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The Lung Institute – Providing A Ray Of Hope To Patients Having COPD

The Lung Institute offers a new lease of life to the patients suffering from any lung diseases or disorder. It is not easy to get through the life with lung diseases as it makes it difficult to breathe and just about to anything without getting tired. The stamina takes a dip and renders the patients unable to do even the most basic life tasks. The Lung Institute is one of the most reputed medical research organizations in the country that focuses on providing patients with lung diseases an alternative treatment option through the stem cell therapy. The stem cells are known to have the ability to regenerate and multiply, and it is this quality of stem cells that is used to treat the lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis.

The treatment offered at the Lung Institute is minimally invasive and are performed by world famous physicians and stem cell experts from the Baylor College of Medicine, who ensure that you get results. The treatment plan is personalized for the patients to make sure that the results are achieved quickly. It is because each and every patient is different and so is the problems they are facing. The damaged tissue of the patients in the lungs is healed through the stem cells and the platelet-rich plasma, which boosts the healing and tissue forming process. The Lung Institute aims to help the patients breathe easier and improve their quality of life. The Lung Institute was primarily based in Tampa, Florida, but is now spread through the country at different locations, including in Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas, and Scottsdale.

The patient suffering from any lung disorder can visit their facility to consult in detail regarding the stem cell therapy and how it can help. The personalized treatment plans offered by the experts at The Lung Institute guarantees results for the patients almost always. The stem cell therapy is getting momentum across the world because of the many benefits it offers, and the Lung Institute has revolutionized the stem cell treatment for lung disorders in the United States.

The Lung Institute has a YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe.

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Clay Siegall out to Ensure Reduced Rate of Cancer Cases

Cancer treatment has become more unbearable due to inadequate facilities and equipment for therapies. The problem has led to more suffering to patients who are undergoing treatment bearing in mind that the cost is also high. Many research centers have made progress in the field trying to make advancements in the cancer therapy. Dr. Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company. He is a professor having attained a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington. Clay Siegall has worked in various research centers, Bristol – Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical institute where he began to work as a senior research investigator before being promoted to a principal scientist. He later moved to National Cancer Institute as a biotechnology expert, and the knowledge he acquired from the previous institution founded his research center.

In the Seattle Genetics Center, Clay has concentrated more on research and implementation of its developments. He is being motivated to alleviate patients suffering by developing Antibody – drug conjugates including ADCETRIS, which is helping cancer patients in 60 countries around the world. He has led in the discovery of new cancer therapies which will continue to be prioritized by medical personnel in the cancer treatment. Clay has financed the center through fundraising more than $ 1.2 billion to help in the innovations and advancements in cancer treatment. His leadership skill has made the center get into new heights through scientific advancements. Due to his efforts in scientific and medical fields, he has received awards, University of Maryland Alumnus of the year and Pacific Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Clay shares his knowledge to scientific and medical communities by publishing articles on new research methods and discoveries. Of late, he has published more than 70 articles, and he still holds positions on editorial boards of other scientific journals to provide publishing opportunities to other scientists. His vision is to make sure that cancer patients will no longer have to suffer.


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How Jason Halpern’s Company Has Been growing in the Real Estate Development Sector

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is one of the major real estate gurus in Brooklyn. He has gained recognition in the sector since he has constructed several landmark buildings that are located in different cities. Halpern has a 20 years’ experience in the industry and is the founder of JMH Development. He is presently 45 years old, but he has managed to make significant accomplishments as a real estate developer. His company is currently running projects in areas such as Brooklyn, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, and Westchester County. Jason believes that his enterprise is a boutique development business. In the past ten years, it has completed construction projects that are valued at about $500 million. The most notable construction projects that the firm has completed include Aloft South Beach, which is a magnificent hotel that it constructed in Miami. The hotel is made up of over 200 rooms, and Madden Real Estate Ventures assisted in its construction. The enterprise is owned by Mitchell Hochberg.

Mr. Halpern’s real estate construction company also established top notch condos by reconstructing a Wild Turkey Bourbon warehouse. His firm joined efforts with Rockpoint Group and Kushner Companies to complete the development of the project. JMH Development transformed the store into a top notch rental apartment that comprises of more than 338 units, and it was finalized in 2010.

