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The Innovation of Serge Belamant

A native of France, Serge Belamant has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Belamant has made a name for himself as an inventor. He has a long list of patents and constantly looks to make innovative tools. With nearly four decades of experience he has built a wealth of knowledge that make him as sought after voice.

Serge Belamant attended Highlands North High School for boys as a teenager. During this time he mastered the English language and excelled in many activities including rugby, chess and athletics. Belamant would go on to study at Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering. He also took a number of courses in computer science and math.

After college Serge Belamant used his knowledge of engineering to get started in the workforce. His first job was with an engineering firm called Matrix. While working with this large engineering company Belamant had the opportunity to work with IBM computers using advanced software. During this time Belamant had the opportunity to help develop computer applications that helped to optimise dam levels.

Belamant’s resume does not end there. He was assigned to the CSIR where he was the head of the computer section of the PWV. Years later he helped Control Data’s engineers to perform bench marks working against major computer groups like IBM and UNIVAC. Serge Belamant also has a long list of inventions that have a patent. Belamant has worked for years to introduced technology that he believes will change the financial world. In 2014 he earned a patent on technology that helps in verification of a transactor’s identity. This technology uses an independent party to verify a person’s identify during a transaction. Other patents that Belamant holds are for tools that determine the designation of electronic financial transactions, a method and apparatus for controlling a gaming operation and work with transactions that require a pin.

Serge Belamant has made tremendous contributions to the tech world. His forward thinking and constant desire for innovation has helped make many lives much more secure. With his passion and track record of success he appears destined for success in the future.

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Learn More About SEC Whistleblower Protection Laws Today

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) laws can be very complicated and ever changing. There are several employees that are under the threat of losing their job because of their decision to divulge company information. There are many acts of fraud that threaten the position of the employees and the corporation. Unfortunately, some acts of waste, fraud, and abuse go undetected. There are some whistleblowers that decide to speak out on criminal activity that can threaten their job security. A whistleblower is entitled to certain rights under the law. Plus, an attorney can help you retain your job position and your anonymity under current whistleblower laws.

The Dobb-Frank Act gives a whistleblower 30 percent of every million that is collected from the information that they have divulged. Plus, under the law, they’re required to collect a percentage of everything that is also collected from an outside agency including law enforcement. Your rights should be exerted to ensure that you get everything that you deserve under the law. Your employer may retaliate against you and threaten to release you from your job or actually terminate you. Thus, a knowledgeable SEC attorney can protect your rights and fight against the unfair actions of your employer.

Everyone does not agree with a whistleblower and will see their actions as a snitch. There has been a few notable whistleblowers that have been prosecuted for divulging company secrets. In fact, some whistleblowers divulge this information out of malice, greed, or retaliation. This has put a stain on the whistleblowers that do it for all the right reasons. There are a number of attorneys that will be willing to take your case. They should be willing to exercise client-attorney confidentiality unless you agree to hire them. Don’t tell all of your information if you’re not sure about the attorney representing your case.

There are several SEC attorneys that have knowledge of the current SEC laws and will fight hard to help you win your claim. They will get you the compensation you deserve and fight for your respect. You’re invited to visit your local SEC whistleblower law firm to learn more details about fighting for your rights today.

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Matthew Fleeger: The Top Executive

Coming from a family with background in the oil business, Matthew Fleeger cemented and consolidated his position as one of the best CEO’s and business men in oil and gas as well as waste management and the tanning industry. With His father being the pioneer of the Gulf Coast Western, (one of the more successful oil and gas companies of the 1970’s) Matthew felt the urge to follow in his father’s footsteps studying Business for his undergraduate degree while he pursued his innate passion for finance and marketing.

The knowledge he got from those branches became useful for him after graduation as he got introduced to the oil and gas sector. As an child of the industry, Matthew started working in executive positions for oil companies including his father’s company (Gulf Coast Western) between the years 1986 and 1990. He later went on to start his own company MedSolutions Inc, a firm diverse in functionality, from the treatment of medical waste to its transportation and disposal. He proved his leadership skill and experience as he took his company to the top of the regional ladder in medical waste management, holding several executive positions in the process.

