds this absolutely ridiculous, and she continues to serve the people of the U.S.A. by donating her time and money to give them better educational opportunities.


Betsy DeVos has demonstrated her willingness to think outside of the box when it comes to making new alliances who share her view. She is a conservative Christian, but she was willing to make a public appearance with Armando Christian Perez, who also goes by the title “Pitbull.” Perez is a rapper who is known for his misogynistic-themed rap music and his tendency to fill his rap titles with curse words. DeVos joined him during the opening of one of his new charter schools in Florida to help support the cause of educational choice.


Betsy DeVos has also revealed that the movement has seen major traction in Indiana and Louisiana. Between the two states, close to one million students can attend a school that their families approve of. DeVos admitted in a recent interview that she has supported legislation and politicians in those states that are allies to her educational ideas. She also worked with the American Federation for Children to help reform the educational system.


Betsy DeVos has had to battle against Democrats who are backed by teachers’ unions, and this has made the battle an uphill one. Instead of running away from the problem, she has worked directly with Democrats to help them feel safe if they decide to support educational choice. While her cause has been supported mainly by Republicans, she admits that more Democrats are joining every day.


Betsy DeVos recently spoke about how Louisiana is breaking barriers due to the fact that Democrats in that state have been the ones supporting new educational choice bills. She has continued to work with other Democrats who are beginning to see the benefits of this kind of legislation. Educational choice is something that mainly benefits lower income families who can’t afford to pay the tuition fees for the children to attend private schools and charter schools. It isn’t difficult to understand the benefits that this kind of legislation will bring to these families, and Betsy DeVos hopes that more politicians will begin to support the cause in the near future.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

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Jingdong The E-commerce Company Growing At Exponential Rate


The good thing about the internet industry is that it helps the companies to reach out to just about anyone in the world with mobile and internet. The outreach of the internet has made it possible for companies worldwide to sell its products overseas. The e-commerce portal like has made it easier for the merchants to sell its products to the wider market. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded JD in the year 1998.

Earlier, was formerly known as but was later renamed JD. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that it is necessary for e-commerce companies to find new ways to reach out to a broader audience and provide the customers with more benefits.

Liu Qiangdong is a smart businessman, and it is due to his business acumen that JD has become a global leader in the e-commerce industry. Richard Liu Qiangdong has achieved a lot in his career, and it is primarily due to the fact that he has done master’s in business administration from the China Europe International Business School. He started a restaurant right after completing his studies, but it turned out to be a huge failure.

It cost him a lot, but he didn’t lose hope and started another business of selling magneto-optical products from a retail store. Starting from selling just magneto-optical products, his chain of stores started selling much more. started online operations in the year 2004, and it went on to become a huge success as it is today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that e-commerce companies need to offer value to their customers. His emphasis on providing them with unique products that are not available anywhere else while making sure that the prices are competitive across all categories. He also updates the company’s system from time to time to increase the efficiency and to minimize losses. It has helped him increase the profits to a great extent. He also hires only the most hardworking people to work for him. He conducts interviews for the top management on his own and bases his decision on their will-power and their dedication to their work. Go Here for additional information.


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Dr. Rob Rohrich Provides a Range of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures from His Texas Office

Few surgeons have the skills, experience, and global recognition of Dallas, Texas-based expert, Dr. Rob Rohrich who is one of the world’s best-known cosmetic surgery experts. As a surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has become known for the impressive procedures he completes at his Dallas, Texas office where he works on all aspects of the human face and body. The surgeon has become one of the world’s most sought-after experts in cosmetic surgery after becoming a popular academic, author, and TV shows cosmetic surgery expert.

The cosmetic surgery expert offers a range of procedures from the comfort of his luxurious Dallas, Texas office including an initial consultation where the expectations of each patient are discussed. Dr. Rohrich ensures the expectations of each patient are achievable and believable prior to any discussions taking place about which parts of the body are in need of surgery.

The reputation of Dr. Rod Rohrich is truly global with the doctor being an expert in the majority of procedures for the face and neck, including facelift, rhinoplasty, and blepharoplasty. One of the areas of cosmetic surgery the expert in wound healing which has allowed him to develop his skills to create individual treatment plans for every patient. Other areas of expertize for Dr. Rohrich include a range of breast augmentation and body contouring techniques. The surgeon is also interested is non-invasive and minimally-invasive techniques to allow his patients the highest number of options to achieve their goals as possible. Rod Rohrich has become an expert in the development and use of chemical peels and Laser resurfacing which allows as much personal choice as possible for patients when working with the former Head of Cosmetic Surgery at UT Southwestern.

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Tim Ioannides: Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Skin


Tim Ioannides is a reputable dermatologist working at the Treasure Coast Dermatology. He pointed out that several articles about dermatology went viral this year, and he attributed the phenomenon to the number of people who wanted to be more serious in taking care of their skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and dermatologists are encouraging everyone to take care of their skin and not to let it become irritated and dry.


Treasure Coast Dermatology, led by Tim Ioannides also advises the public to clean their skin regularly by taking a bath, and applying moisturizers to prevent it from drying out. He also warned the public about staying under the sun for too long, because it will result to severe damages. Tim Ioannides stated that he was surprised learning that a lot of people are actually searching the internet for dermatology-related stories, and he stated that the articles which gain the most number of shares on social media are some of the most interesting stories about dermatology.


One of the most talked about article relating to dermatology would be the story that warns the public against using an antibiotic drug to treat their acne. People have been using antibiotic for a lot of reasons, and the dermatologists are feeling more alarmed with the fact that there are drugs in the market that is being used to treat acne. They warned about the possibility of these bacteria inside the skin to adapt and become resistant to bacteria, making them more difficult to kill.


Doctors around the world are also saying that over using antibiotics would result to deadlier diseases, as bacteria would most likely evolve and bypass any effect that the drugs would have. For Tim Ioannides, cleaning the skin is a better way of removing unwanted acne and pimples on the face.


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Meet Richard Liu Qiangdong, The 2017 Variety500 Honoree


Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chinese e-commerce billionaire graced The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and had a few gems to share with his enchanted audience, in an interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea”. Unlike what most people presumed, the brains behind wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Every single thing he has he worked hard for. Thankfully, he was more than glad to share his story as well as valuable lessons that helped him get to the top.


The Humble Billionaire

Despite having a personal wealth of well over $12.7 billion (and founding a mega-successful e-commerce platform currently valued at $60 billion), Richard Liu Qiangdong has managed to remain humble. If his stance at the recently concluded World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was anything to go by, the Chinese billionaire is easy going, humorous and very candid. When he isn’t working to improve the world of e-commerce for the better, Richard Liu Qiangdong loves to volunteer in Red Cross events and keep doing good for humanity. He is also a dedicated family man who loves his family with unmatched dedication. Go To This Page for additional information.


The Importance of Taking Calculated Risks

The main reason why Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first business venture flopped was simply that he didn’t plan enough. He assumed that because many restaurants were successful in China, his had a very big chance of success. But he was wrong, as he came to find out the hard way when his business closed. But then came back a few years later with his electronics business, Richard Liu Qiangdong was more than prepared. And that’s when the SARS epidemic struck, Liu was more than ready to make the switch to online hence saving himself the agony of going into debt like the last time. When he started, Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t just automatically invest in everything.

He, first of all, dealt with electronic as well as digital items such as mobile phones. as he did this, he took his time to understand the market and exactly what the consumers want. And that’s how Richard Liu Qiangdong managed to grow to the point of stocking just about everything by 2010 and without compromising his personal monetary resources.


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