Jason in Industry

The firm purchased Brooklyn Heights Cinema and also transformed it into luxurious condos. Madison Estate also participated in the project. Jason led his company to develop a top notch hotel that is based in Long Island City. The real estate development expert kicked off his profession by serving Halpern Enterprises, which was owned by his father. He worked for the firm until the 1990s when he founded JMH Development. Jason has gained a lot of experience for the past 20 years that he has been in the industry, and he fully understands different markets.

Jason Halpern with Milana and Richard

The accomplishments of Jason Halpern have been motivated by the passion that he has developed for his profession. He has been making sure that he associates well with all the people that need the services of his company, and therefore, his work is highly appreciated. Mr. Halpern has been participating in philanthropic undertakings that benefit communities. He is one of the major sponsors of Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The medical center is a Level 1 Trauma Institution, and it is located in Westchester Medical Center. The facility is well equipped with machines and doctors who can attend to various emergency cases. The hospital has majored in treating broken limbs, internal injuries, and expectant women. It also conducts surgeries such as open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery. JMH Development has also been funding water supply activities in parts Nepal and Egypt.

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Helane Morrison is a Corporate World compliance enforcing officer

Helane Morrison is firm, sharp, hardworking and assertive when it comes to compliance. She insists that every business should be ethical and sold to customers. She is the type of person who maintains moral integrity throughout her business transactions. With the recent state of economic inflation, not everyone is ready to play by the rules like she does.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Morrison attained a journalism bachelor’s degree from the Northwestern University. She later served as the chief editor at the Berkeley California Law School University. At the University, she was the seasonal speaker about investment advisory legal and compliance matters.


Helane Morrison’s professional career


Helane currently serves as the Hall Capital Partners LLC Chief Compliance Officer. Before joining the Hall Capital, she served at the U.S. Exchange and Securities Commission. She was responsible for the commission of other examination and enforcement programs in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. She was in charge of other several major enforcement actions that targeted fraudulent market investors.


During her tenure as the commission’s leader, the organization operations increased and served the Commission with great distinction. The commission has been able to tackle complicated projects as well as controlled securities firms.


Her operations also involved regulatory compliance, litigation matters and enforcement of securities in the five Northern States. She represented the commission in other government agencies, financial communities, business relations as well as other legal issues. She described fraud cases concerning capital like NextCard Inc, HBO, Google, and Hewlett-Packard. She also revealed massive corruption and false securities in American Amicable that gives insurance to military people.


Helane Morrison has inspected several corporate fraudulent cases


During her work tenure, she also investigated many transfer agents, broker-dealers, mutual funds, registered entities and investment advisers. Her reports led to extensive risk-targeted assessment examinations of the industry problems and trends.


She also investigated financial fraud cases against top senior managers of McKesson Corp, HBO and the Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. She also filed auditing cases against the former Young partner and Ernst for fraudulent audit work papers.


Morrison also investigated Arthur Andersen for improper and fraudulent professional conduct. Helane also investigated TD Waterhouse brokerage firm for its anonymous investment advisory payments. She also studied PaineWebber UBS, Inc due to its failure to supervise fraudulent clients.


Helane also practiced law at Rabkin and Falk, Canady, Howard, Rice, and Nemerovski. She was concerned with SEC matters, own securities defense, business lawsuits and other corporate investigations. Helane’s diligence, enthusiasm, and creativity continue to inspire current lawyers.



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EOS Offers Various Indulgent Lip Balm Flavors

EOS (Evolution of Soft) is one of the highest selling lip balms in the world, second only to Burt’s Bees. EOS is a relatively new company so it is impressive that they have managed to out sell companies that have been around much longer such as Chapstick and Blistex. When EOS was first formed, they decided that they wanted their packaging to be original and stand out from all of their competitors. This is one of the factors that has lead to their overall success. Also, when they first started out they decided they wanted their target audience to mainly be female millennials. EOS quickly skyrocketed to popularity due in part to the unique aesthetic of its packaging and through its popularity on social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

Check this Out!