The successes of MedSolutions Inc caught the eye of the industry leader, leading to the sale of the company to Stericycle for $59 million highlighting the sales and marketing expertise of Matthew Fleeger. After selling the company, Matt Fleeger returned to the oil and gas industry to lead Gulf Coast Western becoming the president and CEO of the firm for the progressive future. The company had become one of the biggest oil companies interested in internal oil reserves around gulf regions and his experience in corporate actions like mergers, partnership and purchase amongst others, made him the ideal candidate to lead the firm forward.


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The Leadership Of Mcdonald In OSI Industries

OSI Group is a global food supplier that endeavors to provide the best food products and services to its clients. McDonald’s has played a big role in the success of OSI Industries. McDonald joined OSI Industries as the project manager after attaining a degree in Animal Science. After a few years of working in OSI Group McDonalds acquired presidency of the company. As the president he worked very hard to ensure that the company keeps up with the global market trends, the innovative nature of the company enables it to adapt to the evolving business surroundings. Recently OSI Industries acquired Baho foods which is an organization that deals with food processing facility and deli meat. During McDonald’s time in power, OSI Industries has successfully established more than 9 Chinese facilities that deal with poultry.

During an interview, David McDonalds said that the most satisfying moment for him in OSI Group is the establishment of a new facility in China. The facility enhanced the company’s confidence to make big investments that provide large-scale solutions. McDonald has served OSI Group McDonalds for 30 years, during which the company made various investments hence maintaining its profitability. Creating partnerships with helpful government agencies and great suppliers was the best way that David McDonalds used to counter the challenges he faced during his expert leadership. Some of the challenges included technical and infrastructure issues in China.

David McDonalds created successful partnerships during the time he served as the president of OSI Industries. He ensured that each partner knew about the business practices and culture of each geographical location that OSI Group McDonalds has invested in, this enables the organization to strengthen its relationship with its clients from various locations. The partnerships helped the company in decision making and creating budgets. McDonald’s shared the company vision which is to surpass and meet its client’s expectations, and with OSI Group’s ability to understand the needs of the clients, the organization can provide high quality service and products to its global market. It is due to McDonald’s innovative solutions that OSI Group McDonalds has maintained its position as the best global food supplier and continues its expansion in other countries.

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Steve Ritchie Executes His Plan of Diversity

When Steve Ritchie became CEO of Papa John’s in January 2018, one of his top priorities was to make diversity, equity, and inclusion at Papa John’s the company’s cardinal value. Accordingly, members of Papa John’s management team recently received “unconscious bias training” and Steve Ritchie said that the training program will be implemented nationally soon. Currently, an independent audit into Papa John’s culture, diversity and inclusion practices is underway, followed by necessary actionable recommendations. Relatively recently, CEO Steve Ritchie and some of the most senior members of Papa John’s management team completed a listening tour, in which they made visits to Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Detroit for the purpose of acquiring feedback from some of their franchisees and team members on how the pizza chain can better serve its customers and improve overall as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company.

CEO Steve Ritchie Papa Johns also announced that plans are underway to assemble a very special advisory group comprised of some of the country’s most respected experts on how a company can best incorporate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into their company. In addition, Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s will be implementing two long-term initiatives that are consistent with the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company will create a franchise expansion and development program specifically for minorities and women to provide women and minorities with a greater opportunity to obtain a Papa John’s franchise. The pizza chain will also establish a new foundation to effectuate a positive impact in the communities where their employees reside and work. The new foundation will furnish support to organizations whose existential purpose is to eradicate the biases that tend to divide us and to support and celebrate those that tend to bring people together. The company also has created a new position, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion, which will be held by Victoria Russell.