Today, EOS lip balm comes in various different flavors including; passion fruit, vanilla bean, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, coconut milk, blackberry nectar, pearl, fresh grapefruit and lemon twist. Each lip balm is packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. EOS lip balm are also hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatologist tested. They offer several types of lip balm including organic, visibly soft, shimmer, active protection, organic smooth sticks and multi-packs.  For more Info, click

Click this important link

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EOS Lip Balm’s Top Flavors

EOS Lip Balm is known for their wide range of different products that they have available. Their products are amazingly smooth on the lips with natural ingredients. It provides everything you need to maintain a clean and smooth set of lips, alongside creating the best look possible. EOS Lip Balm is the right company that can provide you with everything you need to have luscious and lively lips. Here’s a quick look at all the different things this company has offered and the best flavors they have to offer.

EOS Lip Balm’s Top Flavors

Their Coconut Oil Lip Balm is beloved by most people because of the smooth gentle nature of the coconut smell and outpour. It gives the lips just what it needs to stay hydrated and clean, alongside how to avoid getting dry or even getting overly moisturized.

Vanilla Mint is another big favorite because it has a genuine scent that arouses the lips efficiently. Vanilla Mint has a nourishing taste that can help guide what your lips. This is by far one of the best flavors because it’s not too strong and the taste isn’t too annoying.

Useful site for reference here.

Most people don’t even know who EOS is, but the scary thing is that it’s everywhere. All drug stores provide it, and even big name locations like Target have it in every location. The reason behind this is the fact that they are a growing name that is now available in all kinds of stores. It is the best lip balm company in the nation right now because of their quality and top notch flavors available. They have different styles of lip balm as well. They stand out against other small name brands because this company sells affordable lip balm while providing only the most reliable quality products on the market right now.  Check this on


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Why You Should Choose Talk Fusion as Your Marketing Partner

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has grown to become best providers of video marketing solutions. For years, the organization has earned an unmatched reputation for its ability to help enterprises stand out from competition, increase their sales and profits as well as maintaining their customers.

Through video emails, video conferencing, video newsletters, video chats and sign-up forms, Talk Fusion has been able to offer dynamic, persuasive, memorable and engaging marking strategies. The firm has also earned a name in giving back to friends, communities, families and animal charities globally.

Why Choose Talk Fusion

With the goal of making the lives of their clients better, the company has laid down some innovative products that have reached businesses in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion has a team of highly trained and experienced IT specialists who develop innovative products, which are easy to use and can help enterprises of all sizes.

Being the best in the industry, the firm was honored as the 2016 WebRTC Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award and Product of the Year Award.

How Does Talk Fusion Portal Work?

Using Talk Fusion is simple. When in need of sending a video message, the message is recorded via a webcam or any other device that can capture a video message. After recording, an individual will then open the Talk Fusion portal, browse to saved video clip and upload it.

The portal allows an individual to send video emails to a single recipient or thousands at a go. The videos are stored on the Talk Fusion site allowing retrieval and reuse.

About Bob Reina

Bob is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. Since establishing the firm in 2007, it has grown to become the world’s best video marketing service provider.

Before founding Talk Fusion, Bob was a Tampa Bay police officer. His passion for network marketing began in 1990 when he worked as a part-time associate at a network marketing firm while serving in the police force.

Bob combines his industry experience and entrepreneurial knowledge to lead Talk Fusion. The self-disciplined and farsighted CEO has steered the company to unmatched heights.

Bob Reina is also involved in various charitable events towards health and welfare of animals and providing relief to victims of tsunamis and earthquakes and donating money to Indonesian orphanages.

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Creating a Better Tomorrow with Todd Lubar

In the year 1995 Todd Lubar entered into the Real Estate business. He had more wish to assist people to attain Real Estate and finance because of his genius in the business. He started as a loan instigator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation whereby he acquired his expertise on Mortgage banking. Through his entire career he has a lot of experience because he consumed a lot of his time increasing the relationships with financial organizers, insurance agents, Real Estate agents and CPS’s who are now the foundation of recommending people to him.


Todd Lubar served at the Legacy Financial Group in an equity position in the year 1999 therefore making him have chances to increase his lending abilities and be a broker lender to outside investors and also loan as a direct mortgage Bank. He emphasized in the year 2002 in his Real Estate business by starting Legendary Properties, LLC which is a housing development firm. In the Real Estate business the services in which he provided include selling, buying and restoring to more than 200 transactions from particular family apartments to twenty unit multi-family properties. These enabled him to develop bonding with people who are experienced in the business who can provide a quality product.


In the year 2003 he started a Charter Funding named First Magnus Financial Corporation which is the biggest private mortgage organization in the US, making him enlarge his business because he was able to obtain a wealth of programs and products.


Since he has watched the market for more than 12 years he formed Legendary Financial LLC which is a partner of Legendary Properties LLC. The company is also a corporate loaning source for organizations and individuals. Todd Lubar used Legendary properties and also his money to assist business borrowers who are ignored by other loaning organization. Due to his participation in more than 7000 dealings has made him have the capability on evaluating the danger of lending situation therefore enabling him to make suitable choices on the market circumstances. He was also part of Automotive Scrap metal reusing business. Now he lives in Bethesda Maryland with his family and also likes touring all over the world.


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Lori Senecal Has Been Named Global CEO Of CP + B

CP+B have announced that Lori Senecal will be their Global CEO. This is a newly created position. Lori Senecal will be responsible for overseeing the global growth as well as the expansion of this company. She will also have to manage the coordination of the eight international offices of this firm along with their further growth and development.



Lori Senecal is an industry thought leader. She is a management specialist too. She has been a pioneer as she embraces technology, innovation as well as invention. This indicates that her appointment will be able to continue fueling CP+B’s momentum worldwide for which they recently won the global creative account of Infinity.



Lori Senecal is very happy with this honor as she will be working alongside Chuck Porter as well as the leadership team of CP+B. She will be playing a significant role towards the global growth of this agency as she works with exceptional talent across various offices.



She has managed several feats during her career. These include developing strategic partnerships and accelerating agency growth globally. She has also created new business divisions and managed to lead a number of blue chip accounts worldwide. These include Coca-Cola, Nestle, as well as BMW.



Lori Senecal is also the CEO of MDC Partners network. She will retain this position even when she is with CP+B. All this indicates that she has been working closely with the leadership of those agencies that have represented high growth and impact within the MDC Partners network.



Lori Senecal was the global head of kbs+. Here she had managed to transform the agency. It was a 250-person domestic agency earlier. Under Lori Senecal, it became a 900+ person worldwide firm that was highly creative and innovative. Its business units were based on technology, start-up investment along with content creation.



Before this role, Lori Senecal was the President of McCann-Erickson Worldwide’s New York office. She was holding top leadership positions in strategic planning, innovation as well as in account leadership. She was appointed to the board of MDC Partners where she was named by Advertising Age as the Woman to Watch. Her professional achievements have won her a lot of awards. She also won the AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap award. This was for leadership as well as innovation. Lori Senecal has been the Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards since the past two years.

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Jim Hunt Is Delivering Quality Investment Information At VTA Publications

If you need information on what kind of stocks to invest in, or when to trade them, Jim Hunt VTA Publications usually has the answer. Hunt founded a company called VTA Publications which publishes information on investing and financial planning advice, and he did so to help the “little guy” compete against the big banks. Hunt was interviewed by an independent blog called Ideamensch not long ago in which he explains how he’s gotten ideas for his company. Hunt listens to what his customers want, and once he’s researched and brainstormed an idea, he usually finds the solution when he’s relaxing. He recommends people become familiar with investing basics through reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Jim Hunt has no problem showing others how his investments work, and he’s published many YouTube videos detailing stock trade executions, and taking a look into investing during a bear market. “Wealth Wave” is a program he started up in which he explains how money is transferred in a bear market, and how two phone calls could change your fortune during such a period. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also started “Making Mum a Millionaire” detailing how just 10 trades could turn someone into a tax-free millionaire. See:

VTA Publications has been Hunt’s primary vehicle for his programs, and this company has put together several distance learning packages to help new investors get started on If you’ve never used stock charts before, you can learn how in their course about learning to read them, and you can find out about little-known trading options through supplemental material. You may not have known that one of the oldest books, the bible has a lot to say about retirement planning in the course on the subject. VTA Publications has put together several DVDs of seminars they’ve hosted with investment professionals from around the world.