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Vinod Gupta Achievements As An Employee In Commodore


Vinod “Vin” Gupta worked at Commodore Corporation as an analyst in marketing research at Omaha, Nebraska that has eighteen firms all over the world. He was requested to figure out Rival companies achievements. He gathered the roll of all mobile home traders in the United States to get the solution. Vinod discovered that the information he managed to get was getting outdated quickly and was hard to acquire. He noticed he could manage to do better and boost his outcome.

Vin Gupta decided to assemble his roll, and he requested all convenient four thousand and eight hundred Yellow Pages phone directories. He classified the books State-by-State with the help of his boss. Commodore informed Vin Gupta that he and his employer are free to work at their own time and that the firm would contemplate buying their list. When they finished to sort out their list, Vin Gupta gave Commodore two choices, either acquire the list on a free of charge basis and allow him and his comrade to vend it out to their rivals or pay nine thousand US Dollars for the sole right to the information. Eventually, Commodore Corporation went for the exclusive right for the worth. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Vin invested one hundred US dollars that he had borrowed from neighboring Nebraska bank in mailers which he later sent to more Mobile Homemakers. He acquired check that was worth thirteen thousand US Dollars and twenty thousand US Dollars for orders in few weeks. Vin Gupta profession was about to kick-off because he discovered that he was comfortable with his business.

Vin Gupta created Business Research Service and ABI, America Business List before search engines and the internet and resigned from Commodore after a year. The firm made a roll from the available data in directories after employing two irregular workers. The roll was very profitable to home mobiles producer that required many potential customers and some client who were interested in it.


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Igor Cornelsen – Brazil’s Most Prominent and Respected Stock Investor

Igor Cornelsen knows about investing. He spent the better part his life honing the skills of the trade. He also shares his opinion that investment management is an extremely competitive field. He offers similar advice to both corporate clients and regular individuals with a penchant for investing. Ibor Cornelsen made his mark around the world, and commands a great deal of respect in his home country of Brazil. He happens to be one of the country’s most successful investment managers.

He honed his skills in some of his country’s top banks. His desire to help the average individual invest is an additional trait that sets him apart from others close to his skill level. He is able to help people develop investment strategies that align with their own investment goals and finances.

Education matters as well. Cornelsen started out in college studying to become an engineer. He was excellent at math, and this opened doors into the banking world because he understood how to calculate compound interest. He later shifted his studies to economics.

Igor Cornelsen has always possessed excellent entrepreneurial drive. After retiring, he formed Bainbridge Consulting Inc. This company offers investment advice for stock purchases. Companies in the middle market can benefit tremendously from his timely advice. One of his greatest services to the Brazilian government is that he stresses the importance of investing in the Brazilian economy to investors around the world.

Investing in Brazil is a good way to diversify investments. However, Cornelsen does inform that investing in stocks can be tricky if a person chooses to invest without doing proper research. Igor Cornelsen encourages people to look at stocks that show a measure of damage. These represent companies that may be experiencing challenging times, but that are capable of repair and growth. These stocks may also trade at lower prices during short periods.

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Richard Liu, Joining Forces With Companies That Have Successful Outlooks


Farfetch is a fashion company that has found a wealthy ally in the world of business. And that ally just happens to be Richard Liu. Farfetch is known as a rising star in the world of fashion design. Taking the world by storm it’s becoming a name spoken often at the dinner table. Farfetch’s clothing line is an exclusive array of beautiful ensembles made especially for the punctilious eye. Perhaps this is what attracted Richard Liu Quiangdong, who have now invested over $397 million in the company.

Mr. Liu is known for having a keen eye for investments, so if he sees fit to drop nearly $400 million in a company, for sure, that company will definitely most likely have a solid and bright future.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.

Mr. Liu’s life has not been a bowl of cherries, when it comes to having good luck. Years ago he went through a few failed business journeys. After investing money in these operations, it was heartbreaking for him not to see them take off with success. These kinds of disappointments has only made Richard Liu smarter and wiser. When it comes to investing and parting with his hard earned money, Richard Quiangdong is now quite experienced and skilled in making lucrative business choices. See This Page for additional information.

Forbes has reported Mr. Liu to be worth a stunning $11 billion in worth. Founder and CEO of (which used to be named Jingdong) after his past girlfriend’s name, Mr. Liu is well-known in China. He is an inspiration, due to the fact that he has worked very hard for everything that he now has. He did not receive it via an inheritance or a lottery win, but instead by perseverance and tenacity. Now, Mr. Liu is deciding to spread the wealth by joining forces with various companies that appear to have an edge. Farfetch is just one of the companies that Mr. Liu has decided to team up with, along with others and many more, perhaps, in the future.


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Emerging issues in OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been listed as Americas top 100 food companies for the following reasons;

  • OSI processing plants, packaging facilities and their global connections which enable them to be the leading food supply industry
  • Their products are sourced by the best suppliers; goods are also of high standards hence preferred by many.
  • They use a variety of meat processing machinery that produce unique products.
  • The primary concern of the company is to meet the needs of the customers even if it means purchasing new equipment.

To maintain excellent standards product, OSI Company has decided to widen their market by purchasing various facilities including Baho Company and Tyson food processing plant.OSI food Solutions acquired Baho so as to increase their market area across Europe. Baho also gives OSI Company the ability to serve the evolving needs of their customers. David G. McDonald, the president, and the chief operating officer of the OSI group company, says that Baho`s products and high quality brands serve as the compliment to OSI`s processing strengths and broadens the efficiency of addressing customer’s needs. Making it a primary reason as to why the OSI decided to acquire Baho food company.

John Balvers the managing director of Baho Food Company, and his team of managers will work together with the OSI executive to formulate an unique strategy that will lead to the success of the two companies. John says that they are glad to join OSI Food Solution Company as they will benefit much by gaining leverage on the OSI experiences and capabilities. Baho will also be able to accelerate their growth and even realize their main business goals.

OSI Food Solutions also purchased the formerly known as Tyson`s food processing facility, and a storage warehouse located in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions benefit since Tysons 200,000 square foot plant is situated near the OSI Chicago facility. The new facility will provide more infrastructure to support the rapid growth of the company. OSI food Solution company will also be able to achieve their goal in the business world which is to meet the evolving needs of their ready and willing customers.

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Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets Are Debarring Teething Pain and From a Trusted Brand For Many Generations

Generation after generation of parents have turned to Hyland’s homeopathic products for years for natural, safe, high-quality ingredients to ease the discomfort of their family members. From cough and cold, to first aid, to teething products, Hyland’s offers a comprehensive line of homeopathic options backed by a name that has stood the test of time for over 100 years.


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are everything one would expect from the trusted Hyland’s brand. Gum and mouth pain can be no fun for babies and certainly bring everything from frustration to loss of sleep for those around them, as well. As babies use their oral abilities to discover the world around them, they understandably experience a heightened sense of discomfort when their mouths hurt. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets use all natural active ingredients in a gentle and safe formula to help get your baby smiling again. These pain relief tablets are the perfect solution for soothing the swelling and sore gums that often accommodate teething. The soft, tiny tablets dissolve nearly instantly to speed relief to your little one’s oral discomfort.


One additional aspect which is very important to some parents is the fact that Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets feature no dyes or parabens. Additionally, the tablets are free from belladonna, benzocaine, and all artificial flavors of any sort. Parents who have children with sensitivities or allergies will be overjoyed to find a product so natural while all parents can feel better knowing that no added chemicals, dyes, or artificial flavors were given to your baby.


For safe, gentle relief of teething and other oral discomforts, it is clear to see that Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are a homeopathic product from a family-owned company. In fact, this company has been the number one over the counter provider of natural health remedies for many generations. Rest comfortably knowing that your little one is using the highest quality natural ingredients available to gently ease their discomfort.